Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east. Thus, he shares responsibility with what has transpired since, including the murders of four American diplomats in Libya.

Obama reminds me of a fellow I came across in my career in police investigations. Steve Beattie owned a fitness center in North Miami. He was hailed as a local hero, an icon of sorts who was loved by everyone. A Martial Arts expert, a contributor to the community, a trusted leader.

One night, three people were found murdered in his fitness center. One was a young cleaning woman who was stripped, raped and shot in the head. During the scene investigation, Beattie arrived and stood outside the crime scene tape, distraught over the horrid violence in his place of business. He moaned, cried and lamented.

Fingerprints had been developed from the ankle of the dead rape victim. They belonged to Steve Beattie. Until those prints were identified, Beattie could do nothing wrong in the community, he was a legend. In truth, he was  a closet criminal.

Ted Bundy was another one of those criminals who could lull people – women particularly – into trusting situations. Bundy was handsome, educated and charismatic. He used those natural talents to achieve his nefarious goals: Killing women.

Obama is not a murderer. But he is a charismatic leader who has the power to lull people into a trusting mode to gain his nefarious objectives. Those objectives in my opinion – based on volumes of study and research – is the socialization of government and infiltration of Islam into America.

All anyone needs to do is study his life – not only by his own autobiographies – from childhood, through his development, his mentors, his education, his travels his friends, his associations and supporters, and it becomes obvious to any police-style investigator that his orientation is socialist/Islamic as much as Charlie “Lucky” Luciano was Italian/Mafia.

Study his childhood orientation to Islam, then his growth into Occidental College where he roomed with Islamists (Muslims rarely room with non-Muslims) and traveled to a strict Islamic country (Pakistan) with one of his roommates, a country that was then off-limits to American passports. From there, its his university backer, Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, his Palestinian buddy, Rashid Khalidi, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Farrahkan’s Nation of Islam, all of whom molded his pre-political persona, plus American terrorist William Ayers. They were Jew-haters all, and all haters of America. Our president.

Since being elected, it’s about hosting annual Iftar dinners in the White House to celebrate Ramadan and bringing Muslim Brotherhood Islamists to work inside the White House, State Department and Department of Homeland Security. It’s having Ingrid Mattson from the Islamic Society of North America, (an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) to deliver prayers associated with Obama’s inauguration.

It’s the Cairo speech where he falsely announced that Islam has always been a part of America. It’s calling for Israel’s return to 1967 borders while Hamas and Hezbollah continue to pummel Israeli citizens with rockets, and Obama turns a blind eye. It’s about standing up for the Islamists in every situation, while refusing to meet with the head of the Israeli government – as requested – during it’s most perilous times. It’s about not even allowing the term “Islamic Terror” in federal training manuals. It’s about forcing the goverrnment to call the Fort Hood attack “workplace violence” and not by it’s correct term: “Islamic Terror.”

It’s about calling for the removal of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, America’s ally and Israel’s ally, knowing the Muslim Brotherhood was waiting in the wings to assume power. It’s knowing that – all during this – the Muslim Brotherhood was the enemy of Israel, and the enemy of the pre-Obama United States. It’s about assisting in the removal and assassination of Libya’s Muammar Ghadaffi, who posed no danger to the United States — knowing the Muslim Brotherhood was poised to assume power in that country.

The careful but effective posturing of regime changes in the middle east has all but nullified Israel’s safety and security, while he still blathers words to the contrary in order to secure the Jewish vote and support. That’s called Taqiyya, friends. Look it up.

None of the organized turmoil in the middle east would have exploded if the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t know they had an ally in the American White House. I am convinced of that, as much as I am convinced of the guilt of the charismatic Steve Beattie, whose fingerprints were on that dead girl’s feet.

Last year, I wrote a piece which assembled all the tiles of the Obama mosaic, bringing together the true picture of our president. It was read repeatedly over national airways by talk show host, Neal Boortz:


I do not believe Barack Obama is a Democrat, he joined that party for political expediency.

I do not believe Barack Obama is a Christian, he joined up with Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s bogus, America-hate church for political expediency.

I do not believe Barack Obama is an American – there are countless tiles in the mosaic which point to fraud.

Knowing all this, millions of people will ignore the obvious and still vote to retain him as the president of this once wonderful nation.

I believe all the economic problems we are having in the United States today, are deliberate and calculated.

I believe it is the goal of Barack Obama to serve as the lightening rod for the destruction of free America as we know it.

I also believe it is part of a carefully executed plan, not of his own making, but of a higher authority.

When America crumbles, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.