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Like clouds separating…it becomes clear. 

     It was all about stamping out free speech inAmerica.

     Step back and view the scenario from a global perspective. From conception and filming the stupid anti-Muslim video, to the mid-east riots, to the killings of Americans in Benghazi, to the denials by the White House minions – the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood and its U.S. agents at CAIR, is to repress free speech in America.

     How? Here are the tiles of the mosaic and how it forms a picture.

  1. CAIR, the legal team for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in America, has been hard at work lobbying for legislation to establish all anti-Muslim rhetoric as “hate crimes,” particularly when writings, art form or simple speech is considered derogatory toward Islam…true or not. If CAIR is successful and this government ever caves in, it would crack the walls of First Amendment rights that we hold so dear, which the MB sees as an obstacle to the future Islamizing of the west. They have already been successful throughout Europe, in countries like France, England and the Netherlands where any verbal or written affront to Islam can land the “offender” in jail. CAIR, (and the MB) has been stifled in the U.S., thanks to the constitution. But free speech, as it relates to Islam, is gone in Europe.

     A “crack” in the walls of the constitution would weaken the structure, which would eventually crumble.

  1. Out of nowhere, for no rational or marketing purpose, a one-day shoot of a 14-minute video trailer titled “Desert Warrior” (later changed) is conducted in California in August of 2011 – fourteen months ago – staffed with a hodge-podge of amateur actors and camera personnel. The script is silly, stupid and poorly directed, yet enough money is appropriated to pay people for one day of shooting. Why? Even the actors balked at some of the inane dialogue in the script.
  2. Curiously, the film’s director/producer is not a film maker but an ex-con with a past for bank fraud, and – of all things – he is a 59 year-old Egyptian.  At first confrontation when the video was released, he claimed to be a Jew, which was untrue. Why? Then he claimed to be an Egyptian Coptic, which – to my mind – is dubious. No one knows where the financing came from, or why anyone would waste money on such a dumb project that obviously had no future. What stands out, are his roots: Egypt, home of the Muslim Brotherhood. Was he really a Jew? Christian? Or was that said to assign blame to Jews or Christians, diverting attention from the truth?
  3. A year after the video is produced, it is installed into the YouTube circuit. Why?  We don’t know. But, it sure found its way toEgypt, and from there it went viral throughout the middle-east Islamic world, just in time for 9/11/12.

     Islamic riots and violence have a powerful effect. We well remember the results of the Danish cartoon of Muhammed in 2005 which sparked riots four months later – non spontaneous – throughout the Islamic world that left a hundred people dead. That was a planned and well-executed event made to appear spontaneous.

  1. September 11th arrives, only this time, it’s 2012. It is a significant date in the Jihad calendar, not only for the attack in America eleven years ago, but for another milestone date in Islamic history. After several weeks of the video going viral, “spontaneous” riots erupt – amazingly simultaneous – throughout the middle-east in which demonstrators by the multi-thousands in more than twenty countries chant “Death To America” and many American flags are burned. Same routine, same lyrics. These kinds of non-spontaneous outbursts only occur when they are coordinated and organized from a central command. They had a purpose.

     Think of the Muslim Brotherhood as the puppeteer, controlling the agents of Jihad in order to achieve an end. Those ends are well documented by the MB hierarchy, including strategies and tactics, in their hidden manifestos uncovered by law enforcement. The MB leadership is able to organize and mobilize such activities throughout dozens of Islamic (and non-Islamic) countries just using smart phones and computers. They are the control center.

  1. As a spin-off from the “spontaneous” riots, purported to be in outrage over the silly video, a “spontaneous” assault coincidentally occurs that evening against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi killing our ambassador and three other Americans. Amazingly, this all happened at the same time. The assault rages more than seven hours, during which pictures and information is collected  from an overhead drone in real time and sent to U.S. Intel, the State Department and the White House as it was happening. This, plus many desperate calls from CIA and State Department officials from the attack site pleading for help – that never came.

     The American military is standing by in the Mediterranean and southern Italy awaiting orders to engage the enemy, which never comes. Clearly, the assault on the consulate is pre-planned to falsely appear as part of the middle-east uprisings objecting to, what else: The stupid anti-Muslim video.

  1. No one (except Fox) talks about the Libyan consulate having been the target of two other violent attacks months earlier; that the British embassy had already closed down in fear of outbreaks; that the Red Cross abandoned Libya in fear of outbreaks; that the American security team was pulled out by the State Department a month before the September 11th assault over objections by on-site staff and security experts. The ambassador, himself, had pleaded for more security, as recent as the day prior to the attack, because the situation was explosive. It was all denied.
  2. While four Americans, including the ambassador, are dead, the president goes to bed and offers a prepared statement in the Rose Garden the next morning, which includes the comment…“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…”  He makes no other mention of the nature of the attack. He does not call the attack an act of terror. He reveals nothing though he knows much.

     From there, it’s off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser, and then onto a number of late night television appearances where comedians and other hosts lap his shoes. During the crisis and the ensuing days, while the American consulate smolders and relatives of our dead American ambassador and three other Americans grieve their losses, the president laughs and politics his way onto Stewart, Letterman, Leno and the View. The four deaths are “not optimal,” he tells Jon Stewart. No press conferences. No hardball questions. No explanations. Think: Would Eisenhower or Jimmy Carter have conducted themselves that way? Clinton? Bush I or II? Kennedy? Reagan?

  1. In a number of television appearances over a two-week period, the president makes repeated references – keeping our focus in one direction – to the stupid video as the cause of the protests in the middle-east and the attack in Benghazi, which he knows is untrue. He refers to the “offensive” video six times when speaking to the UN on September 25th, but does not – in any of these appearances – acknowledge that the killings were a preplanned coordinated attack by Islamic terrorists which had nothing to do with the video.
  2. In subsequent days and weeks following the murders, UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, all minions of Barack Obama, appear numerous times, either on talk shows or in speeches and conferences, to continually hammer home an outright lie, brainwashing us all so we would believe the consulate attack in response to the video. This was a desperate attempt to convince everyone, including media, that the falsehood is true – to knowingly manipulate our minds.
  3. Subsequent releases of government e-mails and other information have made it clear that the White House and the State Department, knew immediately, in real time as it was occurring that the attack was the pre-planned work of Jihad terrorists, and not a spontaneous response to the stupid video. They knew from the first hour.

     In assembling the mosaic, the picture becomes clear. Thus, I opine:

  1. The origins of all these bogus activities should be traced to the puppeteers of  international Jihad; the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the same organization that  has sworn to destroy America “from within.”
  2. The video production was concocted by the Muslim Brotherhood, from which the producer acted as a Jew, then a Christian Coptic, to distract from the true source for guidance and finance: The Muslim Brotherhood.
  3. The motive for the entire scenario was to lay the groundwork to intimidate the United States into enacting new laws that would prohibit free speech, as it relates to Islam.
  4. Riots and outrage in the Islamic world was intended to be the smokescreen for attacking the consulate, attributed to the video. But, demonstrations alone would not achieve the desired result. Islamists often demonstrate. What would draw serious attention to the free-speech problem? What would catch the attention of American lawmakers and the media? What would be the most horrible outcome of that anti-Muslim video?   Answer: The murder of an American Ambassador. Collateral deaths did not matter.
  5. The president and his entire upper staff either stupidly fell for the ruse, or were engaged as co-conspirators. At best, the press secretary, state secretary and UN ambassador, acted at the president’s bidding and loyally followed instructions that were strategized behind closed doors, intended to dupe Americans into believing a falsehood engineered by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a falsehood meant to divert our focus from the truth.
  6. It begs questions: 1) Could the president have been forewarned and somehow complicit in the operation? Could he have known the motives from the start? 2) Could the president, and his upper staff, been so inept that they simply had no idea how to handle the attack in real time? 3) Is the president relying on a fawning media and a naïve/stupid electorate as a shield to blatant lies and never question his motives, actions and/or inactions in the most disgraceful scandal in American history. 

          Four loyal Americans were killed in an act of  war, not an act of  terror. Yet it’s business as usual; Comedy shows, speeches, lies and a blind eye by the mainstream media. If any other politician but Obama had done this, the media would have had a shark frenzy.

       Below: Two-minute telephone interview with the attorney father of Tyrone Woods on Fox. He was told that the U.S. had lasers in position to take out mortars during the early attack, and our White House refused to give the go ahead. Listen to the passion:

Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods: “They Murdered My Son” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

     Here’s the stupid video:

A Stupid Movie Not Worthy of Global Turmoil – YouTube

     Who made the video:

     Supporting links:

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Women, gays and Jews, please pay close attention. What you see, is not always what you get.

     Barack Obama is chumming for your votes like a fisherman chums for schools of dolphin behind his boat. Free food, free rides, a promise of something better and they will come, leaping from the sea into the craft. Words sound good, but …in the scheme of things … they are just words.

     But we are not paying attention to an all-important aspect of this man; His close association and love of Islam. The evidence is preponderant. I, as well as many intellectuals and authorities, have written about it often naming sources of information, clear as can be. All you need to do is open your eyes. He desperately needs your vote to stay in power and to accomplish his long range mission.

     Sure, Islam is a religion, but it is also a political ideology and form of government, with serious consequences for those who do not adhere to the dictum of Sharia law. No, that’s not going to dominate America tomorrow or next year, but the seeds are being sown and the best friend of Islam is in the White House right now, hoping to rule four more years without having to answer to another electorate the rest of his life. Four more years will be tantamount to a dictatorship, especially of the congress becomes all democratic.

     Let’s look at how life will be if and when our grandchildren live under an Islamic caliphate.

     Gay men are publicly hanged from cranes in the streets of Iran and other Islamic nations. Most Islamic countries will tell you they have no homosexuality, because it is outlawed. So, keep on courting Barack Obama, promising to elect him if he supports gay marriage and such. Chum,chum, chum. He will tell you anything so you will help him gain power. If and when America becomes an Islamic caliphate, gay marriage won’t be an issue, because gays will be back into the closet with the door bolted. Chum, chum, chum.

     Next are the loyal Jews who still think they are supporting a Democrat. Believing Obama is a Democrat is like believing Obama is a Christian. Neither is true. Both have been exploited as tools for power. Chum, chum, chum.

     As smart as Jewish people are with science, math and business, they can be equally as dumb when it comes to evaluating human nature and deception. Jews who support Barack Obama remind me of the Jews who thought they were really just boarding a train to a work camp or that the big room ahead was just to take showers. Then, they had no options. Today, Jews have options…at the polls.

     My Jewish friends, my relatives, I beg you, separate yourself from the mist of a minority ascending to the White House, or that revered “D” after his name. This is a dangerous man who lived a life commiserating with anti-Semites, who is an enemy of Israel. Islamists hate Jews. They are taught that from childhood. Obama spent his childhood being educated as a Muslim and later made best friends in college with Islamists. Jewish people must get that in their heads or else the holocaust brought on by the “believers” (Islamists) twenty or thirty years from now will make Hitler look like an angel of mercy.

     Barack Obama will tell you anything to suck up your votes, then he’ll turn his back on you just like he’s turned his back on fellow Jew-hater, Jeremiah Wright when he was no longer useful. Believe what he does, not what he says. Chum, chum, chum.

     Women. Have you looked around the world and seen the conditions women live under when Sharia assumes power? It’s not just burkas and hijabs, it’s a way of life being subservient to men. You can go to school or drive a car if your husband or father allows it.  Marriage can be forced upon you. You cannot marry outside the religion, unless approved. Sometimes, the mere suggestion results in “honor killings” by a male relative to which Sharia enforcers turn a blind eye. If you leave the religion, your father or brother will consider that as a reason to kill, authorized by Allah. Being beaten by a husband is provided in the Koran. I could rant for thirty pages, but you get the idea.

     Some folks like to compare violence within the Old Testament. In the Bible, that was then. For Islamists, the Koran is now.

     If you think Romney is anti-woman just because he is opposed to abortion, or tax-funded contraceptives, look closely at Romney’s entire life from start to now. Look at Obama’s entire life, from start to now. I rest my case.

     Obama’s camp has seized upon this war-on-women falsehood to mesmerize the female vote into believing he is more for women, and Romney is more against. Women represent a huge voting bloc and gaining power is more important than being honest. Chum, chum, chum.

     Twenty or thirty years from now, our daughters and granddaughters will look back and curse us all for our naivety and our stupidity, not having the foresight to see the obvious. And their kids? They won’t know the difference because they’ll be indoctrinated from birth in Madrasses and the Sharia way of thinking.

     Christians? Your next on the list. You saw what happened when the Islamist/ fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood recently seized power inEgypt. Hundreds of  Christians were killed, churches were burned and more than 100,000 had to emigrate out of Egypt. Other Islamic countries have embarked on “ethnic cleansing” by killing Christians and burning churches. Read the article by former Muslim, Somali woman, Hirsi Ali, the last link below. 

     Open eyes. The chummer will betray you once his long range objectives are attained. The facts are all around us, we must be willing to see the obvious, before it’s too late.

     Evidence is evidence. 

      The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration

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     Not long ago, I was dismayed when a reputable minister spoke from the pulpit saying, (slightly paraphrased) “Anyone who watches Fox News is misinformed.” He has opined this from the pulpit more than once.

     It is everybody’s right to hold personal leanings in the political arena, be they liberal conservative or libertarian. But to use to pulpit in an attempt to sway attendees from one news station to another, because of his liberal leanings, is an unspeakable use of his influence and his mission. The same applies if the minister had been conservative.

     It is also offensive to whomever in his congregation chooses to watch Fox, explicitly accusing those persons of being more stupid than others.

     As a regular blogger and writer of guest op-eds for local newspapers, I studiously conduct research before penning articles. I resented the comment. Here are ten reasons why:

     First.  I unapologetically watch Fox News (along with other networks including CNN and CBS). In my opinion, it is the best and most comprehensive source of information from the television circuit. The minister’s comment was an insult.

     Second. I am in good company considering the nation’s rating charts. Check out these recent numbers obtained form the Drudge Report:


 Fox News O’Reilly   3,865,000 

Fox News Hannity   3,729,000

CMDY Daily Show   2,806,000

Fox News Greta         2,753,000

Fox News Baier         2,567,000

Fox News Shep          2,355,000

Fox News Five           2,242,000

CMDY Colbert           1,912,000

MSNBCMaddow       1,839,000

MSNBCODonnel      1,557,000

MSNBCHardball      1,119,000

MSNBCSharpton     1,092,000

CNN Piers                        894,000

CNN Cooper                   662,000

     Third. While some of the Fox commentators lean to the right (and some quite far) their news reporting and discussion panels always include prominent liberals and moderates to provide opposing points of view.

     Fourth. The right lean at Fox is balanced by moderators and anchors who are liberal as well, bringing all sides to the forum. Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera come to mind. I have not seen a conservative anchor a news show at MSNBC.

     Fifth.  Thanks goodness America has Fox, or all news would be a one-way tilt to the left. Imagine having only one unchallenged politcal party.

    Fortunately we have one network that covers information that other networks conspicuously fail to cover, unless their backs are to the wall. It’s no secret that MSNBC and CBS are part of the Obama re-election team. If it were not for FOX, America would be much less informed.

     Sixth.  O’Reilly and Greta, (in my opinion) are the two best news/commentary shows on cable television. I am often amazed how they will take up an opposing view, challenging conservatives and liberals alike to establish integrity.

     Seventh.  Fox has no one on the payroll who is a bona fide racist, i.e. Al Sharpton, a regular commentator and anchor on MSNBC

     Eighth.  Fox has no one on the network who could get away with openly calling another journalist a “slut” and still keep their job. (Ed Schultz to Laura Ingram) 

     Ninth.  The rating charts are telling. These are the people who care about America, who think and study, who watch up-to-date news in place of sit-coms, game shows and movies. Statistics are overwhelmingly in the Fox column among viewers. (I’d also point out that liberal talk radio is a colossal failure nationwide. The most successful shows — as noted from listener ratings — are conservative based. 

     Tenth (and most important, of course) … Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Margaret Hoover, … well… you get the idea.  Fox didn’t its name out of thin air. And even if no men watched Fox, it would still out-rank all the other news cable networks.

     The Women Of Fox News – Fox News Girls – Fox News Babes

     Ed Schultz, calling Laura Ingram a “slut.”  (at the 40 second marker)

Libtalker Ed Schultz: Laura Ingraham’s ‘A Slut’ – YouTube



We tend to overuse terms so much that they rush in one ear and out the other before we process the meaning. But, does…”thrown under the bus” sound familiar?

     Overlooked in the entire middle-east uprisings fiasco that have dominated news is the life, times and tragedy of Hosni Mubarak, who led Egypt for thirty years following the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981 by guerillas of the Muslim Brotherhood.

     As much as any Islamic, mid-east nation could be a friend of the United States, Egypt was true to America and to Israel during his entire reign. Mubarak honored and remained loyal to the peace treaty with Israel for those thirty years. In doing so, he took steps to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist organizations that threatened the peace. Yes, he ruled like a dictator with an iron hand, but Egypt was peaceful, safe and thriving economically.

     He withstood many assassination attempts on his life, primarily driven by his opposition to Islamic fundamentalism.

     He protected minority Christian Coptic churches and synagogues as well.

     I’ve spoken to people who have lived and visited Egypt, and who had known Hosni Mubarak, only to express deep respect for a strong man with a difficult job maintaining peace in such a volatile environment.

     Mubarak stood side-by-side with the United States against the invasion of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein into Kuwait during the Gulf War. He was an ally.

     Within days after the uprisings began in Egypt, our president, Barack Obama, called for Hosni Mubarak, our ally, to step down. The obvious replacement would be the Muslim Brotherhood, the very extremist organization that Mubarak had outlawed for thirty years.     

     The president failed to stand up for our friend. He could have told the world:

     “President Mubarak is a friend of the United States, we will stand by his side as he stood by our side, and the side of Israel for thirty years. The United States condemns the violence and uprisings intended to overturn the Egyptian government, and will do whatever we can to support him.”

     No…that didn’t happen.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood power is sweeping other nations in the region, including Libya and Tunisia.
  2. Christian churches are being burned and the Christian Coptics are fleeing Egypt by the thousands to avoid slaughter.
  3. The last synagogue in Egypt has been closed down.
  4. The firewall into Gaza, which Mubarak established in order to prevent weapons from crossing Egypt into the hands of Hamas no longer exists.
  5. Egypt is reverting to an Islamic fundamentalist state.
  6. Lara Logan, liberal CBS reporter/correspondent was raped – along with other women – in the streets of Egypt during the uprisings. Please see her speeches and articles via links (below) in which she documents how and why the American government is not telling us the truth about terrorism and fundamentalism in the world..

The domino effect which has affected neighboring mid-east nations, in my opinion, were a direct result of being emboldened by the current American government. If the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t know we would be on their side, it wouldn’t have happened.

     Thus, the emboldening led to the removal of Ghadaffi in Libya, a bad man, indeed. But Ghadaffi was in check and no threat to America. If Ghadaffi was still in power, four Americans would still be alive today, and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as al Qaeda, would not be pumping their muscles.

     Meanwhile, Israel awaits, surrounded by millions haters and billions in nascent weaponry aimed at their extermination, while our president snubs the Prime Minister of that country who asked for a private meeting.

     Doesn’t anyone get the picture here?

     The rest of the world is watching how we treat our allies when the chips are down.

     Israelis, and other countries must be saying, “If that is an ally, who needs enemies?”

Hosni Mubarak – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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MUST WATCH: Lara Logan’s explosive speech on the resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda

Lara Logan stripped of her shirt and bra – YouTube

CBS’ Lara Logan Speaks Out, Says Islamists Hate Us Now More Than Ever


The location and ultimate elimination of Osama Bin Laden was a direct result of tenacious intelligence work headed by a female operative for five years, starting in the Bush years. Bin Laden’s location was nailed for over nine months prior to the SEAL raid, but the president — under advisement by Valerie Jarrett — procrastinated the decision until Leon Panetta took the reins and made it happen, backing the president against the wall when the SEALs were already on their way. Like a good soldier, Panetta and the rest of the gang all made it appear to the media that Obama was the hero.

Someone coughed up the name of the Pakistani doctor who assisted the intelligence people. He was identified and arrested, convicted and sentenced to serve 33 years in prison. Our friends, the Pakistani government, were outraged that anyone would assist U.S. intelligence in capturing or killing Osama bin Laden. One can only imagine how that doctor feels about the U.S.

Members of the SEAL team, other SEAL almuni and many members of the military now retired and able to speak out, are outraged at the flow of other security leaks emanating from the White House, apparently to bolster the image of Barack Obama for the election. While no one knows if Obama is directly responsible, he will undoubtedly deny any connection to the leaks. Therefore, the buck stops somewhere else besides the president’s desk.

Without further ado, please view the first link (below) which is a compelling 22 minute video outlining the violations that had been occurring in regards to classified information. Several retired military officers and SEALs offer their candor in assessing this most serious situation. This goes far beyond the Bin Laden issue, including other serious compromises. Many of our allies are looking on while future intelligence sources will stay mum. We can’t be trusted. 

You can skip the first 6 minutes which is mostly about country honor and history, then comes the meat of the video.

Some folks will say this is just partisan political junk. Whether it occurs during an election cycle or an off year, it doesn’t matter. It is enormously serious, as verified by liberal Democrat Senator, Dianne Feinstein, head of the Intelligence Committee who said this is the worst she’d ever seen in terms of security leaks.


Sen. Feinstein: Some intel leaks come from White House

McCain, White House Battle Over Security Leaks — Daily Intel

New Fallout From Military Group Challenging the White House on Intel Leaks | Fox News Insider

Obama knew Bin Laden location for 9 months – YouTube