Benghazi’s assault on America happened on September 11th, 2012.  The election has been over since October 6th.  We are approaching New Year’s Eve,  3 ½ months later, and it is being treated like a neighborhood bike theft.

     There’s blood on someone’s hands in the administration of Barack Obama, and it lies somewhere in the administration starting with Secretary of State, Defense, CIA and the president. With a few exceptions, no one is doing squat to get to the truth, including the congress and every news network and mainstream media outlet. Those who have tried to inquire, namely Sen. John McCain and Rep. Darrel Issa have been demonized as republican extremists by democrats and the left leaning media, who accuse them of  politicizing. In fact, the absence of action and inquiry is, indeed, politicizing the investigation to the nth degree.

     All that, alone, is worth a scandal…a do-nothing congress – both republicans and democrats – who are willing to let the whole thing slide as an unfortunate error, absent of accountability. Four Americans are murdered in a consulate representing our government, and to this day, the elusive Secretary of State nor the president has been called into question by congressional authority. Add to that, the fawning media who doesn’t want to see one critical word voiced or printed about Obama.

     There are three main issues here:

  1. Why the consulate was not provided more – not less – protection when it was specifically requested numerous times by Ambassador Stevens and other government workers at the embassy because of the dangerous situation and other assaults on the consulate prior to September 11th.
  2. Why the president and/or Secretaries of Defense and State did not send emergency military defense to the site during the attack when they knew it was happening in real time, when it was feasible and perhaps, capable of saving the lives of two SEALs who were busily saving lives six hours into  the assault?
  3. Why the president, secretaries of defense and state, CIA, and the UN Ambassador deliberately presented false information to the American people in covering up the truth? 

     Generally there are two types of involuntary manslaughter: (1) criminal-negligence manslaughter; and (2) unlawful-act manslaughter. The first occurs when death results from a high degree of negligence. The basic definition of “Negligent Manslaughter” can vary slightly from state to state, but they are all close enough.

     There are numerous examples in which an omission to act or failure to perform – resulting in a death—constitutes criminally negligent manslaughter.

     It would appear to me that the deaths of the four Americans at Benghazi were as a result of criminal negligence on the part of someone either at the White House, the Department of Defense or the Department of State. Yet, the September 11th tragedy is barely mentioned in newspapers, television commentary or among politicians as we approach the new year nearly four months later.


     If we just stop talking about it, it will go away.

     I know something about investigations. This has been a sham. Any murder investigation necessitates swift procedures, including the scouring of a crime scene and talking to key people within minutes or hours of the crime, in order to prevent stories from being coordinated, compromised, concocted and santitized. This is bigger than any murder investigation and in took the FBI weeks to arrive at the crime scene, and even then they did not impound evidentiary records. Meanwhile, not only has Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama not been questioned,  a key suspect was taken into custody in Tunisia, and the U.S. government has yet to conduct an interview.

     This is a whodunnit of monumental proportions. Sure, we basically know the source of the attacks at the consulate in Benghazi, but we don’t know who allowed the compound and its occupants to be negligently vulnerable in the face of documented danger, when the proverbial writing was on the wall for weeks and months ahead of the attack.

     Any time someone even jokingly suggests the president’s life is in danger, that person is immediately hauled in for serious interrogation and/or charges. Meanwhile security around the president is intensified. Yet, when a no-joke threat is presented to an American consulate from viable and dangerous sources, including the president’s foreign representative, not only was the ambassador’s threat disregarded, the security presence was scaled down. Then he – and three other Americans – were killed.

     And nothing is done?    

     The Secretary of State dilly-dallies around the globe, country to country, Australia, Singapore, etc., following the attack on her consulate when she should have stood up to face the music. Her response is confined to one prepared statement two days later in which she rails on about the phony video that we all know, and she knew, had nothing to do with this attack. Never once does she defend America’s first amendment rights, while she whimpers how the government had nothing to do with that “disgusting” video.

     In her fleeting absence, she dispatches (or the president dispatches) the UN ambassador to do her dirty work, to answer to the American people with outright lies. Susan Rice was pumped with information from above, scripted with responses to the media five days later which she carried out as a good soldier. She didn’t know any better. Those who told her what to say… did know better.

     Hillary Clinton’s recent illness was timely indeed, for we all know how she is uncomfortable with criticism and being thrust into the spotlight when she was responsible for a monumental screw-up, and the cover-up that followed.

     Or, was she?  If she was not, then there can only be one answer: The president orchestrated the entire fiasco.

     I propose that Mrs. Clinton – while painted into the proverbial corner – is doing everything she can to avoid testifying, because she will either have to defend abominable actions and/or inactions, which could entail criminal charges, or she will have to pass the buck to the president, where it may belong.

     Not only is this worthy of a scandal far exceeding Watergate, this is a crime in which someone should be tried, convicted and jailed.  Democrats, as well as republicans, why are you not joining in the outrage, demanding answers? Where is your integrity? Why are you not doing your job?

     There obviously is a lot more going on that the administration does not want Americans to know.

      The following video interview with author, Ed Klein, was taped in October of 2012, (pre-election) in which he cites confidential legal sources close to the Clintons who claim that Hillary Clinton did, indeed, prepare to send security reinforcements to the Benghazi consulate prior to September 11, 2012, but that was nixed by Barack Obama.

     Ed Klein is an established journalist/author with sleeves of credentials, including editor of NY Times magazine, Vanity Fair, Newsweek and Parade, plus the author of nine books.

Click here: Bombshell: Clinton Ordered More Security In Benghazi, Obama Denied Request – YouTube 


      Another troubling point:  In early October, President Obama Thomas R. Pickering, a former Ambassador, to be in charge of the investigation. Not exactly a neutral investigator. Pickering is known to have close ties with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood, which surely has blood on their hands in this entire middle-east debacle. That’s like using John Gotti’s nephew to investigate Mafia murders.

     And the cover-up beat goes on.

     Click here: Is Newly Appointed Libya Investigator an Islamist-Sympathizer With Ties to CAIR? |

 The following video is Glenn Beck’s wrap-up of the allegations concerning the original motives for the Benghazi attack, which entails running guns to the Libyan rebels via Ambassador Stevens through Turkey. There have been many reports on this.  I know some folks don’t like Beck, but people should pay close attention to these well-documented details.

Click here: Beck: Obama May Go To Prison – YouTube