True to his nature, President Obama consistently defends Islam. He found it necessary in his speech last week to assure us we are “not at war with Islam.”  Ironically, he orated the exact same statement in 2009, four years ago. Why must he continually tell us we’re not at war with Islam? President Bush told us the same thing in 2001. If we are constantly being told we’re not at war against Islam, there must be a reason. Eh?

       In Cairo, 2009, he even told the world that Islam had made many contributions to American life. Even the liberals are still scratching their heads over that one.

     Our last two presidents have said that Islam is “a religion of peace” and should not be held responsible for all the turmoil in the world, that it’s only the work of a few “extremists.” In that speech last week, Mr. Obama goes on to claim that the Muslim American community has, “consistently rejected terrorism”

     Is that so?  Let’s check the record.

     Studies have been conducted by a number of organizations to determine how the Muslim American (and international) community feels toward the United States, their attitude about expanding Sharia Law and their opinions in general toward violence and Jihad (Struggle for conquest).    

     According to Jihad Watch, four separate studies since 1998 have determined that 80% of U.S. mosques had been teaching Jihad, Islamic supremacism and hatred toward Jews and Christians.

     The most recent of these studies was conducted in 2011, when one hundred randomly selected mosques were surveyed.  Of those, 81 percent had texts on site that supported violence (51 percent severe; 30 percent mild) in achieving Sharia and imposing Islamic dogma. Only nineteen percent had no texts on site that supported violence. Furthermore, 58 percent of those mosques had previously invited Imams who were known to support violent Jihad.

     Just a few extremists?

     URL links are provided below, with more details.

     Perhaps it would do Mr. Obama well to listen to the other side some time where he’d learn that his statements about American Muslims constantly rejecting violence is a documented falsehood. Then again, would he listen? Would that fit his long range agenda?

     Sure, we’ll see a Muslim leader go public now and then with prepared statements about condemning violence. But they are far and few between. It also begs the sincerity issue when the efforts stop there. One statement, that’s it?

     Here are a few more tidbits according to Pew and other research sources:

  • Pew (2011): One in ten American-born Muslims favor al Qaeda

(How would the media respond if 30 million Americans favored the KKK?)

  • McDonald Laurier Institute:  35% of Canadian Muslims would not repudiate al Qaeda.         
  • World Opinion: Muslim majorities throughout the world agree with al Qaeda’s goal of instituting Islamic law everywhere.
  • Pew: Eight percent of American Muslims support suicide bombings.
  • One in five student Muslims in Great Britain would not report a planned terror attack.
  • Gallup:  38.6% of Muslims believe the 9/11 attacks were justified.
  • A Survey in Paris revealed that three-fourths of Muslim women wear their masks out of fear.
  • Pew:  49% of American Muslims say they are Muslims first, Americans second.
  • Pew:  21% of Muslim Americans support Islamic extremism in their communities
  • BBC: Ten percent of Muslims support killing family members in support of honor.
  • A majroty if young British Muslims believe honor killings are justified.

    Obviously, this can go on ad infinitum. Suffice to say that far more than half of the Islamic world, and in most Islamic-only countries, more than three-quarter of Muslims favor Sharia Law and all the oppression/violence/gender discrimination that comes with it.

     So, Mr. President, it might do you well to bone up on the reality of Islam in the world, and in our nation. Extremists – whatever that means – do not make up a small number. And judging by the more than 21,000 acts of deadly terror world-wide in the last eleven years in the name of God, (an average of 1800 a year) it is far from a religion of peace.

     That’s not to say Americans aren’t willing to share our freedoms with Muslims equally as well as other religious factions. Liberal Americans, specifically, continue to reach out for friendship and acceptance despite all the overwhelming evidence that Islamists, here and abroad, are inbred and indoctrinated into Jihad thinking, which includes hatred of Jews, Christians and infidels in general.

     Many pretend to assimilate, practicing Taqiyya, just as did the 9/11 killers, the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Marathon bombers, and so forth, until the time is ripe to practice Jihad. But the undeniable, hard truth is that a significant number of Muslims in America hate America, hate Americans, and are part of a long range plan to alter the American way of life forever.

     The statistics formed from numerous studies are available at the links below. I urge everyone to check them out, study them and realize the truth. They totally contradict the president.

     Click here: Muslim Opinion Polls – Challenging the ‘Tiny Minority of Extremists’ Myth

  Click here: List of Islamic Terror Attacks in America