1.   Will at least one government leader have the integrity to admit he/she knowingly lied for two weeks about the cause of the Benghazi attack? Clinton? Rice? Panetta? Obama? Carney?

2.   If things worsen in the economy, will the president blame the administration of the last four years?

3.   Shouldn’t congress enact new laws so that the states can have the latitude to regulate, control and decriminalize marijuana without federal constraints?

4.  Starting at the highest level, has anyone ever wondered about the number of today’s elected officials who would have criminal records if they, by chance, had been caught by law enforcement for substance abuse and/or illegal possession?

5.   Why do some think it’s more important for government to provide contraceptives to women than to protect the nation from those who would destroy us?

6.   Why do millions consider the marriage definition for homosexuals a more important issue than the economic well-being of the entire nation?

7.   Don’t people understand that if abortions were criminalized, abortions would continue to be performed by criminals in the black market?

8.   Why is it that a cop who accepts a bribe for favors goes to jail, but a politician who accepts contributions for favors goes to congress?

9.   Directly and indirectly, the criminal justice system costs taxpayers nearly two-hundred billion dollars a year and many lives wasted in prison, but it is never mentioned in a political debate. Why?

10.  Can anyone over the age of forty equate the aura of General Petraeus to the same level as Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton and Arnold Schwarzkopf?

11.  What qualifies an army general who led troops in combat to lead an organization of espionage and counter-espionage?

12.  What sense does it make to cast aside thousands of jobs and the opportunity for energy self-sufficiency by dodging the Keystone pipeline from Canada?

13.  Does Obama’s second term obliterate the age-old credo that elections are mostly based on: “The economy, stupid?”

14.  Will there be any other consequence to Attorney General Eric Holder besides contempt findings for gunrunning to Mexican criminals and stonewalling congress? Is that it?

15.  For every public figure who is exposed for cheating on their spouse, I wonder how many more don’t get caught?

16.  Why are continuous bombings of Israel from Hamas and Hezbollah ignored by our government and the mainstream media?

17.  Has anyone asked President Obama what he meant by offering Russia more “flexibility” after he’s reelected?

18.  Why did we help overthrow Ghadaffi and support the removal of Hosni Mubarak, but did not intervene in Syria or Iran when their citizens protested?

19.  How can we rationalize an election process if the person with the most votes can lose?

20.  Why do we tolerate a cable news channel that features a confirmed communist (Van Jones) and a racist (Al Sharpton) as commentators? Where are the protests?

     And here is one more bonus question:

21.   Why doesn’t it concern people that Islamists connected to the Muslim Brotherhood are welcomed White House visitors and/or employees in sensitive areas of the government, when their motto and manifestos are all dedicated to the destruction America from within?