If America is lucky the senate will reject the nomination of John Brennan to be our CIA Director.  This business of staunch support of party can go to far, especially when political loyalty supercedes national security. Whatever happened to “country first?”
John Brennan is the president’s hot choice to be in charge of our country’s major intelligence agency, with access  and control over all our national security operations and its secrets.  I wrote a piece about Mr. Brennan two years back. Now it’s time to resurrect that essay so people can review it once more and get a good snapshot at who we Americans will be employing for the chief of national and international interlligence security. If you have not read it, I suggest you do.
 Today, one of the FBI’s former top experts on radical Islam, and national security has come forward accusing Brennan of having converted to Islam several years ago while serving in Saudi Arabia. Naturally, considering his aspirations within the government, Brennan would not make that public knowledge, but neither has he refuted it, that I can find.  Thus, if true, we will have a man in charge of the CIA who is an agent of the other side, the side who is responsible for 9/11, the side which has covert plans in place for the future destruction of the free world.
Without surprise, commentators in the sack with Barack Obama are denouncing the claim, charging the FBI agent of being another right-wing fanatic. But, where is Mr. Brennan on this?
It is absolutely mind boggling that this is happening to America.
Check out the highly credible Wikipedia report on Brennan, and tell us if this is who we want for the head of the CIA.  Pay particular attention to the last sentence of the report, a quote by Mr. Morris Davis,  a former Chief Prosecutor for the Guantanamo Military Commissions

  I still wonder whose side he’s on, and that should never be a concern when appointing a CIA chief.  Then again, it speaks volumes about the motivations of the person who has nominated him. After all, Mr. Obama will be wanting a loyal subject who will carry out his agenda…but what agenda is that?