“Argo” is a first-class motion picture, which is refreshing these days considering all the junk that is coming out of Hollywood.

     Ben Affleck directs and stars in this gripping true-story about six American citizens who managed to escape from the American Embassy the day of the Iranian uprising in 1979, only to be secretly housed in the Canadian Embassy for nearly three months. Affleck plays a tough CIA operative with special talents at helping people escape terror. He concocts a plan to partner with a Hollywood producer in setting up a ploy about making a motion picture in Iran titled “Argo,” using the six Americans as fake actors and writers with phony I.D., of course. This would be the disguise through which he could free the six escapees, who were certain to be executed if discovered.

     The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat increasingly as the film moves along, in and out of the terrifying atmosphere of angry Iranian mobs and the violence toward anyone American. Tension and suspense prevail throughout, not dependent on graphics and gratuitous violence, but the real McCoy as Iranian Islamist mobs spew hate in and out of most every scene.

     Look for several Oscar nominees, including best actor and best director for Affleck and a best supporting nomination for Alan Arkin who plays the acerbic but funny movie producer who is sucked into the phony scheme in order to rescue the six Americans. Ben Affleck is rapidly growing into one of Hollywood’s giants.

     This picture would rate a 9 ½ out of 10.

     This was quite a contrast to the movie, “Seven Psychopaths” which we walked out from after forty-five minutes of idiotic gratuitous violence and a total absence of plot and story line. It is baffling that some reviewers gave it high marks. To Suzanne and I, it personified Hollywood crap. That movie gets a 2 out of 10.

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