My Own Love Song – 8 ½

Young, aspiring thespians should rent this movie if not for any other reason, but to sit through one hour and forty-five minutes of pure acting lessons.

This is another one of those pictures that will not break box office records, it’s pure drama without special effects (minus a few imaginary angels through the mind of Forrest Whitaker), and a young desperate woman, once a recording artist, now bound to a wheelchair, (Rene Zellweger) a kooky black guy she once befriended in a mental institution (Whitaker), and a number of other support characters including a disheveled Nick Nolte and young Madeline Zima. Everyone is simply trying to find their way in a world made difficult for them, as Rene Zellweger seeks to re-bond with a young son she hadn’t seen in seven years.

The story line is captivating but not as much as the stunning performances by these superb actors who immerse themselves into their roles as much as any great actor of yore, belonging in such company as Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro, Daniel Day Lewis and Anne Hathaway.

Sadly the picture was not recognized by the awards systems, though it should have been. Movie lovers looking for a fast-paced thriller would not like this picture. But, acting students, take note.

Released in 2010, only available now through rentals and pay movies. It’s worth it for people who appreciate the artistry of fine acting.

I give it an 8 ½