Some folks will probably call me a racist. C’est la vie.

The Census Bureau has announced that black Americans will no longer be officially identified as “Negro,” in the Race category, thereby leaving the new official term to either “Black” or African-American.”

Click here: US stopping use of term ‘Negro’ for census surveys – Yahoo! News

Seems to me, if we call Caucasian people “white,” what’s the problem in calling Negro people “Black?” They both identify by color. They are not offensive terms.

Yet, the official title is destined to become “African American” the politically correct terminology of the modern era. But it is a total misnomer.

I have friends who are African-American. Some are black, some are white. So, why does an African-American always have to denote a race? Fact is, it is not a race, the term is associated with a continent. North Africa is highly populated with Arabs, Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans and Egyptians, none of whom generally identify as black. South Africa has millions of white citizens who are native to the country. Therefore, it seems to me that “African-American” – a term requiring seven syllables – should be scrapped for the simple counterpart to White: Black.

I recall this identity issue going on from my early days as a police officer in the 1960s when all black people were officially called “colored.” Then came the 1970s and 1980s which changed to “Negro.” From there, the new century approached and the politically correct term evolved into the totally incorrect term, “African-American” as though it brought some higher degree of respect with the race.

We don’t call Italians, Brits and Germans, “European Americans.” We don’t call people from Brazil or Equador, “South American Americans.” Geez.

I like Black. I like White. There are millions of beautiful black people and white people, and all other races for that matter.

Hispanic is not a race, because any race can be Hispanic, so why designate that as a race? There is Native American, which is PC for “Indian.” And, of course, “Asian” is now designated for people of Oriental heritage, though that is also a continent, not a race.

In the last two decades we’ve seen a surge of interracial marriage and millions born as mixed-face children. Why do we call them “African-American” as opposed to “White?” Better yet, why are these people not categorized “Mixed Race” or the absolute correct term, Mulatto?” Look it up in the dictionary: “The offspring of one white parent and one black parent.” That sums it up. But, it’s sure to offend someone, in some racial category, so let’s leave that one alone.

There’s the old saying that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all the people all of the time, so why don’t we just get over it?

That’s as black and white as I can put it.