Ask any police officer. What is the one call for which every cop within thirty miles will rush to the scene, dispatched or not?


     I spent a small amount of time in the U.S. Marine corps and then thirty years in Miami-Dade Police.  I have been to the scenes of too many public servants that were under assault, run over, shot and in many instances, killed. It may sound like pandemonium to the average person, but happens: Mass response to save a fellow servant. They come from afar, desperate to help. We are all brothers and sisters on the job. We leave no one behind, if at all possible. Most of our congressional medals were issued to heroes who risked lives to save others. We jump into harms way to save others.

     The hair rises on my arm thinking about our despicable government leaders abandoning our fellow Americans in Benghazi, Before, During, and After the terrorist assault to the consulate. Don’t tell me I have to wait until a full investigation is complete, we know enough already. We know plenty. Enough e-mails and whistle blowers and sources have put the entire picture together.  “Full investigations” can take years, and then what?  Someone gets “censured,” like Eric Holder…which means nothing? I’m sure the president would like this all to fizzle-out over time.

     The entire media conglomerate knows plenty of what happened in Benghazi, Before, During and After the assault leaving four dead. But the media conglomerate has a stake it reporting skewed news and/or no news. Just ask Amber Lyons, Emmy winning journalist, formerly with CNN, who is blowing the whistle on her fellow corrupt journalists at CNN.

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     If it weren’t for the heroics of a couple SEALs assigned to the CIA, another 29 would be dead as well. Yet, only Fox has the courage to report the gamut of information, while the Obama bootlickers like MSNBC, CNN and ABC release a pittance of information in dribs and drabs, as though it’s no more important than workplace shooting in Peoria.

     Meanwhile, we learn that long-decorated military leaders like General Carter Ham, Commander of Africom was preparing – real time – to send in military assistance to the consulate in an attempt to save lives, that night, but was ordered by his superior to stand down. That had to be Leon Panetta. General Ham was so outraged, he was ready to send help anyway as any good soldier will do, but was relieved of duty and arrested by the second in command, General Rodriquez, under orders from the administration.

     Rogue U.S. General “Arrested” for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order

     Also relieved of duty, Navy Admiral Charles Gaouette, stationed in the Mediterranean, for allegedly exhibiting poor judgment during the Benghazi assault. 

     Seems the inmates are in charge of the crazy house.

    Where is the outrage?  Why is the mainstream media not covering this? And where are the Democrats of congress, Americans all, supposed patriots, elected by the people – why are they not outraged, instead of blindly sucking up for their incompetent, if not corrupt, president?

     Weeks ahead of the attack, the consulate security forces, headed by Col. Andrew Wood, pleaded with the state department to upgrade security because the situation was becoming dangerous. Al Qaeda was boldly flying their flags over government buildings. Several explosions and attacks had already occurred at the consulate. The danger was imminent. The signs could not have been more explicit. But instead, the state department downsized the security team, ordering sixteen officers to relocate out of Bengazhi, leaving the small contingent with Ambassador Stevens in peril as sitting ducks. He had asked for access to an airplane:  Denied. The day of the attack, he was advising the state department of the dangers asking for more help.  Denied.

     Benghazi Consulate Lacked Protection, Former Security Chief Says

     Days later, Obama acolytes, Jay Carney, UN Secretary Rice and the Secretary of State began their media tour lying about the entire event…lying to America, lying to the press, claiming this was a “spontaneous protest about the video.”  This went on while they KNEW it was a lie.

     These were talking points planned and strategized behind closed doors, most assuredly led by the president.  

     As the attack went on for eight hours, numerous attempts were made to plead for help by the ambassador and from other officials assigned to the CIA post. Denied.  Ships were in the Mediterranean with planes and equipment within a couple hours. Forces were on stand-by in southern Italy. Denied,  This article could go on for thirty pages.

     There will soon be books lining the shelves of Barnes & Noble about this, the greatest crime ever perpetrated by an administration. Whether or not Barack Obama is elected, it is my fervent hope that he and others stand trial for treason and held responsible for the killings of four Americans.

     Secretary Hillary Clinton could put this all to rest.

     Madam Secretary: You were wrong to deny security to the consulate, Before and/or During the attack. You were wrong to perpetuate a lie, and to have your UN Ambassador lie, about the origins and motives of the attack. You are complicit in this tragic event. You helped let them die. You may have been following orders, but there is no excuse for following an illegal order.  You didn’t do what true patriots do in times of crisis, put honor ahead of politics, put life ahead of personal concerns. You didn’t do what millions of police officers and military professionals do. All you and the president cared about was the political fallout. 

I have some advice, Madam Secretary, which I’m sure you’ve discussed with your husband: Come clean. Own up. Tell the truth, whether it’s politically damaging or not. Do it for the nation. Do it for your conscience. Do it for the families of the dead Americans and their families left behind. There’s still time. It may squelch your political career, but it’s over anyway.

     Have you the guts? Have you the integrity?

     Here is ex-CNN journalist, Amber Lyons, with Emmys to her credit, blowing the whistle on CNN and how they deliberately skew facts so that Obama won’t look bad. I’m not surprised, but many of you will be. (Look for more whistle blowers to come out and heads to roll at MSNBC, CNN and ABC and CBS.)

        CNN Exposed, Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon Blows The Whistle, Let me repeat that.CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others. The Obama Administration pays for CNN content | Blogging/Citizen Journalism

 A scathing condemnation by Judge Jeanine:

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