Are we nuts?

In 1993 and again in 2001, al Qaeda (and whomever they represented) declared war on the United States and killed thousands of our citizens. Now, our administration and many politicians talk about sending aid to assist the “Rebels” of Syria against the Assad regime, in their on-going war.

The “Rebels” are al Qaeda!

Rebels and al Qaeda are fighting side-by-side. They have the same interests, resettling Syria with a new regime headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same organization that has led the “Arab Spring” seizing control of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, and now Syria. This is the same regime that has turned a blind eye to the assaults on Christian Coptics, the end of any synagogues, and a revived subjugation of women. This is the same organization that has called for the destruction of Israel.

If we send arms, or in any other way, provide support to the opposition to Assad, we will be assisting the arch enemy of the United States.

Can’t anyone see what is really happening here?

In 2013, the Obama administration has provided Egypt with twenty F-16 fighter jets, valued at $47 million each, a gift from the American taxpayer. That’s nearly a billion dollars we’ve gifted a fundamentalist Islamist regime, the very organization (Muslim Brotherhood) whose written manifesto calls for the destruction of America. That doesn’t include some 200 tanks. The U.S. government has also paid $83 million to upgrade facilities and provide training at the Cairo-West Air Base to accommodate the new F-16s.

These are American tax dollars going to our declared enemy. Yet, no one hears a peep from the news media.

Imagine if we supported Hitler’s rise in the late 1920’s because the Kaiser was such a bad guy. Then to learn, oops, we helped to make it worse. Fortunately, we didn’t have such stupid (or deceitful) people in our government then.

Such was the case in Afghanistan, as we supplied the Taliban in their decade-long war with Russia with intelligence, arms and training, which later came to bite us in the butt, with bullets and arms that we provided them later being used for killing our own soldiers.

Just because they’re called “rebels” doesn’t always make them the good guys. We should think twice before calling for the removal of national leaders. Egypt’s Mubarak was a friend of religious freedom, women’s rights and an ally of the U.S. and Israel. But we called for his removal, and it got worse. We saw this before the Shah was toppled, the very monarch that was vilified by western press and politicians, only to stand by as the Ayatollah came to power, plunging Iranian culture back to the 7th century. We supported Castro, until we found out he was really a communist, soviet puppet in disguise.

We never learn.

And we still have not resolved all the facts surrounding the Benghazi assault, tainted with mounds of information alleging that the now-deceased Ambassador – at the behest of the U.S. administration – was brokering shipments of arms to Turkey or other places, to be funneled under the radar to the rebels in Syria.

Al Qaeda has a stronghold now in southern Iraq. When the Syrian debacle is settled, Iraq will likely be next to fall, followed by Jordan – all ruled, de facto, by the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus all that we fought and died for in Iraq will be lost to the ages.

What is the answer?

Well, I’m not smart enough to know all the answers. But I do know what is NOT the answer, and that’s aligning ourselves with the very organizations that have declared war on us, i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood and their off-springs of radicalism, fundamentalism and terrorism. Helping our enemies is virtual suicide for our future as a nation.

It’s time we put American interests first on our agenda.

1 – Pull our arms and armies out of all Islamist nations in the middle east.

2 – Do not takes sides in this debacle, because it’s a lose-lose situation for Americans, in terms of tax dollars, if not American lives.

3 – Stop sending aid or arms to Egypt or any other Islamist nation, other than humanitarian assistance in times of dire need.

4 – Put a moratorium on all student and tourist visas coming from select countries in the middle east until we can root out Islamist fundamentalists from sincere immigrants seeking the American way.

5 – Tell the president and his staff to stop lying to our citizens, telling us that the government is conserving dollars by stopping White House tours, at the same time sending billions in aid to nations and people who hate us.

6 – Start taking a closer look at our president, his ideology and his true motivations and loyalties within the Islamic world. That goes for ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and FOX. Remember, you are Americans too.

Every decision that comes from the Obama White House – in one way or another – has been to the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, but not so obvious that he can be accused of an Islamist alignment. But is there any other answer?

If we step back and see it all the pieces of evidence as a mosaic, the picture is there. I’ve often written, starting with his first months in office, “whose side is he on?”

It’s coming clearer.

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