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 Barrack Obama is immune from impeachment. Unless he rapes and murders a nun front of twenty witnesses on Times Square, there is no chance he will ever be removed from office, despite many questionable deeds and/or omissions that may have constituted violations of his oath of office.  For Barrack Obama, it doesn’t matter. Why?

     Because he is black.

     There. I said it.  Call me a racist, bigot. That’s to be expected.

     Doesn’t matter. Folks who know me know I’m no racist. It happens to be the truth, even if millions don’t want to hear it. Obama can break any law, rule or tradition he wants because he can get away with it. Justifying the violation of laws and rules is just a matter of playing with words. It’s called “spin.”

     Barrack Obama overcame an iniquitous barrier that was set in motion by settlers and later, our founding fathers over 220 years ago. He represents the best and the worst in the annals of America; the bane of slavery and the struggle to overcome racial disparity and injustice. Racial discord, singularly, is the most passionate and volatile issue in the history of this country, crossing all lines of social, judicial and political inequities. We’ve come a long way. Blacks have finally assimilated they are a part of the American landscape today, social and political, long overdue. Just the mention of the “N” word is as foul as any word in modern lexicon. We all have come to despise racial bigotry.

     For those who despise Obama as a man, we must remember he is responsible for one great accomplishment: He symbolizes to the world that the United States is not a racist nation, that we were able to elect a black person as President of the United States. For that reason alone, it is absolutely unthinkable for him to fail.

     That’s an easy license to take advantage of.

     The writing was on the wall in the early stages of the 2008 campaign, when the anchors of CBS, ABC and NBC all traveled with Obama during his European tour to be a part of history.  No significant press corps traveled with John McCain during his trip. If McCain’s fate rested in media attention, he was already dead in the water.  

     The mainstream press lionizes Obama to the point that they ignore and play down his faults and emphasize (or inflate) his attributes. The media are experts in mass mind manipulation.

     Republicans may often criticize the president, but they don’t want to see an impeachment any more than the Democrats, because they cannot afford being seen as the political hatchet team that caused the fall of the first black president. For Democrats, impeachment is unthinkable, no matter his role in scandals, law violations, or dirty politics. Bloggers like myself and thousands of others can be outspoken because we do not represent an organization that has anything to gain or lose. We’re just Americans exercising free speech, while we still have it.

     Not long ago, Obama by-passed and overrode congress in awarding Egypt’s government, which is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, $1.5 billion in aid, plus a number of weapons, including F-16 fighter planes. This, after knowing full well, the Muslim Brotherhood is the declared enemy of the United States – documented – and a documented hater of the State of Israel.  In essence, we are aiding and abetting the enemy of our country and of our ally, the State of Israel. Congress said “no.” The president exercised his power to override congress and sent the money and aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.

     That’s a start.      

     Then there is Benghazi, which reeks to the heavens. Fast and Furious in which he used an executive order to avoid disclosing documents to the congressional committee. Using the IRS as a political tool. Declining to prosecute the New Black Panthers for obvious voter rights violations. Authorizing drone killings without due process, using “war on terror” as an excuse to commit murder. Failing to declare the Fort Hood killings a terror attack. Deleting “Islam” as a source of terror in all federal law enforcement training. Employing people with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as White House advisors, Homeland Security advisors and close aide to the Secretary of State. Violating the War Powers Act by using military support in the Libyan uprising.

     There are several sites on the web which list over one hundred violations of his oath of office – some more questionable than others – but this list should serve as a good example.

     Will it happen?  No.

     It did happen for Bill Clinton who merely told a fib about having sex with a young intern in the White House, which had nothing to do with national security or the American people. It happened to Richard Nixon, who simply lied about his knowledge of the Watergate break-in and the power moves that followed. But neither of those had anything to do with national security or aiding and abetting our enemies – which absolutely affects the American people.

     I, too, was happy that America could elect a black leader into the White House. But it saddens me that it could not have been someone with the established dignity and integrity of a Colin Powell, Edward Brooke, Thurgood Marshall, Condoleeza Rice and yes, Col. Allen West. Rather, we elected a community organizing politico with no significant accomplishments in life whose first thirty years – his pre-political years – were marinated in Marxism and Islam.

     With the media mind-manipulators behind him one-hundred percent – including Fox News – and both political parties reluctant to be any part of toppling the first black president, Barrack Obama has a free ride to be America’s first dictator. Skin color is a cloak of Teflon. Nothing will bring him down. He is indestructible.  Why?

     Because he is black. 

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My Own Love Song – 8 ½

Young, aspiring thespians should rent this movie if not for any other reason, but to sit through one hour and forty-five minutes of pure acting lessons.

This is another one of those pictures that will not break box office records, it’s pure drama without special effects (minus a few imaginary angels through the mind of Forrest Whitaker), and a young desperate woman, once a recording artist, now bound to a wheelchair, (Rene Zellweger) a kooky black guy she once befriended in a mental institution (Whitaker), and a number of other support characters including a disheveled Nick Nolte and young Madeline Zima. Everyone is simply trying to find their way in a world made difficult for them, as Rene Zellweger seeks to re-bond with a young son she hadn’t seen in seven years.

The story line is captivating but not as much as the stunning performances by these superb actors who immerse themselves into their roles as much as any great actor of yore, belonging in such company as Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro, Daniel Day Lewis and Anne Hathaway.

Sadly the picture was not recognized by the awards systems, though it should have been. Movie lovers looking for a fast-paced thriller would not like this picture. But, acting students, take note.

Released in 2010, only available now through rentals and pay movies. It’s worth it for people who appreciate the artistry of fine acting.

I give it an 8 ½




     Nobody knows nothin’.

     We supposedly have the highest level of expertise in key positions inside our government representing the citizens of this country, but when it comes to knowing what is going on in their agencies, they point in every direction other than themselves.

     Sadly, the American culture has come to accept lying and cheating as normality. We don’t get offended any more we take it as, “everybody does it, so what?” What a great standard for our next generation to follow. Meanwhile, when national leaders find themselves on the hot seat for MAJOR and SERIOUS misdeeds in their organizations for which they are responsible, they become dumber than mud.

     Which presents one of two solutions:  They are either lying or they are totally incompetent. Yet, according to certain elements of the media and the political spectrum, either is okay.  It doesn’t matter. Just blame it on dirty politics and divert attention.

     Every member of congress, both houses, should be united shoulder to shoulder as Americans, with outrage toward the litany of lies, subterfuge, denials and diversions these cowards should be held accountable for. Yes, “cowards,” for it they had an ounce of integrity, they would eat crow, come forward and own up to the truth.

     Where do we start?

     Well, President Obama is a worthy subject, after all he is top dog.

     “What did you know about the IRS targeting conservatives, Mr. President?”

     “I first heard about it in the news.”

     Well of course. In that same period of time that the IRS was playing partisan politics against the Obama’s opposition with their taxing power, the commissioner of that organization visited the White House 157 times, which is 156 times more than his predecessor visited under G.W. Bush. And you’re telling us that not a word about this was mentioned?

     Douglas Shulman, the then-commissioner of the IRS didn’t know anything either. Why did he visit the White House so much? “Well, Easter egg hunt, some tax matters and Obamacare.” Right.

     Benghazi? Well, we do know that two weeks after that tragic event, the president was telling the United Nations that it was all because of an offensive anti-Muslim video, which – by that time – the entire world knew was a blatant lie.

     Susan Rice, who appeared on TV before five news organizations nearly a week after Benghazi telling clear falsehoods about the attack, has since been promoted by the administration to National Security Advisor. What a great example. Lie for me, I’ll promote you higher.

     And who can forget Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State during that entire fiasco, who elected to go traveling around the globe for nearly five months following the murders before agreeing to answer questions. Then, her response: “What difference does it make?” is a question that will define the former Secretary of State forever. She has yet to explain why she denied requests for security measures in the Benghazi compound when they were clearly needed.

     And some of you want to make her our president?

     The president didn’t know anything about the AP or a Fox News reporter being targeted by the Justice Department for alleged or possible criminal conduct. One would think, with such a hot issue involving infringement upon free press, the Attorney General would at least update the president.  But…alas, this Attorney General didn’t know anything either, except of course, when he signed a warrant for a news reporter’s records, which he denied knowing anything about.

     Eric Holder has a long history of memory lapses when it comes to answering questions about sensitive issues. Who can forget his verbal tap dance when congressional representatives asked him if terrorism was connected to radical Islam. He refused to allow that term to cross his lips. And of course, he knew nothing about what the Justice Department was doing when thousands of pieces of weaponry were being sold to Mexican drug lords and murderers in the Fast and Furious investigation. When the congressional committee subpoenaed 70,000 documents related to Fast and Furious, the Attorney General stonewalled congress and the president issued an executive order putting an end to the probe.

     So much for transparency.

     Now comes the NSA and the access to every phone call made to and from every number in America, which of course, the president and other top dogs know nothing about. “Who me? I didn’t. know.” Such was the answer from the esteemed James Clapper, head of the National Intelligence Agency. Of course, why should he know, he’s only in charge. This is the same leader who told the nation that the Muslim Brotherhood was a “secular” organization – an absurdity which everyone with half a brain knows is a blatant lie. Again, it’s either endemic dishonesty or utter incompetency.  Either way, America is the loser.

     Perhaps all these so-called leaders tell their mid-managers, if you intend  on doing things that are immoral, improper or illegal, just go ahead, but don’t tell me about it.    

     The crazies are running the asylum while America says, “That’s okay. It’s normal.”

     In truth, it is our fault, because too many people have been caught up in emotional charisma and refused to see the obvious. America elected this cadre of liars and the disfunctional management machine that came with it. It’s our fault.

     Here’s a clip from the Jon Stewart Show covering these subjects. Funny. Check it out

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Arab-born German citizen, Nasim Ben Iman wrote a book “Der Wahre Feind” (The True Enemy) and has been an outspoken apostate (former Muslim) risking his life to warn the western world of the long range dangers of fundamentalist Islam.
He states the rapid progress of Islamic conquest would not be possible if not for naivety of western cultures that refuse to see the obvious, claiming we are “asleep” while the growth of radicalism marches on. He also talks about the mosques, how public statements by Muslims in Germany are completely opposite than what is preached inside. This is worth the ten minutes, with English translation.


     This may seem an inane issue with all the scandals going on. However, a recent incident that received little notice needs to be resurrected, because it symbolizes what we have representing our nation as leaders.

     In the French language, there is a term known as “Savoir Faire.”  It means knowing to do the right thing in sensitive situations, even though is has nothing to do with laws or rules. It shows compassion; sophistication and class. It’s particularly important when dealing in diplomacy.

     Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away on April 8th, 2013. Her funeral was held on April 17th. Mrs. Thatcher was the British leader over eleven years, transcending the terms of Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush I. She was among the most compelling international figures of the 20th century and a fierce ally of the United States.

     President Obama’s administration elected to snub the Thatcher funeral. Not only did the president take a pass, not a single high-ranking member of the current Obama administration was dispatched to show respect for the Iron Lady and the British people in general. Attendance by a couple ancient Secretaries of State from 30 and 40 years ago doesn’t cut it. (Schultz and Baker)

     Mrs. Thatcher was a recipient of the United States Medal of Freedom. She attended the funeral of President Reagan in 2004. She has represented Britain as our staunch ally, often in the face of dissent. Biographies galore show the enormous respect she garnered from all sides of the political spectrum.

     Besides the accolades due Mrs. Thatcher, we should also have taken the opportunity to pay homage to the British government and their people for their sacrifices in standing toe-to-toe with America in global conflicts such as the first gulf war, the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. The UK lost 670 lives in support of these missions, more than any other nation within the coalitions.  

     It’s an embarrassment.

     Yes, the funeral was held shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing when times were in turmoil in America. But, in fact, the decisions to not send an active delegate from the Obama administration had already been made.

     Where was Vice President Joe Biden? Where was Mrs. Obama?  Where were the Secretaries of State or Defense? Treasury?

     When Mr. Obama first visited the UK in 2009, he brought a gift for the queen: A group of iPods which included music and his own speeches. Queen Elizabeth must have been overjoyed.

     Kenya, the birthplace of Obama’s father and home of many relatives, was once a British colony. Those who have read the president’s biographies would glean how hard feelings existed toward the Brits because of colonial rule. That may be supposition, but I can think of no other reason to be so rude to the government of the United Kingdom.

     During British rule, there existed many reports of torture and abuse of Kenyans in the 1950’s, for which the UK is now paying reparations. But that has no bearing on the fact that the United States owes a debt of gratitude toward the present-day government of England. We could not ask for a stronger ally.

     In terms of importance, this issue is certainly eclipsed by all the current scandals concerning Benghazi, the IRS and the legal assault on free press. But it is telling.

     It is certainly not… savoir faire. 

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