I’m still shaking my head.

     Kyrsten Sinema, D – Az, is the newly elected congresswoman from Arizona. Congratulations are in order.

     But the news isn’t how good of a lawmaker she will be, or her qualifications, or that she has policy ideas good or bad.  The news is that: She is Bi-Sexual!

     That’s it ladies and gentleman, the good news is that we have a new classification of minorities, and that we can slip Ms. Sinema into the pigeon hole called “Bi-Sexual.”

     Would somebody please tell me why this is news? 

     My sex life, your sex life, and the sex life of public figures is really none of anyone’s business, nor should it be. Unless, of course, you are a new congresswoman who wants everyone to know she enjoys sex with men and women alike.  We need to know this?

     What it does suggest is that our country has a new congressional representative who is non-monogamous and proudly sexually active. Just witness the news interview. One would think she is the new heroine of America. 

     As an American, I don’t care if Ms. Sinema is bi-sexual, homosexual, or A-sexual. What does offend me is that the media, and she, seem to think it should be elevated into a media event, overshadowing her role at what she will accomplish on behalf of her constituency.

     What’s next? Making national heroes and elected officials of S&M participants? Porn actors? Orgyists?  

     In truth, I wouldn’t care, so long as it was private and not lauded by media.

     General Petraeus and his dalliances may be of importance to the American media because its crosses the line of risks to national security.  But that’s only because of the position he held.

     No one really cared that Bill Clinton was a notorious adulterer, with a list of women on the string prior to his presidency. Nevertheless, the people of America said: ‘Ah, so what? Who cares about morality. What’s he going to do for me?” When the Lewinsky affair erupted, all that mattered was mendacity, not morality. And today,Clinton remains idolized by Americans and media alike.

     So, this is where we have come. Raising the arm of an elected bi-sexual higher than an ordinary heterosexual, for no other reason than the body parts her sex partners possess. Awww…ain’t that sweet?

     Head still shaking.

     Here’s the MSNBC interview:

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