Have no doubt. This is all about amending Free Speech.

The bullies of the religion of peace are at it again. And what do our esteemed leaders do?

Whine, apologize, agree with their feelings, blame ourselves for the actions of a few nitwits who made a video, never once condemning their vitriolic hatred toward Jews, Christians, and anyone else whose beliefs are outside of Allah. Sure, Hillary and Barack will tell them violence is not acceptable (har har) then cower back behind closed doors hoping we appeased them…or appeased voters.

If you cower to bullies it will only embolden them. That’s a known fact. I know. As a kid, I was constantly bullied. It doesn’t end until you show strength and resolve.

Meanwhile, our president has ordered federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to strike “Islamic terror” as a term in their books and training manuals, and to avoid referring to Islam in any negative form. Whose side is he on? What is that meant to accomplish? Never mind, that the religion of peace has committed over 19,000 acts of terror world-wide in the last twelve years, murdering multi-thousands of innocent people, including their own. And we cannot use the word: “Islamic terror?”

Since the recent rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, Christians are persona non-grata in Egypt and other Islamic nations emboldened by our show of weakness. Churches are being burned and 100,000 plus Coptics have fled Egypt like the Jews fled Europe at the start of the Nazi terror campaign. But do our leaders take to the microphones condemning Islam for their absolute intolerance of Christians and Jews? No. Does the president condemn Hamas for the constant barrage of rockets into Israel? No.

The last synagogue in Egypt has now been shut down. Jews are persona non grata. Are the president and his minions condemning religious intolerance in the middle east? No.

Christians are being murdered in other Islamic counties (Iraq, Nigeria, Lybia) for no other reasons than being Christian, while our president and his secretary of state whine and whimper to the radical Islamic world that our government agrees with them about the amateur video was offensive. That emboldens the radical cause, and their actions. All this, while we send thousands more in tax dollars for Pakistani television ads decrying that terrible video. Waaa. We’re sorry.

This…is national leadership at its worst.

Think about it, friends. From the very start, Barack Obama has been appeasing, cowering, placating and even employing radical Islamists in our own country and those overseas. And where has it got us? Thirty-three countries have deployed (yes, deployed) masses of radical Islamists to chant “Death to America” while burning our flags.

I’m sick and tired of politicians and apologists telling us that only a few radicals have hijacked the religion of peace. I’m tired of being told about peaceful Muslims. So what? While there may be peaceful Muslims in the world, they count for nothing because 99 percent of them are sitting by waiting for Islamic conquest while the thugs do all the dirty work. They matter as much as peaceful Germans mattered when Hitlerism came to power.

Barack Obama is so much a wimp, he makes Jimmy Carter look like Gen. George Patton. Either that, or he’s a part of the project. It must be one of the two.

We all know that the stupid video mocking Muhammed is not the true reason the Islamic maniacs are exploding with hatred and violence. They have another agenda, and here it is:

It’s about free speech in America and in the free world. That’s the most frustrating and impenetrable barrier that radical Islam and their jihadists cannot overcome, because there will always be people like me, (and people like the anti-Muslim videographers) who will freely expose the dark side of Islam as it really is; A conquering ideology determined to eventually enslave or kill all people who are not Islamic. Free speech is the wall they cannot climb, the barrier of the free world that America represents. If they can breach that, the rest will crumble. Believe me, The UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain are watching us very carefully.

In concert with international violence, CAIR has been striving toward amending our laws to make any negative reference to Islam as a “hate crime” thus the beginning of breaching our cherished First Amendment. One crack in that mighty dam and we’ll see the floodgates open. They know this. Truth is not acceptable.

That… is the “cause” for the radical Islamists, to impose fear and intimidation upon the free world, challenging free speech everywhere as a crime against Islam if anyone dares to insult the religion. There is nothing spontaneous about these actions, they are all coordinated and planned with a nefarious purpose in mind.

Fundamentalist Islam not a religion. It is a political ideology, disguised as a religion. For those who don’t know that, it’s time to do your homework.

A dire message to Obama supporters … especially women, Jews and homosexuals: You’re playing right into their hands. The stage is being set for 2060. If the Muslim Brotherhood achieve their stated objectives in the next fifty years, Jews will be eliminated or relegated to Dhimmitude, Homosexuals will hang from light poles and women will be under the rule of men, clad in burkas after first losing their clitoris’ as a child. That’s the way it is, like it or not.

Disbelievers, do your homework, learn the history of Islamic conquest and the current manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood which calls for our conquest “from within.”  Jihad is not always about violence, they have a stealth plan as well.

British writer and actor, Pat Condell puts it in words better than anyone. Please watch this five-minute video…it’s one of the best summaries I have ever heard:

Follow this web site for on-going radical Islamic information: