Those of us who supported anyone-but-Obama know how we all feel. I still love America, no matter who is in office. No congressman or president can ever erase the foundations this nation was built upon and the richness of its history and contributions to mankind.          

     We can’t be angry at Barack Obama. He accomplished his mission. He did what he does best. Give credit where it’s due, his campaign forces were genius in luring the most lucrative voting blocs for gaining power. Amazingly, the bloc for whom he has done the least still gave him 93 percent of their vote: Blacks. Obama’s team knew they were a lock. So, they directed attention elsewhere; Women, Gays, Hispanics, welfarians, demonizing the rich, Christians. Clever.

     But I am disappointed in people. Any other past president with a record of fiscal failures, downgrades in credit ratings, economic morass, rampant unemployment, federalizing private enterprise, selling guns to Mexican criminals resulting in many deaths including one of our own, and failing to protect our embassies in the most dangerous places on earth, would have been cast from office by overwhelming numbers. Anyone, but Barack Obama.

     If I isolated one major component to give credit for the Obama victory: The media. Just as in 2008, he could not have won without media protections. Though Mitt Romney was scandal free, smart, and had many messages, the mainstream media prevailed. He could not overcome that.

     Obama had a free campaign team consisting of: MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. Add to that, the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post. People cannot judge by what they don’t know. No greater example, than the blind eye and skewed journalistic priorities given to the Benghazi situation. Even moderator Candy Crawley, of CNN, came to Obama’s rescue during a debate, in which – as it turns out – she was in error.

     In 1973, if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, under the graces of the Washington Post, had not kept the Nixon scandal blasting daily in the media limelight, Nixon would probably have served out his second term and Watergate would never have become anything more than a blip in the annals of White House embarrassments. But the burglary and follow-up of Nixon’s lies got as much attention as did the Kennedy assassination. We were overfed news constantly, blow by blow, in print, radio and television. We all were manipulated into hating Richard Nixon. We forgot about any good that came from his presidency, or his post-presidential books. Nixon will be scorned for all time, an ogre, a crook. Americans think of Nixon like they think of Rasputin: Cunning. Evil. This is the result of information saturation.

     No White House scandal came close to the exposure of Watergate before or since. Not even Monica. Clinton lied to Americans directly into the news cameras, shaking his finger, yet in today’s world, the media treats Clinton as God-like. Bald-faced lying is okay, if you’re Clinton. 

     Now comes the Benghazi fiasco which brought four murdered American patriots to their graves. It all reeks of set-up, reeks of incompetence, reeks of ignorance, reeks of political motivations, reeks of lies at the highest levels of the administration. Another twenty or thirty may have been killed had it not been for the heroics of two Navy SEALS who lost their lives saving others. All this, under the watchful eye of top Obama administration officials – as it was happening. The same officials even ordered fight-ready General and Admiral to stand down and be replaced, for trying to act and save lives. That’s what American soldiers are supposed to do. Not now.

     All this may never have happened had the embassy pleas for increased security not only been ignored, but were downsized over the objections of experts on site, in the know. Following all this, administration minions in the personage of the Secretary of State, the UN ambassador, the Secretary of Defense, the White House Press Secretary, and the president himself, all misled and/or lied – repeatedly —  for three weeks following the attacks to present a public image that they all knew were untrue when they were telling it.

     It stinks to high heaven. Their actions were abominable. They lied. Americans died. It is far worse than Watergate. Yet, they slide. Obama was rewarded, not censured.

     By chance, it all reared its ugly head only seven weeks before an election in which every mainstream media outlet on television, minus Fox, were still fawning over Barack Obama like they fawned over him in 2008. Any saturated attention to the on-going Benghazi scandal would have scuttled a second term for Barack Obama, and they knew it. That – was more important than reporting the truth. So, instead of reporting untruths, the next best thing is to under-report or non-report. After all, people can’t know information for which they’re not informed. Benghazi quickly round its way off the front pages and the headline stories on television.

     Where is the FCC in this? Where is the outrage from the American people? Why don’t Americans care about this?

     Sure, Obama may still have been elected despite the scandal, but at least the media could not be accused of complicity in skewing information in overt support of a candidate. In all my years of following political campaigns, I have never seen such boldness in distorting and/or failures in reporting information. This goes beyond slant. It’s being a part of a campaign team. It violates everything that journalism stands for.

     (Please don’t tell me about Fox. They’re a single island out there in media ocean. Thank goodness for one outlet with an opposing message)

     I hope the families of Americans killed in Benghazi sue every official who is complicit in perpetuating this tragedy, whether by ignorance, incompetence or intentional. And I hope they win. And, if they were complicit, I hope they go to jail.

     I hope congress conducts a full investigation which results in consequences for each concerned, beyond a mere censure.

     Follow the Muslim Brotherhood, my friends. While we follow the shell game, looking everywhere but the right places, they are succeeding in every goal they’ve set, right under our very noses. They said they would destroy America, from within.

     Mitt Romney is an honorable man. Perhaps too honorable. Hindsight tells me he should have seized the opportunity. Instead, he chose to downplay Benghazi as a political issue and continue hammering the economy. But ater two years, that was an old tune no one listened to any more.  Can’t unring the bell.

 I couldn't be more proud