Nobody knows nothin’.

     We supposedly have the highest level of expertise in key positions inside our government representing the citizens of this country, but when it comes to knowing what is going on in their agencies, they point in every direction other than themselves.

     Sadly, the American culture has come to accept lying and cheating as normality. We don’t get offended any more we take it as, “everybody does it, so what?” What a great standard for our next generation to follow. Meanwhile, when national leaders find themselves on the hot seat for MAJOR and SERIOUS misdeeds in their organizations for which they are responsible, they become dumber than mud.

     Which presents one of two solutions:  They are either lying or they are totally incompetent. Yet, according to certain elements of the media and the political spectrum, either is okay.  It doesn’t matter. Just blame it on dirty politics and divert attention.

     Every member of congress, both houses, should be united shoulder to shoulder as Americans, with outrage toward the litany of lies, subterfuge, denials and diversions these cowards should be held accountable for. Yes, “cowards,” for it they had an ounce of integrity, they would eat crow, come forward and own up to the truth.

     Where do we start?

     Well, President Obama is a worthy subject, after all he is top dog.

     “What did you know about the IRS targeting conservatives, Mr. President?”

     “I first heard about it in the news.”

     Well of course. In that same period of time that the IRS was playing partisan politics against the Obama’s opposition with their taxing power, the commissioner of that organization visited the White House 157 times, which is 156 times more than his predecessor visited under G.W. Bush. And you’re telling us that not a word about this was mentioned?

     Douglas Shulman, the then-commissioner of the IRS didn’t know anything either. Why did he visit the White House so much? “Well, Easter egg hunt, some tax matters and Obamacare.” Right.

     Benghazi? Well, we do know that two weeks after that tragic event, the president was telling the United Nations that it was all because of an offensive anti-Muslim video, which – by that time – the entire world knew was a blatant lie.

     Susan Rice, who appeared on TV before five news organizations nearly a week after Benghazi telling clear falsehoods about the attack, has since been promoted by the administration to National Security Advisor. What a great example. Lie for me, I’ll promote you higher.

     And who can forget Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State during that entire fiasco, who elected to go traveling around the globe for nearly five months following the murders before agreeing to answer questions. Then, her response: “What difference does it make?” is a question that will define the former Secretary of State forever. She has yet to explain why she denied requests for security measures in the Benghazi compound when they were clearly needed.

     And some of you want to make her our president?

     The president didn’t know anything about the AP or a Fox News reporter being targeted by the Justice Department for alleged or possible criminal conduct. One would think, with such a hot issue involving infringement upon free press, the Attorney General would at least update the president.  But…alas, this Attorney General didn’t know anything either, except of course, when he signed a warrant for a news reporter’s records, which he denied knowing anything about.

     Eric Holder has a long history of memory lapses when it comes to answering questions about sensitive issues. Who can forget his verbal tap dance when congressional representatives asked him if terrorism was connected to radical Islam. He refused to allow that term to cross his lips. And of course, he knew nothing about what the Justice Department was doing when thousands of pieces of weaponry were being sold to Mexican drug lords and murderers in the Fast and Furious investigation. When the congressional committee subpoenaed 70,000 documents related to Fast and Furious, the Attorney General stonewalled congress and the president issued an executive order putting an end to the probe.

     So much for transparency.

     Now comes the NSA and the access to every phone call made to and from every number in America, which of course, the president and other top dogs know nothing about. “Who me? I didn’t. know.” Such was the answer from the esteemed James Clapper, head of the National Intelligence Agency. Of course, why should he know, he’s only in charge. This is the same leader who told the nation that the Muslim Brotherhood was a “secular” organization – an absurdity which everyone with half a brain knows is a blatant lie. Again, it’s either endemic dishonesty or utter incompetency.  Either way, America is the loser.

     Perhaps all these so-called leaders tell their mid-managers, if you intend  on doing things that are immoral, improper or illegal, just go ahead, but don’t tell me about it.    

     The crazies are running the asylum while America says, “That’s okay. It’s normal.”

     In truth, it is our fault, because too many people have been caught up in emotional charisma and refused to see the obvious. America elected this cadre of liars and the disfunctional management machine that came with it. It’s our fault.

     Here’s a clip from the Jon Stewart Show covering these subjects. Funny. Check it out

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