Many articles have been written, by me and others that question CIA Director John Brennan’s loyalty to the United States. While under fire, he has often defended Islam and the concept of Jihad. He lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for many years where it has been emphatically claimed, by former FBI agent, John Guandolo that he converted to Islam in the late ’90s. While not proven, Brennan has never denied it.

     I have penned two prior blog articles spelling out all the reasons to be suspicious of Mr. Brennan’s orientation and objectives. He may be a smart man, but his dedication toward protecting the United States against foreign powers – including the rise of fundamentalist Islam via the Muslim Brotherhood – is in question. Thus, we should question the president’s reasoning behind appointing such a  person.

     Nevertheless, Brennan received the appointment to head the CIA, our most sensitive and vital organization dedicated toward collecting information and protecting us all.

     Sure enough, after all the unanswered questions, Mr. Brennan sealed the suspicions of skeptics by refusing to take the oath of office on a Bible, but on the original draft of the constitution.

     Let’s ask: If you were a stealth Muslim with divided loyalties, and you could not openly use the Koran to swear allegiance to the United States because that would be political suicide, then neither could you use the Bible. You would take the oath on a substitute document which appears – at first blush – to be perfectly patriotic.

     However, remember that Mr. Brennan used an original draft of the constitution which does not contain the Bill of Rights – including rights of free speech, religion, press, and others in the original ten amendments. Many of those rights are in the crosshairs of the CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) organization who have diligently been working in our courts toward a future America that embraces Sharia.

     The swearing in must have been carefully calculated, confident that the average ignorant American and the fawning mainstream press would not blink an eye.

     Some folks will say, so what? Being Muslim is just a religion. But there’s more to it than just a religion. For example: In 1999, an on-going FBI investigation landed Sami Al-Arian, a Florida college professor,  in prison for aiding and financing terrorist organizations. During that investigation, one of the FBI agents — the only Muslim FBI agent at the time — refused to wear a wire to record a stealth conversation with Al Arian. You heard it right: An FBI agent refused to wear a wire, because he said, “A Muslim does not record another Muslim.”

     Remember, we’re talking about a so-called “moderate” Muslim who took an oath to serve the United States as an FBI agent. Yet, his loyalty to Muslims  – even criminals – was far stronger than to the laws he swore to uphold.

     For fundamentalist Muslims, Islam comes first before any allegiance to government, or even family.

     The Muslim Brotherhood has declared that they will – within one hundred years – destroy America FROM WITHIN.  That was documented in 1982.

     Keep connecting those dots, folks. It ain’t over yet.

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