Today is the 11th anniversary of the greatest act of war ever perpetrated on American soil from a foreign enemy. Where have we come? What have we accomplished? What is the status of that enemy today? Have there been any winners and losers?

     Sadly, so many of us, including the media, are caught up in minutia and never step back to see the big picture. Sure we’ve engaged two wars and now the 2001 architect of that attack has been killed, but has that changed the direction of the enemy? Have we put a dent into the overall march toward conquest on the part of radical Islamists? Have we won the war?

     I think not.

     This has been a war in which the enemy is far more brilliant than we are. Americans and western societies think small. We think of war in terms of tanks, bombs, planes, ships and guns. We think of an enemy as an army led by a supreme commander – a nation’s leader – and when we destroy that leader, the war is over.

     This has not happened. The death of Osama Bin Laden does not alter the direction of our enemy one iota. While he may have been a top soldier, he is not the Hitler, nor the Mussolini, nor the Emperor of Imperial Japan. He was Tojo. He was Field Marshal Rommel. He carried out a mission.

     So who is the leader of the enemy that attacked us on 9/11? Who is it that we would have to destroy to call this war over?

     And why isn’t this war over?

     The leader is the purveyor of Jihad. It is the omnipotent head of an ideology which has called for Islam to conquer the world by any means possible, whether through violence or through peaceful deceit. They have not lost, we have not won. In truth, radical Islam has made greater gains in the last eleven years than any time since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The purveyor of Jihad, in the minds of radical Islamists, is Allah. His messenger is the Prophet Muhammed.

     As a career detective, my mentors taught me, and I later taught others, never lose sight of the basic evidence. Sweep away the clouds and mist and always cut to the core evidence. There lies the truth. It never changes.

     A large faction of Islam has been waging Jihad since the death of Muhammed for that very purpose, to eventually establish Islam as the only religion on earth. While technology has changed, the pursuit of those goals have not wavered in 1400 years.

     Terrorists are not our enemy. They are merely the armed soldiers of our enemy.

     We began losing this war the day President G.W. Bush stood side by side with our enemies in the national cathedral just days after the attack and declared Islam “is a religion of peace.” Thus, the birth of political correctness, as it pertained to radical Islam. He stood with Imam, Muzammil H. Siddiqi who, just a year earlier had participated in an anti-American rally outside the White House demanding American alliance with the Palestinians against the Jews or face the wrath of Allah.

     Of course, Bush didn’t own up to the first American blunder just two days after 9/11. While American bodies were still smoldering at ground zero, our government secretly escorted and ushered the departure of 142 Saudi nationals – Islamist men – from American soil back to their homeland, without thorough investigation. This, while all airports were officially closed. Remember, fifteen of the nineteen terrorists were Saudis.

     So instead of calling this a war against radical Islam, the president coined a phrase: “War on Terror” which is designed to divert our attention from naming the real enemy. There is no such thing as a war against a tactic.      

     We are so easily led.

     The president sent our troops off to two wars. More than 6,200 American bodies later, Iraqis are in turmoil with insurgents killing hundreds by the dayand month. Saddam Hussein may be gone, but Iraqi Christians are now being slaughtered without his protection. Afghanistan, meanwhile, is months away from reverting back to Taliban rule since we have stupidly forecast our departure date to the enemy.

     It gets worse.

     Remember the source of the 9/11 attacks. The next president we elected had roots in Islam, technically born a Muslim with two Muslim fathers and five years of Islamic indoctrination in Indonesia as a child. His first college roommates were Islamists and his first overseas vacation as a student was Islamic Pakistan where American visas were not being accepted in 1981. (Certainly cause for inquisition)  Clearly, he was embraced. No sooner than being elected president, his first major speech was an international apology to Islam in Egypt declaring Islam a major part of the American experience.

     Could the Islamist world been any happier?

     While the president is authorizing drone-based pot shots at terrorists, Islam has enjoyed a welcome mat into the White House like never before, with elaborate Ramadan dinners including people from the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamists are now employed in key positions in the U.S. government, including the Homeland Security Department, the State Department and the White House.

     Ironically, our government aided and abetted the removal our strongest Muslim ally in the middle east, (Mubarak) who had maintained a peace treaty with Israel. Now, with our help, the Muslim Brotherhood has assumed power. We engaged in unauthorized military action in Libya to help engineer the killing of Ghadaffi, only to have the Muslim Brotherhood now on the cusp of power in that country. Tunisia, whose uprising we supported, is overrun by the power block of the Muslim Brotherhood.      

     Get the picture yet?

     Meanwhile, Iran’s nuclear build-up continues. But despite his support of all the other uprisings, our president remained mute when Iranian demonstrators engaged in uprisings in their country, hoping for support from America. Didn’t happen. No drones there. No military action there.

     It was no surprise when our president openly called for Israel to return its borders to 1967 positions, music to the ears of the Muslim Brotherhood. He, and everyone, knows that would be tantamount to national suicide for that tiny country we call our ally. Yet, we hear no condemnation from this president about the constant barrage of rockets into Israel by Hamas.

    Between the president and the state department, we’re back at it again, kissing the ass of our enemies. Just five months ago, our president authorized $1.5 billion of our tax dollars to the new government of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Never mind, that Christian coptics and their churches – once protected by Mubarak – fleeing the country or being murdered. The last synagogue of Egypt was recently shut down. Things are really looking up for democracy and freedom all right.

     The Muslim Brotherhood must be laughing their guts out behind closed doors, while massaging American politicians in front of the cameras.

     So, are we better off in this war today?

     As an electorate we are not only gullible, we are dumb as dirt. We believe all the baloney they espouse before the cameras to get elected, the charisma, the promises, the images, and then they go about with a stealth agenda behind closed doors.

     When we began sending troops to the Mideast, the enemy started invading our country through the back doors, under the radar. They still are.

     They have poured multi-billions of petro-dollars into our banks, universities, prisons and political coffers. All that is not to improve America, it is to empower Islamic influence.

     Students from Islamic countries are overstaying visas, remaining in the country illegally while riding the wave of liberalized alien protections now being enforced by the current Justice Department. I have no doubt, they are also greasing the palms of corrupt politicians who will continue to advance their agenda. No, of course we can’t prove that…that’s the idea.

     The war plans and manifestos of the Muslim Brotherhood – which were twice discovered by law enforcement authorities, hidden and unintended for our eyes, said clearly: We will destroy their miserable house (America) from within.

     So, who do you believe? Our last two presidents? Or, our enemies?

     I believe the enemy.


     Here is the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood – since 1928:

     “Allah is our objective; The Prophet is our leader; Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

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