Don’t listen to me. Listen to Tarek Fatah, secular Muslim intellectual, author. He tells all, warning the United States that the White House and the State Department has been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood forces, which has long range designs on conquering the west — from within. For a full bio on Mr. Fatah and his credentials, please open the link at the end of this essay.

Mr. Fatah openly acknowledges that he is liberal and was a strong supporter of Barack Obama in 2008, even though he is a Canadian citizen. His views have reversed 180 degrees, primarily because of Obama’s chumminess with Muslim Brotherhood operatives and other connections, which have allowed them — our enemies — access to sensitive government information.

First, much ado has been made about the aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Huma Abedin was born to Muslim parents and raised in family wealth in Saudi Arabia, then brought to the United States when she attended George Washington University. Huma Abedin’s parents and brother are members of and/or have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…the very organization that is dedicated to the overthrow of the west, and whose very motto includes: “Jihad is our way….Death in the service of Allah is our goal.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella organization for jihad-based activities world-wide, including Hamas and many non-violent organizations. There are thirty-one organizations in operation in the United States, right now, that are dedicated to the service of the Brotherhood. One of those is the MSA (Muslim Students of America) which exists for the purpose of advancing Islamist power within institutions of higher learning. They are the most powerful student organization in the U.S. today. Huma Abedin was not only a high ranking member of that organization, she served on the executive board and as editor of their publications.

She has been serving Hillary Clinton since age 20 as her closest advisor, when Mrs. Clinton was first lady, then senator, and through her service as Secretary of State, to this very day. The following video features Mr. Fatah speaking about Huma Abedin and her nefarious associations. This woman, who has access to our closest and most vital national secrets, apparently was never screened because of her close relationship to Hillary. At the five minute mark of the following video, note the leader of the MSA directing the students to the “pledge of allegiance” to the MSA, which all MSA students must recite and which includes,… “Jihad is my spirit, paradise is my goal… and I will die to establish Islam.” Huma Abedin had to have taken this oath. Please watch (7 minutes):

Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

In the next video, Mr. Fatah is speaking to a 2011 Canadian audience after just completing cancer treatment. In the speech, after the eleven-minute mark, Mr. Fatah identifies three members/associates of the Muslim Brotherhood who were working in the Obama White House – then. These people, along with others who are employed by the Homeland Security Department and the Justice Department, all smell of Islamist infiltration with nefarious objectives for our country in the long range. Please watch as this Muslim man, who once supported Obama, appeals to the common sense of people everywhere, warning us:

Tarek Fatah on the threats of Islamo-facism » ideacity

I checked these allegations out one year ago, and found them to be true. I wrote a blog then with all the details:


We have a president who does not allow the term “Islamic terrorism” in federal law enforcement training. What?

We have a president who calls the Ft. Hood massacre, “Workplace Violence.” What?

We have a president who called for the removal of Hosni Mubarak, our ally, Israel’s ally, in deference to the Muslim Brotherhood that replaced him.

We have a president who snubs the leader of our ally (Israel) but welcomes leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood during Ramadan.

I could list pages of examples of Barack Obama’s love for Islam, while we never hear much about his love for Christians and Jews who are fleeing Egypt since the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, as churches are burned and synagogues are closed.

What does it take folks? A confession on MSNBC? Even then, the fawning media would spin that as humor.

Our country is being infiltrated, just as they said they would in their manifesto documents that have been recovered in hiding, by law enforcement agencies. It’s all out there to look at.

I beg for readers to open your eyes, open the eyes of others, so they may see the truth. This is not about democrat versus republican. This is about the survival of the United States and the free world. Our president will exert a lot of flexibility when he no longer has to answer to the American people again.

Barack Obama has a mission. It only take this coming election for him to fulfill that mission.

We have been warned.

Is he worth the risk?

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