Why don’t we stop the tip-toe parade and tell it like it is.

     Since the day Barack Obama took office, his administration has strived at downplaying radical Islam as a threat, to the point of endangering our own citizens, our military and now, our diplomats overseas.

     It’s not hard to connect dots if one is well informed and with a clear mind. The Cairo speech laid the groundwork for Americans walking on eggshells when it comes to the mention of Islam being connected to any nefarious movement. The assertion that Islam has always been a part of American heritage was not true, and he knew that. Jefferson’s obtaining a copy of the Koran was not for any Iftar dinner, it was so Jefferson could better understand the motives for rampant terrorism by Islamists along the Barbary Coast for so many centuries, thus the term: Barbarian.

     Amazingly, federal law enforcement agencies today have been ordered to remove the term “Islamic terror” from their training manuals. Never mind, that Islamic radicals have been responsible for over many thousands of terrorist attacks around the world in the last thirty-plus years, and 19,000 since 9-11-2001. Never mind that Islamic terrorists are responsible for both attacks on the World Trade Center and the trillions of dollars expended for airline security around the world.

     The Fort Hood massacre was perpetrated by a military officer who showed every symptom of radical Islamism prior to the killing of thirteen servicemen. He was not only ignored, he was promoted. That’s political correctness gone mad. Nidal Hasan screamed Allahu Akbar before firing into the innocent bodies of forty-one Americans, yet the Obama administration had the audacity of downplaying its definition as “work place violence.” And we the people, including the media, accept that without a question?

     Have we gone nuts?

     James Clapper, the administration’s National Intelligence chief, shamefully testified before congress that the Muslim Brotherhood is a largely a “secular” organization. That was a lie. Volumes of records in courts of law and intelligence sources have identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a Jihad organization with intentions on conquest of the western hemisphere from within. Their very motto is, in part, “Jihad is our way.” Anyone with access to Internet knows that.

     “Jihad” is defined as the struggle for Islamic conquest.

     People associated with the Muslim Brotherhood have been employed in our government, including the White House and the State Department. The Saudi woman, Huma Abedin, closest aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is not only the daughter and sister of Muslim Brotherhood associates, she was a board member with the Muslim Students Association at Georgetown University. The MSA is a spin-off organization of the Muslim Brotherhood – one of thirty-one in the U.S. alone – whose pledge is recited at all meetings, including –  “Jihad is my spirit; I will die to Establish Islam.”

     Calling for the removal of our ally, Hosni Mubarak, laid the path for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We also aided the revolution in Libya which led to the entire fiasco we see today and another takeover by the Brotherhood. Every action by Barack Obama has laid the path for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     Meanwhile,Israel has not been in so much peril since the 1967 war.

     Would Obama have snubbed Morsi, if Morsi requested a personal meeting with the president?

     Now comes the tragic killings of four Americans at Benghazi, which every insider knew was a serious hotbed of danger, including our diplomats and security experts. Even the Red Cross got out of there. Congressional hearings have has shown that concerned diplomats had implored the state department for increased security only to be refused by the Obama administration downplaying the threat of Islamic terror. It took weeks for the administration to admit it was an act of Islamic terrorism.

     This is not about politics, it’s about truth. Sure it’s an election year, but we cannot allow that to suppress the investigation. This is worse offense than Watergate, because this wasn’t just a burglary, it was the lives of our own diplomats and servicemen who America’s leaders hung out to dry.

     If this keeps up, political correctness will translate to national suicide.

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