Women, gays and Jews, please pay close attention. What you see, is not always what you get.

     Barack Obama is chumming for your votes like a fisherman chums for schools of dolphin behind his boat. Free food, free rides, a promise of something better and they will come, leaping from the sea into the craft. Words sound good, but …in the scheme of things … they are just words.

     But we are not paying attention to an all-important aspect of this man; His close association and love of Islam. The evidence is preponderant. I, as well as many intellectuals and authorities, have written about it often naming sources of information, clear as can be. All you need to do is open your eyes. He desperately needs your vote to stay in power and to accomplish his long range mission.

     Sure, Islam is a religion, but it is also a political ideology and form of government, with serious consequences for those who do not adhere to the dictum of Sharia law. No, that’s not going to dominate America tomorrow or next year, but the seeds are being sown and the best friend of Islam is in the White House right now, hoping to rule four more years without having to answer to another electorate the rest of his life. Four more years will be tantamount to a dictatorship, especially of the congress becomes all democratic.

     Let’s look at how life will be if and when our grandchildren live under an Islamic caliphate.

     Gay men are publicly hanged from cranes in the streets of Iran and other Islamic nations. Most Islamic countries will tell you they have no homosexuality, because it is outlawed. So, keep on courting Barack Obama, promising to elect him if he supports gay marriage and such. Chum,chum, chum. He will tell you anything so you will help him gain power. If and when America becomes an Islamic caliphate, gay marriage won’t be an issue, because gays will be back into the closet with the door bolted. Chum, chum, chum.

     Next are the loyal Jews who still think they are supporting a Democrat. Believing Obama is a Democrat is like believing Obama is a Christian. Neither is true. Both have been exploited as tools for power. Chum, chum, chum.

     As smart as Jewish people are with science, math and business, they can be equally as dumb when it comes to evaluating human nature and deception. Jews who support Barack Obama remind me of the Jews who thought they were really just boarding a train to a work camp or that the big room ahead was just to take showers. Then, they had no options. Today, Jews have options…at the polls.

     My Jewish friends, my relatives, I beg you, separate yourself from the mist of a minority ascending to the White House, or that revered “D” after his name. This is a dangerous man who lived a life commiserating with anti-Semites, who is an enemy of Israel. Islamists hate Jews. They are taught that from childhood. Obama spent his childhood being educated as a Muslim and later made best friends in college with Islamists. Jewish people must get that in their heads or else the holocaust brought on by the “believers” (Islamists) twenty or thirty years from now will make Hitler look like an angel of mercy.

     Barack Obama will tell you anything to suck up your votes, then he’ll turn his back on you just like he’s turned his back on fellow Jew-hater, Jeremiah Wright when he was no longer useful. Believe what he does, not what he says. Chum, chum, chum.

     Women. Have you looked around the world and seen the conditions women live under when Sharia assumes power? It’s not just burkas and hijabs, it’s a way of life being subservient to men. You can go to school or drive a car if your husband or father allows it.  Marriage can be forced upon you. You cannot marry outside the religion, unless approved. Sometimes, the mere suggestion results in “honor killings” by a male relative to which Sharia enforcers turn a blind eye. If you leave the religion, your father or brother will consider that as a reason to kill, authorized by Allah. Being beaten by a husband is provided in the Koran. I could rant for thirty pages, but you get the idea.

     Some folks like to compare violence within the Old Testament. In the Bible, that was then. For Islamists, the Koran is now.

     If you think Romney is anti-woman just because he is opposed to abortion, or tax-funded contraceptives, look closely at Romney’s entire life from start to now. Look at Obama’s entire life, from start to now. I rest my case.

     Obama’s camp has seized upon this war-on-women falsehood to mesmerize the female vote into believing he is more for women, and Romney is more against. Women represent a huge voting bloc and gaining power is more important than being honest. Chum, chum, chum.

     Twenty or thirty years from now, our daughters and granddaughters will look back and curse us all for our naivety and our stupidity, not having the foresight to see the obvious. And their kids? They won’t know the difference because they’ll be indoctrinated from birth in Madrasses and the Sharia way of thinking.

     Christians? Your next on the list. You saw what happened when the Islamist/ fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood recently seized power inEgypt. Hundreds of  Christians were killed, churches were burned and more than 100,000 had to emigrate out of Egypt. Other Islamic countries have embarked on “ethnic cleansing” by killing Christians and burning churches. Read the article by former Muslim, Somali woman, Hirsi Ali, the last link below. 

     Open eyes. The chummer will betray you once his long range objectives are attained. The facts are all around us, we must be willing to see the obvious, before it’s too late.

     Evidence is evidence. 

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