We tend to overuse terms so much that they rush in one ear and out the other before we process the meaning. But, does…”thrown under the bus” sound familiar?

     Overlooked in the entire middle-east uprisings fiasco that have dominated news is the life, times and tragedy of Hosni Mubarak, who led Egypt for thirty years following the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981 by guerillas of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     As much as any Islamic, mid-east nation could be a friend of the United States, Egypt was true to America and to Israel during his entire reign. Mubarak honored and remained loyal to the peace treaty with Israel for those thirty years. In doing so, he took steps to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist organizations that threatened the peace. Yes, he ruled like a dictator with an iron hand, but Egypt was peaceful, safe and thriving economically.

     He withstood many assassination attempts on his life, primarily driven by his opposition to Islamic fundamentalism.

     He protected minority Christian Coptic churches and synagogues as well.

     I’ve spoken to people who have lived and visited Egypt, and who had known Hosni Mubarak, only to express deep respect for a strong man with a difficult job maintaining peace in such a volatile environment.

     Mubarak stood side-by-side with the United States against the invasion of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein into Kuwait during the Gulf War. He was an ally.

     Within days after the uprisings began in Egypt, our president, Barack Obama, called for Hosni Mubarak, our ally, to step down. The obvious replacement would be the Muslim Brotherhood, the very extremist organization that Mubarak had outlawed for thirty years.     

     The president failed to stand up for our friend. He could have told the world:

     “President Mubarak is a friend of the United States, we will stand by his side as he stood by our side, and the side of Israel for thirty years. The United States condemns the violence and uprisings intended to overturn the Egyptian government, and will do whatever we can to support him.”

     No…that didn’t happen.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood power is sweeping other nations in the region, including Libya and Tunisia.
  2. Christian churches are being burned and the Christian Coptics are fleeing Egypt by the thousands to avoid slaughter.
  3. The last synagogue in Egypt has been closed down.
  4. The firewall into Gaza, which Mubarak established in order to prevent weapons from crossing Egypt into the hands of Hamas no longer exists.
  5. Egypt is reverting to an Islamic fundamentalist state.
  6. Lara Logan, liberal CBS reporter/correspondent was raped – along with other women – in the streets of Egypt during the uprisings. Please see her speeches and articles via links (below) in which she documents how and why the American government is not telling us the truth about terrorism and fundamentalism in the world..

The domino effect which has affected neighboring mid-east nations, in my opinion, were a direct result of being emboldened by the current American government. If the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t know we would be on their side, it wouldn’t have happened.

     Thus, the emboldening led to the removal of Ghadaffi in Libya, a bad man, indeed. But Ghadaffi was in check and no threat to America. If Ghadaffi was still in power, four Americans would still be alive today, and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as al Qaeda, would not be pumping their muscles.

     Meanwhile, Israel awaits, surrounded by millions haters and billions in nascent weaponry aimed at their extermination, while our president snubs the Prime Minister of that country who asked for a private meeting.

     Doesn’t anyone get the picture here?

     The rest of the world is watching how we treat our allies when the chips are down.

     Israelis, and other countries must be saying, “If that is an ally, who needs enemies?”

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