The location and ultimate elimination of Osama Bin Laden was a direct result of tenacious intelligence work headed by a female operative for five years, starting in the Bush years. Bin Laden’s location was nailed for over nine months prior to the SEAL raid, but the president — under advisement by Valerie Jarrett — procrastinated the decision until Leon Panetta took the reins and made it happen, backing the president against the wall when the SEALs were already on their way. Like a good soldier, Panetta and the rest of the gang all made it appear to the media that Obama was the hero.

Someone coughed up the name of the Pakistani doctor who assisted the intelligence people. He was identified and arrested, convicted and sentenced to serve 33 years in prison. Our friends, the Pakistani government, were outraged that anyone would assist U.S. intelligence in capturing or killing Osama bin Laden. One can only imagine how that doctor feels about the U.S.

Members of the SEAL team, other SEAL almuni and many members of the military now retired and able to speak out, are outraged at the flow of other security leaks emanating from the White House, apparently to bolster the image of Barack Obama for the election. While no one knows if Obama is directly responsible, he will undoubtedly deny any connection to the leaks. Therefore, the buck stops somewhere else besides the president’s desk.

Without further ado, please view the first link (below) which is a compelling 22 minute video outlining the violations that had been occurring in regards to classified information. Several retired military officers and SEALs offer their candor in assessing this most serious situation. This goes far beyond the Bin Laden issue, including other serious compromises. Many of our allies are looking on while future intelligence sources will stay mum. We can’t be trusted. 

You can skip the first 6 minutes which is mostly about country honor and history, then comes the meat of the video.


Some folks will say this is just partisan political junk. Whether it occurs during an election cycle or an off year, it doesn’t matter. It is enormously serious, as verified by liberal Democrat Senator, Dianne Feinstein, head of the Intelligence Committee who said this is the worst she’d ever seen in terms of security leaks.


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