Announcing the re-release of blockbuster novel, Call Me Mommy. This is one of the best selling books of the twelve I have authored. Because the small publisher has gone out of business and key people are presently reviewing the book for a possible TV movie, it was necessary to reissue through CreateSpace in order to keep it viable in the marketplace.

 Suzanne, my wife, insists that this is the best writing and most compelling story of all my books. 

 For those who enjoy my style of writing and have yet to read Call Me Mommy, it is an epic you will never forget. That’s a promise.

 Here are the back page notations:

 “One moment, one tragic event forever alters the lives of a young mother and her child. After being banished by an evil and politically connected husband, Laura Ramsey spends a lifetime in search of motherhood, pursuing love and acceptance from her growing son who is wrongly manipulated and introduced to a life of crime. Based inMiami, the story spans twenty-nine years of desperation, leaving behind death, destruction, murder, and drug addiction in its path.

 “Likened by many to the emotional powerhouses of author Nicholas Sparks, readers of Call Me Mommy are unable to put down this book until the final, heart wrenching chapter, which not only brings closure, it provides the ultimate in simultaneous grief and happiness in a single scene.

” In Call Me Mommy, author Marshall Frank deviates from his usual police/thriller genre to chilling suspense built around compelling characters who evoke every possible emotion within the human spirit.”

 Of all the rave reviews, there is one that stood out more than the others, posted on by another author, James Joyce:

 “Call Me Mommy will break your heart, piss you off, make you smile, and, from time to time, cause you to throw the book across the room. Moments later you’ll retrieve it and continue to read. It is a masterful effort from Marshall Frank — who wrote through the pain.

“It is also, unfortunately, a book for our time and a “must read” for all parents. We live in a self-centered, drug-engulfed, divorce-riddled society. The fallout on our children can be deadly. Frank tells it like he sees it. That’s his style.”

 Joyce is an author and retired psychoanalyst.

 Interested readers can acquire the book, in kindle or paperback, via

Copies are also available through my web site at a slight discount, where they can also be autographed.

 (Based on a true story)