This blog will present an average week in the world of Islam, the religion of peace, and minimize the editorials.  Rather, I’ll provide the links to several current articles and allow readers decide for themselves. We don’t hear about most of this is the mainstream media because, frankly speaking, it’s too much to keep up with.

      First, please visit this web site and note the statistics on the left column.

     Thus far, since 9/11/01, there have been nearly 21,000 documented acts of terror, perpetrated by Islamists, resulting in random heaps of dead bodies – mostly Muslims. This does not count war dead in Afghanistan and Iraq.

     We’re told that it’s only a few “extremists” that are causing the problems and that Islam is a religion of peace. 

     Nevertheless, the Monthly Islamic Jihad international terror report for April 2013 stacks up like this:

      202 Attacks

      25 CountrieS

     957 Dead bodies

    2403 Critically injured

 Bear in mind, these are all at the whim of the Religion of Peace, which – according to our nation’s government – should never be associated with terrorism. You heard me right; Our present government – under Barack Hussein Obama – has ordered all training and manuals for federal law enforcement to cease using the word “Islam” in association with “terror,” as though one has nothing to do with the other.

     That’s like saying that Germans had nothing to do with Nazism.

     Or…the KKK has nothing to do with racism.

      If interested researchers would like to know more about the truth of Islamic terror and Jihad, there are numerous books and informational web sites for the asking. There is an ocean of information out there for the open minded.

      So, let’s see what the latest news is for this week where those few extremists keep giving Islam a bad name.

 1.      On a London street, a British soldier was slaughtered in broad daylight by two Muslim men screaming Allahu Akbar. The soldier was minced by a machete and then beheaded by a meat cleaver…all for no other reason than being a non-Muslim and a representative of the British government. Don’t listen to me, read for yourself:

          Click here: Muslims Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Behead British Soldier on Public Street – Atlas Shrugs

 2.      A Muslim political candidate lost an election in Pakistan to an opponent who supported freedom for Christians. The loser, Mehr Sattar accessed a Mosque loudspeaker and began demanding revenge against Christians.  The result; about 100 Christians were attacked by Muslims.  This is but one attack in an on-going series of attacks against Christians in Pakistan. (And in Egypt, and Tunisia and Mali and Iraq and…et al.)

      Click here: Pakistan: Calls for attacks on Christians emanate from Mosque loudspeakers

 3.       Here’s another example of the risk of being a non-Muslim in Pakistan, as a Christian Girl is murdered for – being a Christian.

           Click here: Pakistan: Muslims attack Christian village, murder Christian teenager – Jihad Watch

 4.       Here are recent stories about Muslim gangs constantly overrunning Stockholm, Sweden. 

           Click here: Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm | FrontPage Magazine

           Click here: Jihad Watch

 5.       Islamists in Niger deployed suicide bombers at a military barracks, killing twenty innocent people and injuring scores more.

           Click here: BBC News – Mokhtar Belmokhtar ‘masterminded’ Niger suicide bombs

 6.       Luxor, Egypt.  Seven male members of a Muslim family systematically murdered a mother and her two daughters for their “behavior.”  Then they threw their bodies in the Nile River.  Honor killings are not uncommon in Islam. About fifteen murders take place every day (that we know of) around the world, including the United States.

           Click here: Egypt: Mother and Daughters Killed by Muslim Relatives for Their ‘Behavior’ – Jihad Watch

     As this article is prepared, a commercial aircraft from Pakistan has been diverted and forced to land in Stansted, England.  The pilot was out of communication from towers for some time. Two men have been arrested for “endangerment” of an aircraft. More news is pending…none of which is likely to be a surprise.

      That’s the current ( and incomplete) report – for part of a week — from the world of Islamic activity proving daily, that it is the religion of peace.  Other bombings have taken place in Afghanistan and Pakistan killing scores of men, women and children, mostly Muslims, primarily over their differences in religious beliefs, i.e. Sunni vs Shiite.  

     Within Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, there are several factions that divide their churches. But rarely – in the present world – do we ever learn of random murder among Christians and Jews in the name of God.

      Yet, we are forced to continually focus on the religion of peace as we count the body bags on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  And then, our government representatives, from the president on down, tell us there is no war with Islam. Who are they trying to snow?

     Why do so many thousands of airports throughout the globe spend billions upon billions of dollars on security every day? Answer: Fear of Islamic Terror.