Not long ago, I was dismayed when a reputable minister spoke from the pulpit saying, (slightly paraphrased) “Anyone who watches Fox News is misinformed.” He has opined this from the pulpit more than once.

     It is everybody’s right to hold personal leanings in the political arena, be they liberal conservative or libertarian. But to use to pulpit in an attempt to sway attendees from one news station to another, because of his liberal leanings, is an unspeakable use of his influence and his mission. The same applies if the minister had been conservative.

     It is also offensive to whomever in his congregation chooses to watch Fox, explicitly accusing those persons of being more stupid than others.

     As a regular blogger and writer of guest op-eds for local newspapers, I studiously conduct research before penning articles. I resented the comment. Here are ten reasons why:

     First.  I unapologetically watch Fox News (along with other networks including CNN and CBS). In my opinion, it is the best and most comprehensive source of information from the television circuit. The minister’s comment was an insult.

     Second. I am in good company considering the nation’s rating charts. Check out these recent numbers obtained form the Drudge Report:


 Fox News O’Reilly   3,865,000 

Fox News Hannity   3,729,000

CMDY Daily Show   2,806,000

Fox News Greta         2,753,000

Fox News Baier         2,567,000

Fox News Shep          2,355,000

Fox News Five           2,242,000

CMDY Colbert           1,912,000

MSNBCMaddow       1,839,000

MSNBCODonnel      1,557,000

MSNBCHardball      1,119,000

MSNBCSharpton     1,092,000

CNN Piers                        894,000

CNN Cooper                   662,000

     Third. While some of the Fox commentators lean to the right (and some quite far) their news reporting and discussion panels always include prominent liberals and moderates to provide opposing points of view.

     Fourth. The right lean at Fox is balanced by moderators and anchors who are liberal as well, bringing all sides to the forum. Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera come to mind. I have not seen a conservative anchor a news show at MSNBC.

     Fifth.  Thanks goodness America has Fox, or all news would be a one-way tilt to the left. Imagine having only one unchallenged politcal party.

    Fortunately we have one network that covers information that other networks conspicuously fail to cover, unless their backs are to the wall. It’s no secret that MSNBC and CBS are part of the Obama re-election team. If it were not for FOX, America would be much less informed.

     Sixth.  O’Reilly and Greta, (in my opinion) are the two best news/commentary shows on cable television. I am often amazed how they will take up an opposing view, challenging conservatives and liberals alike to establish integrity.

     Seventh.  Fox has no one on the payroll who is a bona fide racist, i.e. Al Sharpton, a regular commentator and anchor on MSNBC

     Eighth.  Fox has no one on the network who could get away with openly calling another journalist a “slut” and still keep their job. (Ed Schultz to Laura Ingram) 

     Ninth.  The rating charts are telling. These are the people who care about America, who think and study, who watch up-to-date news in place of sit-coms, game shows and movies. Statistics are overwhelmingly in the Fox column among viewers. (I’d also point out that liberal talk radio is a colossal failure nationwide. The most successful shows — as noted from listener ratings — are conservative based. 

     Tenth (and most important, of course) … Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Margaret Hoover, … well… you get the idea.  Fox didn’t its name out of thin air. And even if no men watched Fox, it would still out-rank all the other news cable networks.

     The Women Of Fox News – Fox News Girls – Fox News Babes

     Ed Schultz, calling Laura Ingram a “slut.”  (at the 40 second marker)

Libtalker Ed Schultz: Laura Ingraham’s ‘A Slut’ – YouTube