The cover-up of Benghazi’s tragedy borders on criminal. Everyone is lying. There are no mistakes made. It’s not about faulty intelligence. There is no “lack of information.”  The lying is deliberate. And, it’s not all by Susan Rice. She’s merely the puppet following instructions from behind closed doors.

     The Dade County Sheriff’s Office of the 1960’s was exposed as a corrupt agency with many high echelon personnel on the take, commiserating with criminals.

     When the heat was on in 1965-66, the Miami Herald and local television news channels released daily stories about the infestation of corruption, though nothing was yet provable. The police echelon protected burglars and jewel thieves, hookers and gamblers, like Lefty Rosenthal who was a favorite of the chief of detectives. Later, Rosenthal moved toLas Vegas. He was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the movie “Casino.”

     The bosses met often, deciding how to counter the press and minimize negative reports. One of their tactics was to divert attention. Get the focus off from them and on to others. Play the shell game.  Make people look there, but not here, anywhere but the main issue.

     I was a young pawn in that mess, watching from the sidelines. Working in Intelligence, my job was to perform inane surveillances or check background records which would portray local councilmen, civil rights organizers and media personalities as “communists.” Another cop in disguise was assigned to dribble information to the press as a “source.” I was not part of the corruption, but I had vicariously aided in keeping the operation looking legitimate.    

     Public comments by the sheriff and his upper staff were carefully calculated behind closed doors in meetings where they deployed “strategy” in dealing with press and critics. The top boss was in on all the crucial meetings. Every statement made to the press was worded for a specific effect. Everyone who spoke to the press was vetted and coached in advance of standing before cameras. The shell game confused some reporters, but not for long. A number of those cops were eventually indicted.

     My career blossomed years later in Homicide. But in my thirty years, I learned a lot about deception. A whole lot. Most every cop does.

     Anyone who thinks Susan Rice and/or Hillary Clinton and/or Jay Carney went before television cameras about Benghazi without being carefully coached and briefed by her superiors – people with the most to lose – is in serious denial. The “video” ploy was part of the shell game. The administration knew they had tons of heat coming their way when the attack ignited in the wake of downsizing, not upsizing, security at the consulate.

     Speaking as a seasoned veteran in spotting deception; It reeks.

     There is obviously more to this story. I suspect some people should be going to jail, and I don’t mean just the terrorists.  What is needed is 1974 Washington Post-type probe of Watergate. Without that, we will never get to the bottom and the shell game will have worked.

     Two days after the attack, Hillary Clinton, (who should have shouldered responsibility not Susan Rice) made a public statement on television calling the video “disgusting,” pandering to the Islamic world. But she never mentioned America having the right to free speech. Following that, the secretary of state conveniently got lost for many weeks, out of reach, traveling to four corners of the globe, anywhere but Washington, leaving others to answer and hold the proverbial bag. 

     Worse, even, the President of the United States  — who had to know everything that was revealed in the situation room the night before – made a short statement the next morning on the White House lawn, then embarked on a fund raiser to Las Vegas, and on to late night comedy shows, all while the bodies of four loyal Americans were still in coffins, including his dead ambassador to Libya. Two weeks later, he spoke to the UN and invoked the same phony message six times about the “disgusting” video.

     Carney, Petraeus, Panetta, Clinton, and Obama, all knew the morning of the attack that it was terrorism, not a protest about a video. They knew they had wrongfully disarmed the consulate weeks before, against the wishes of the ambassador and left them indefensible. They knew they forced the military commanders who were ready to deploy troops to the scene, to stand down. They knew this was not about a stupid video, yet they continued in their nefarious scheme of mind-manipulation, hoping the media would take the bait and that Americans in general were be stupid enough to believe the lie.

     I think about how any other president may have handled this situation. Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Reagan, Carter, Eisenhower, Kennedy, all would have called the event a time of mourning and never embark on fund raisers and comedy shows. Like them or not, they all had that much sensitivity.

     The Benghazi strategy is clear. Create distraction. Delay. Allow time to pass. Declare opponents as political opportunists. Call it a republican thing.

     Why are Democrats of this nation not standing up for what is right? Why are the Democrats of this nation not demanding the truth? What is it about lock-step loyalty that trumps integrity?

     This was an act of war. These four Americans might be alive today had we protected them, as they asked.

     We do know what happened. But we still don’t know why. And, I suspect we never will.

     Where is Deep Throat when you need him?