1. Qualifications. He may be more qualified than any president in the last one-hundred years.

2. History of business acumen. While some companies under Bain did not succeed (not all businesses do) most became highly successful bringing revenues to government and creating thousands of jobs. Some of the companies:

   * Staples — 90,000 employees in 1500 locations

   * Sports Authority – 70,000 employees in 450 locations

   * Totes-Istoner – (gloves and umbrellas) 1,000 employees

   * Seally Mattresses — 4,500 employees

   * Steel Dynamics — 6,300 employees

   * Brookstone — (in shopping malls) Currently, 300 stores.

   * Et al

3. Success. Personal wealth comes from hard work and smart business decisions.

4. Proven leadership. Ex: The 2000 Salt Lake City Olympics, where his leadership reversed a critical situation into a huge success.

5. Governorship of Massachusetts. While opponents can cherry pick a few negatives, his overall record of achievements as governor far outweigh negatives.

6. Background. Scandal-free, no skeletons in his personal or private life.

7. Unselfish. History of selfless charity and countless examples of personal assistance to others in need, outside the scope of cameras, which he is shy to talk about. That includes 30 months as a missionary in France in early adult life.

8. Bright. Graduated cum laude from Harvard Law school and Harvard business school which he attended simultaneously.

9. Transparent. His school enrollment and other records are open for scrutiny by the public, as is his social security status, his Selective Service registration, his passports and his birth certificate.

10. Giving. Never accepted salary from his appointment at the 2000 Olympics nor as Governor of Massachusetts. He routinely gives approximately 20% of his income to charity. He donated his entire inheritance to charity when his father died.

11. Selfless. If he had remained in the private sector, he would be worth $3 to $5 billion by now. Instead, his personal worth caps at $250 million, while preferring to dedicate his life helping Americans in the public sector.

12. Model family man. His personal life is above reproach, from childhood through adulthood, devoted husband, father, and dedicated to his faith yet open-minded to others.

13. Role model. From birth to the present, an outstanding role model for men and women of all ages.

14. Gentleman. Has run a “clean” campaign, devoid of personal attacks against the character of his opponent, sticking to the issues of economy, ideas and his public record.

15. “Presidential.”  Commands respect by all sides of the spectrum, differences aside.

16. Supreme Court. Three justices will likely be replaced in the next term. From Romney, we can expect centrists, no radical extremists left or right.

17. Vice President. He selected an experienced budgetary genius in Paul Ryan with a proven record of bi-partisan respect in congress.

18. Respectful. He will never show disrespect to a foreign leader, particularly the Prime Minister of the besieged state of Israel, our greatest ally in the middle-east.

19. Resolute. He will never bow to the head of any foreign nation, particularly one whose country is at the bottom of the human rights list.

20. First Lady. Ann Romney is a first-class woman who has suffered many personal obstacles, but who has always been proud to be an American.

21. Solid American. No one will have any doubts about his American roots, or that there is divided allegiance to any foreign nations, cultures or ideologies.

22. Undeniable eligibility. No one will ever doubt his eligibility to hold the office of president.

23. Military respect. Recent polls of retired officers (who are at liberty to share opinions) reflect how the overwhelming majority of armed forces of the United States support Mitt Romney as president.

24. He’s the full package, with a background of dedication, love, integrity, charity, success and results in every aspect of his life.

     Above all others, here is the most important reason to elect Mitt Romney:

25. He is not Barack Obama.