People like Barack Obama are not really interested in doing for others.  Rather, they are obsessed with power.  And power-hungry people who obtain power, become more obsessed with retaining power.

     If one seriously studies Barack Obama’s history, it’s easy to see the persons he helped the most in life were those that could help his rise to power. There had been no evidence of major accomplishments prior to his presidency (other than winning elections). There was no evidence of significant charity. But there is evidence that he assembled a power base with the help of people like Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khaladi, khalid Mansour, Valerie Jarrett, and more, including union leaders, socialists and Islamist organizations, from which he became known as a “community organizer,” whatever that is. That term was easier to accept by mainstream America than admitting that he and his minions spent years building a voting base from which to build a political machine for one purpose: Rise to power.

     So, now Mr. Obama has four more years to put forth his agendas. What then? He will be only 55 years of age. Does anyone really think he’ll give up power that easily?

     Should he remain alive and well during this time, and free of impeachment, there are two courses of action likely:

1)      He and the Democratic Party will strive for a dominant political base in the 2014 election from which an attempt will be made to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which limits the president to two terms. If accomplished, Obama will run for a third term, even a fourth, as his political base widens among unions and entitlement voters, especially if he continues to enjoy the love affair from mainstream media.

2)      Here’s the alternative. Prior to the 2014 election, we will begin seeing more of Michelle Obama. Much like Hillary, she will be assigned more involvement in affairs of state, appointed to committees and public appearances of a political nature will become more frequent, not to speak of a barrage of friendly television repartee on shows like The View, late night talk, and more. In essence, the grooming will begin. Her image will rise to the level of a Hillary Clinton. And, like Hillary, they both possess law degrees from Ivy League colleges. Without a repeal of the 22nd amendment, Barack Obama will essentially retain the presidency by proxy if Mrs. Obama becomes the elected president.

It’s been done before. In 1966, George Wallace was Governor of Alabama. State law prevented Wallace from running for another term as governor, so he offered his wife, Lurleen, as a surrogate candidate, thereby side-stepping the rule of term limits. She won and technically became governor, only to die of cancer shortly thereafter.

     In 2008, Bill Clinton tried returning to the White House via Hillary, and failed.

     At the moment, Michelle Obama is adoringly portrayed in media circles. Her frequent travel jaunts around the globe and lavish expenditures, despite the struggles of average Americans in a poor economy, have been ignored and excused by media. While many of us still bristle at her infamous public comment during the campaign of 2008, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” it has been dismissed as unimportant and misunderstood. Naturally she had a change of heart, being catapulted to the cusp of the most celebrated woman in the world – thanks to American voters

     So, watch closely, folks. The grooming will begin soon. Preparations for 2016 will be under way long before the 2014 election. It’s all a part of the power machine. And if he manages to skate through the abominable actions and inactions of the Benghazi affair, we may have Barack Obama’s ideology running America for longer than you can imagine.   

     Say it: President Michelle Obama. It’s not impossible.

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