Now, that’s a president!

     I had anticipated a draw. Obama is at his best on a speaking platform. Romney is good, but not as good. So I thought.

     This is a testament to imagery. The Obama persona has been flooding America’s airwaves for five years, with fire and brimstone, and hordes of carefully selected “citizens” standing by the thousands in front and in behind, cheering, nodding, screaming, like he was a rock star while the mainstream media follows like lapdogs. Never mind that all his words are carefully scripted by professional speech writers (as are most political speeches on both sides) from which he turns his head left and right, like watching a tennis match, eyeballing those teleprompters to get it right.

     Wednesday night was another story. It was sink or swim. No cheerleaders. No hordes of supporters in the background. Nobody was licking his shoes. No teleprompters. It was man against man in the raw. And Obama lost.

     Obama lost because he was outmatched. Romney rose to the occasion and pummeled the president with lists of his failures in office, from which Obama could only stand there and eat crow. The difference, is Obama had four years in office from which to boast or try desperately to defend.

     Yes, some of the zillions of statistics flying out of both mouths can be questioned. But the fact remained: Romney has a glittering track record of accomplishments. Obama’s track record, before and during his presidency stands on its own. He accomplished nothing before becoming a president. In the last four years, his domestic and foreign policies have worsened situations to the brink of disaster. And, that’s not Bush’s fault.

     In this debate, Mitt Romney looked and acted presidential. The president did not.

     I only hope that same scenario carries through for two more debates.

     Yes I am biased. Because, I loveAmerica.