Barrack Obama is immune from impeachment. Unless he rapes and murders a nun front of twenty witnesses on Times Square, there is no chance he will ever be removed from office, despite many questionable deeds and/or omissions that may have constituted violations of his oath of office.  For Barrack Obama, it doesn’t matter. Why?

     Because he is black.

     There. I said it.  Call me a racist, bigot. That’s to be expected.

     Doesn’t matter. Folks who know me know I’m no racist. It happens to be the truth, even if millions don’t want to hear it. Obama can break any law, rule or tradition he wants because he can get away with it. Justifying the violation of laws and rules is just a matter of playing with words. It’s called “spin.”

     Barrack Obama overcame an iniquitous barrier that was set in motion by settlers and later, our founding fathers over 220 years ago. He represents the best and the worst in the annals of America; the bane of slavery and the struggle to overcome racial disparity and injustice. Racial discord, singularly, is the most passionate and volatile issue in the history of this country, crossing all lines of social, judicial and political inequities. We’ve come a long way. Blacks have finally assimilated they are a part of the American landscape today, social and political, long overdue. Just the mention of the “N” word is as foul as any word in modern lexicon. We all have come to despise racial bigotry.

     For those who despise Obama as a man, we must remember he is responsible for one great accomplishment: He symbolizes to the world that the United States is not a racist nation, that we were able to elect a black person as President of the United States. For that reason alone, it is absolutely unthinkable for him to fail.

     That’s an easy license to take advantage of.

     The writing was on the wall in the early stages of the 2008 campaign, when the anchors of CBS, ABC and NBC all traveled with Obama during his European tour to be a part of history.  No significant press corps traveled with John McCain during his trip. If McCain’s fate rested in media attention, he was already dead in the water.  

     The mainstream press lionizes Obama to the point that they ignore and play down his faults and emphasize (or inflate) his attributes. The media are experts in mass mind manipulation.

     Republicans may often criticize the president, but they don’t want to see an impeachment any more than the Democrats, because they cannot afford being seen as the political hatchet team that caused the fall of the first black president. For Democrats, impeachment is unthinkable, no matter his role in scandals, law violations, or dirty politics. Bloggers like myself and thousands of others can be outspoken because we do not represent an organization that has anything to gain or lose. We’re just Americans exercising free speech, while we still have it.

     Not long ago, Obama by-passed and overrode congress in awarding Egypt’s government, which is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, $1.5 billion in aid, plus a number of weapons, including F-16 fighter planes. This, after knowing full well, the Muslim Brotherhood is the declared enemy of the United States – documented – and a documented hater of the State of Israel.  In essence, we are aiding and abetting the enemy of our country and of our ally, the State of Israel. Congress said “no.” The president exercised his power to override congress and sent the money and aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.

     That’s a start.      

     Then there is Benghazi, which reeks to the heavens. Fast and Furious in which he used an executive order to avoid disclosing documents to the congressional committee. Using the IRS as a political tool. Declining to prosecute the New Black Panthers for obvious voter rights violations. Authorizing drone killings without due process, using “war on terror” as an excuse to commit murder. Failing to declare the Fort Hood killings a terror attack. Deleting “Islam” as a source of terror in all federal law enforcement training. Employing people with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as White House advisors, Homeland Security advisors and close aide to the Secretary of State. Violating the War Powers Act by using military support in the Libyan uprising.

     There are several sites on the web which list over one hundred violations of his oath of office – some more questionable than others – but this list should serve as a good example.

     Will it happen?  No.

     It did happen for Bill Clinton who merely told a fib about having sex with a young intern in the White House, which had nothing to do with national security or the American people. It happened to Richard Nixon, who simply lied about his knowledge of the Watergate break-in and the power moves that followed. But neither of those had anything to do with national security or aiding and abetting our enemies – which absolutely affects the American people.

     I, too, was happy that America could elect a black leader into the White House. But it saddens me that it could not have been someone with the established dignity and integrity of a Colin Powell, Edward Brooke, Thurgood Marshall, Condoleeza Rice and yes, Col. Allen West. Rather, we elected a community organizing politico with no significant accomplishments in life whose first thirty years – his pre-political years – were marinated in Marxism and Islam.

     With the media mind-manipulators behind him one-hundred percent – including Fox News – and both political parties reluctant to be any part of toppling the first black president, Barrack Obama has a free ride to be America’s first dictator. Skin color is a cloak of Teflon. Nothing will bring him down. He is indestructible.  Why?

     Because he is black. 

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