Words mean nothing. Watch what is done, not what is said.

The Holocaust is not over, it’s only been in remission. The world is about to erupt as the purveyors of evil and lovers of Hitler embark on finalizing the ultimate mission, the destruction of Israel. And we stand by, pointing fingers as though Israel was the bad guy. The day is close at hand. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.

I implore everyone to view the 7-minute video (link below) produced by David Horowitz, scholar on the middle-east. When you’re finished, reflect on the successful progress of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals and objectives since the election of Barack Obama. (don’t roll your eyes, it’s a fact)

Every action by this president has been to the advantage of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the detriment of the State of Israel. On his watch, the Muslim Brotherhood has obtained everything they want.

This is NOT a political statement. It is a desperate plea from one who loves America and loves Israel, pleading with Obama supporters to take off the rose-colored glasses and see what has led up to this moment, and what is about to happen. You have been fooled from seeing the obvious. What is about to occur to Israel will be the greatest, unprovoked mass killing of a peaceful nation in the history of the world.

Republican/Democrat/Independent does not matter.

Bear in mind, this video was made before the most recent snub of the Israeli Prime Minister.

 Obama – The Anti-Israel President – YouTube

Think Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan…maybe even Clinton. How would they handle this? 

Here is what a true U.S. president would be telling the world:

“The State of Israel and the Jewish people have suffered enough. They are surrounded on all sides by nations led by backward, 7th century ideologies who would delight in seeing all of Israel destroyed, though Israel has done nothing — NOTHING — to deserve such hatred.

“We in the United States are the loyal ally of that tiny nation, we are the Big Brother of the imperiled State of Israel. You mess with our little brother, you mess with the United States. A declaration of war against Israel with intentions to murder all Jews will be a declaration of war against the United States. We will fight to the end to protect our little brother, even if it means military support.

“This is not a threat. It is a promise. You try to kill our little brother, you will have to deal with forces from the United States.”

Yes, that is saber rattling, but it’s absolutely appropriate at this point.

Hitler was bombing England, invading nations who were our allies in the 1940’s, and we came to the rescue, we did what we had to do. Today, this is the same as the Nazis posturing to take power and kill all the Jews of Europe.

Barack Obama is friends with the Muslim Brotherhood. Let’s get that sunk into our heads. He has people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood working in his White House and in sensitive posts within the U.S. Government, and he gets away with it. This is your president, who is supposed to be in charge of our national security and the stand-up protector of our allies.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated objectives are the conquest by radical Islam over the western world and the elimination of Jewry. Meanwhile, millions of Americans — including Jews – will still cast a vote for the enemy of Israel.

With Barack Obama, watch the actions, not the words. When Israel is bombed off the map, he will publicly lament, make sorrowful speeches and shrug shoulders saying he tried to prevent it. All along, it was part of his mission.

Reflect on his total history — including his radical Islamist buddies of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and then all of his aid to the Muslim Brotherhood since assuming power.

It doesn’t take a genius.

Watch actions, not words.

“First comes Saturday, then Sunday.”  That is a chant familiar to the Islamists of the middle east, a metaphor meaning …”first we take of the Jews, then we take care of the Christians. “

First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people