When Barack Obama lays his hand on the bible on January 20th  he will be committing an impeachable offense because by taking that oath, he is violating the very constitution he is swearing to uphold.

     I cannot accept Barack Obama as President of the United States. Not because of his party or his political leanings, but because as clearly as I sit before this monitor, I know (and he knows) he is ineligible to be the president and has perpetrated an enormous fraud upon the American people, including the mainstream media. Most worrisome is the motive. Why would the powers behind Barack Obama want to seize so much control over the future of America?  We may never clearly know that answer, though I have some good ideas.

     This is not a “birther” issue. I am no “right wing nut.” I have been a trained, seasoned professional investigator. There is a preponderance of evidence and circumstances which – if blessed with an open mind – anyone with common sense would see the obvious.

     Here are seven primary reasons to charge Barack Obama as a fraudulent citizen and thus, a bogus president:

     Birth Certificate (might as well start at the top)

     For more than three years, starting before the 2008 election and until May of 2011, Barack Obama’s team of lawyers have appeared in many courtrooms, defending numerous litigations brought on by an array of doubters, including some democrats, at an expense of nearly $1.4 million, to defend the president and block any order that required a release of Obama’s actual long-form birth certificate. It is inconceivable that someone would go through so much trouble, at an enormous cost, to prevent the release of a harmless document verifying his true birth place, a document every serviceman, police officer or other public servants routinely submit. Has anyone ever asked “Why, Mr. President, did you spend three years and $1.4 million dollars to withhold/conceal such a simple document?”

     The Release

     In April of 2011, after nearly four years of legal battles and denials, Obama suddenly released his alleged long form birth certificate as though producing a routine drivers license, “Oh, is this what you wanted to see?” If it was so easy, why was it not released to begin with and save 1.4 million dollars, four years and many hours of court battles, not to mention the doubts of millions of Americans?

     The Fraud

     Many examiners and graphics experts have poured over the document in detail and discovered numerous examples of forgery and fraud, including multi-layering, overlays, inconsistent numbers and shapes, and more. Content of the document is also unfeasible, i.e.

*     Obama’s father is listed as Kenyan born. But the Birth Certificate is dated August 4th, 1961.Kenya did not exist until 1963.

*     It lists Obama’s hospital as Kapi’olani Maternity andGynecologicalHospital, but that did not exist until 1978. Prior, it was known as Kauaikeolani Children’s Hospital.

*     Obama’s father’s race is denoted as “African” which was never a term for depicting a “race” until two decades later. “African” is a continental term, not racial.

     Add to the mix, Barack Obama’s own defense attorney, Alexandra Hill who has confirmed that the long form birth certificate is, in fact, a forgery. But, in her words, “That does not disqualify him from appearing on the ballot.”

     The Book Bio

      In 1991, Obama released a book, “Dreams From My Father.” The literary agent for that book issued a promo brochure on which there is an author bio. On it, the bio clearly states: “Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia…”

     I know how this process works, I am an author of twelve books, and I have been involved in the book selling business for fifteen years, and have numerous authors for friends. A publisher/agent asks an author to submit biographical information to include on materials. Barack Obama provided this statement to the literary agent in 1991, forgetting that it would render him ineligible to be a future president. That’s why, in 2008, after sixteen years, and when Obama was gearing up for a presidential run, the brochure was suddenly altered to reflect “Born in Hawaii.”

     Refusal to Release College Records

     This is not a joke and it is not some whimsical opinion.

     College admission records will include; 1) Birth Certificates, 2) Passports, 3) Financial records (method/source of tuition payment). There is absolutely no reason to withhold or conceal such records from public scrutiny if there is nothing to hide. Yet, Mr. Obama has steadfastly refused to release any records from Occidental, Columbia or Harvard. Transparent?

     Travel to Pakistan in 1981

     In accordance with the above paragraph, how can Mr. Obama resolve the question of what passport he used when traveling with to Pakistan in 1981 with two Islamic friends. At the time, Pakistan was going through political strife and American passports were not allowed into the country unless diplomatic exceptions were provided.


     Which begs another question of which passport Mr. Obama possessed growing up and in his pre-senate years? In order to attend school in Indonesia, and having been adopted by Mr. Lolo Soetoro, he would have been an Indonesian citizen, thereby nullifying his American citizenship. Which begs a new question, when and where was Mr. Obama’s American citizenship renewed? Or was it?

     There are other unresolved questions. There are records which reveal that Obama’s paternal grandmother in Kenya stated she was present when he was born there. Michelle Obama, during a speech on HIV, made a verbal slip stating they had visited “his home country of Kenya.”  James Orengo, Kenyan Member of Parliament, acknowledged that it was a well known fact that Mr. Obama was born there. There are birth records from Kenya that depict Barack Obama’s birth there in 1961. Questions still exist concerning the validity of his social security number, another conundrum.

     This report could be much longer, but the crux of the information contained herein should convince any sensible citizen that Mr. Obama has perpetuated a huge fraud in pursuit of power over this country. The question is: Why?

     What is even more amazing is the media melt-down, the gullible acceptance of obvious lies and deceit. Donald Trump, who dared to challenge, has been characterized in mainstream media as a buffoon, the butt of jokes by talk show hosts and other Obama lovers. But he was not wrong to question, because the questions are still unanswered. And, if Obama has his way, they never will be.

     It is we, the people, who should be rising up demanding truth. We the people should be demanding a congressional investigation.

     The Constitution is clear. A president must be a natural born citizen. Someone born in another country is not a natural born citizen. That’s the bottom line. He knows this. Most people inWashington, I’m sure, know this. So does the press.

     Where is the search for truth?

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