Having investigated and/or supervised more than a thousand murder cases and other unnatural deaths in my thirty years at Miami-Dade Police, I know — and all homicide investigators know — the most crucial period for getting to the truth is the first 24 to 48 hours. That’s the time physical evidence and witnesses must be secured, if possible, to prevent contamination and preserve human recall without being altered.

     It is now almost seven months since the raid at Benghazi, where we lost an ambassador and three other Americans. Congressional investigators are still waiting for answers to basic questions, only to be stonewalled by the administration who says they have nothing to hide. Huh?

     Unanswered questions include:

  • Why was increased security at the American compound not only refused but basically scuttled to a bare minimum in the months prior to the attack?
  • Considering the attack lasted nearly eight hours, why was there no deployment of military forces stationed within two to four hours of the site, to intervene or provide support and/or investigation?
  • Why didn’t the U.S government exert influence upon Libya for an immediate scene investigation? Instead, FBI investigators took three weeks before arriving at the attack site, and after a mere three hours, left behind volumes of evidence and documents that may have been vital to the investigation?
  • Why hasn’t the administration provided names, locations and data concerning the thirty or more witnesses to the attack, for interview and investigation – still withheld since September, 2012?
  • Why did the president travel to a Las Vegas fund raiser the next day and later, exchange jokes on the Letterman Show while the compound in Benghazi was still smoldering and four Americans were murdered, including our ambassador?
  • Why did the Secretary of State and the UN Ambassador lie to the American media within days after the attack when the evidence, then, was clear that this was a terrorist attack, and nothing to do with a private anti-Muslim video?
  • Why did the Secretary of State dodge congressional inquiries for 4 ½ long months? Finally, when pressed for answers, she told Americans, “What difference does it make?”

     Where is the outrage? Where is the media? Why aren’t Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s feet being held to the fire?

     Think about that the next time we hear a reference to “shame” coming from the mouth of the president.

     In 1998, the press kept Bill Clinton’s White House dalliance as front page news for over a year, including the employment of a special prosecutor, until he was impeached and then tried in the senate. And that was over lying about acts of fellatio.

     In 1974, after nearly two years of the media probing a past president’s array of lies and deceptions about the Watergate affair, Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office. Again, a special prosecutor was assigned. The media kept up the attack like journalistic pit bulls until a resolution was achieved. And that was only over an office burglary.

     This wasn’t about an adult sex act or a burglary. It was about the pre-planned killing of four Americans in our Libyan consulate by terrorists and then the pre-planned lying about it to the press by our government officials.  Preliminary investigations have unearthed other nefarious elements of the incident, such as the ambassador’s alleged role in helping to covertly arm Syrian forces.

     Where is the special prosecutor?  Why is the media melting down like whimpering allies of the administration. Why is this issue fading away, no longer of interest to newspapers and to television journalism?  A portion of this blog was sent to local newspapers, not to see print. It was “old news.” That’s exactly what the guilty are hoping for. Their strategy worked…distract, smile, ignore, pass time into oblivion.

     The facts we already know are chilling in itself. Either we have the most inept government in history or something stinks in Washington. If a local high-profile homicide investigation was investigated as shabbily as this, the chief of police would have been fired (a la Trayvon Martin) and the investigators would have been dumped or charged with malfeasance.

     Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them?

     Meanwhile, no accountability; no witnesses, no answers other than “What difference does it make?” The audacity!  Still, the media fawns.

     Four Americans killed. Government officials lied. Security scuttled. Witnesses unreachable. Questions avoided. Evidence missing.

     We should be asking, “Who in our government obstructed justice? And why aren’t they charged?”  

     That makes a lot of difference, Madame Secretary.

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