The story is set in 1858 Texas as a dentist turned bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) rescues a slave from a chain gang (Jamie Foxx) in order to help him find three wanted men. Much of the ensuing story is based on the rescue of Foxx’s slave wife (Kerry Washington) from a notorious plantation in Mississippi which is run by a notorious young master, (Leonardo DiCaprio).

     One word can describe this movie: “Entertaining.”  And that’s what movies are all about. The next word would be “Captivating” because you are glued to the characters and the story from beginning to end. It is an outstanding motion picture with all the elements; Action, suspense, romance, good guys versus bad guys, heroes and villains, history and passion.

     The next word would be “Raw.” Director Quentin Tarantino holds no bars in depicting slavery and white supremacy in its worst of days.

     But it is not a movie for everyone. If you are offended by the “N” word, don’t see this movie. It’s part of the dialogue in every scene, by every character, black and white. It’s the way  it was. And if you can’t stand gore and bloodshed, you might want to turn your head in some scenes, or…just stay home. 

     Tarantino is a movie-making genius, as are the actors that play in challenging, sometimes amusing, roles. The director even appears in one scene, but you have to know him to pick him out.

     Yes, there are shootings and killings galore, which I often rail about in my reviews of bullets flying, cars crashing, glass breaking, nonsensical and gratuitous violence. But, somehow it all fits in this story, much of which will surprise you.

     Because of the movie’s daring to be politically incorrect, it’s not likely to win any awards, though it should. Every actor was superb, including Samuel L. Jackson – who  I didn’t recognize at first…and neither will you.

    The movie is two and a half hours. But you’d never know it.

     For pure entertainment value, I give it  8 1/2 out of 10.

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