Mubarak may have ruled with an iron fist, but he protected Christians, Jews and the treaty with Israel, not to mention women who today are considered open prey. So much for “Democracy” that brought power to the Muslim Brotherhood. Today, Coptics are on the run fleeing from savagery and murder, Christian churches are being closed, and the last Synagogue is shut down. All this while the U.S. sends billions in foreign aid and military materials to Egypt, a nation now run by a government entity that has sworn to destroy us.

Are we nuts?


 Read the link below, a very enlightening article about the acceptability of rape and abuse of women. At the conclusion, is the interview video with reporter Laura Logan who was raped by an Egyptian mob who thought it was their right.

 Mr. President: No one wants to insult any religion, but when a religious doctrine and/or culture supports these kinds of actions, it deserves insulting.
Read and learn.
Amnesty International cautions us not to call female mutilation as “barbaric.”  Another article addresses the practice of Barbarianism.
All this is but a smidgen of information that we are privy to. Imagine what we don’t know.   Read on:
And then there is honor killing:

 What’s ironic, is that some readers will call me a “hater.”