Please open the link below, read the article, watch the video. The religion of peace has begun the arm twisting to limit freedom of speech in the U.S.  A liberal state senator who marched with the Muslims, became so offended at the hate speeches he walked off the stage.  This, just days after our Ambassador and three others were murdered in Libya, while our flag is being burned in 33 Muslim countries. 
And we are supposed to be tolerant?
The present goal of the Islamists here and abroad, is to see laws pass that muzzle Americans from any form of criticism of Islam. This was all set-up by the uprisings in 33 countries … to begin the process of intimidation so that our constitution is amended. Thus the focus on the silly video…and our leaders subsequent responses which is music to the ears of the Muslim Brotherhood jihadists.
If our government leaders get weak-kneed enough and cower to the Islamists, we’ll see a break in the dam. The beginning of the end of America. This is no time to show weakness.
Islamists can depict Jews as pigs and call them names with total impunity. They can even send rockets into Israel to kill Jews, while no one, not the United Nations, and not the President of the United States says a word in condemnation. It’s an offense to mock Islam, but it’s not a crime for Hamas to murder Israelis.
I wrote my last blog about the true motives of the recent killings and uprisings in the middle-east, which is to set the stage for arm-twisting American politicians to curtail free speech.
I believe our president when he says we are not at war with Islam.  But Islam is at war with America, big time. Just read their Muslim Brotherhood manifesto which states in clear language : “Destroy western civilization from within.”
This was not intended to be a political essay. But watch out if the Islam-loving Obama administration remains in power for four years. It will be four years of capitulation.