For those who don’t understand the metaphor: “Kool-Aid” drinkers, it’s an important story with a powerful message. Much can be learned.

Some folks tend to be blind followers, especially when a leader sends a message we desperately want to hear and that leader is dripping with charisma from head to toe.

The Rev. Jim Jones was one of those. In 1978, he led a strange church in California known as the Peoples Temple which ultimately changed its assembly location to a remote outpost in Guyana called: Jonestown. Jones was a good looking, powerful and charming man who spoke in resonant tones which no one could ignore. He lit the fire in everyone’s heart. Congregants worshiped and adored him.

Jones had many questionable periods of his life, much of which was steeped in communist ideology, wanton sexual promiscuity, thievery and radical religious teachings. But no matter how many questions surfaced about this man’s integrity and his motives, followers turned a deaf ear to anyone who criticized him. Those who doubted Jones were considered ignorant bigots.

The Jonestown enclave got the attention of United States Congressman Leo Ryan who flew down with an entourage to inspect the premises. He was given a tour of the encampment, everyone seemed happy and gay while Jones put on a good show of love and harmony.

Something went wrong. Some of the Jones followers wanted to leave and return to America with the congressman. On orders from Jones, armed guards began firing at everyone as they began boarding the plane, killing the congressman and four supporters on the airport tarmac. Thinking that the authorities would eventually be coming for him, Jones addressed his misty-eyed congregants and convinced them they should follow his lead. In a single day, 909 human beings, including 303 children, voluntarily drank poisoned Kool-Aid from a tub laced with cyanide, compliments of Rev. Jones.

It was the largest mass suicide in modern times.

Jones was an evil man struck with power. His joy was in controlling the masses, agog at how they would follow any of his commands without question. It didn’t matter to the congregants what evidence was produced about his mental instability. He was almost Godly.

Another example was Hitler himself. Germans were in dire straits following the Great War, and he told them all what they wanted to hear. He convinced everyone that Germany’s problems lied with the past leadership. He spoke with inspiration, power and conviction. Even the Jews were convinced that the homeland would become more prosperous “if you follow my lead.” His speeches and his charisma blinded the best of Germans from seeing the truth behind the words. They didn’t see the truth, because they didn’t want to see the truth. They didn’t want to be wrong! Knowing his anti-Semitic vitriol, many Jews still helped vote him into the Chancellorship in 1933.

So what is this message?

America is on the verge of drinking the Kool-Aid today. The array of unanswered questions and vast semblance of deceit concerning Barack Obama is documented from birth to the present. Even though many of his records have remained hidden or altered, we still know enough about his devious past, his un-American activities, his un-American associations, his deceit and quest for unabated power. Remarkably, we don’t care.

All that matters to his followers is charisma, color, oratory and fooling the fawning media.

Barack Obama personifies the cliche uttered by many of our past and present enemies, that we will be conquered from within. I could write volumes about his acquiescence to the Muslim Brotherhood here and abroad, coddling Brotherhood-connected Islamists in the government and in the White House, his hatred toward Israel, his calculated destruction of the U.S. economy, ignoring the constitution in upholding federal laws, suing his own states, his own tax-paying American citizens. Because of Barack Obama, a thirty-year peace treaty with Israel is on the chopping block. He never condemns Hamas for shooting rockets at innocent Israelis, but he condemns allies who have stood beside the United States of thirty years.

There is nothing better in America today than in 2008 when Obama was elected. Nothing. The economy is in shatters and the prognosis is worse than poor. We’ve lost our credit ratings, spending our nation into the fathoms of debt and he is more interested in protecting illegal aliens for the job market than hiring out-of-work Americans. The men of his own race are more unemployed than in 2008. States are at odds with his Attorney General who spends most of his time making sure anyone, legal or not, can vote, especially aliens and government dependents. Then there are his agency’s illegal actions which rendered him the only Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of congress, while the president does nothing.

The international scene is in shambles. Our long-term allies no longer trust us, and our enemies hate us more than ever. The Islamic world, who Obama sucked up to from the beginning, are burning American flags. The notorious Muslim Brotherhood, with Obama’s blessings and assistance, are taking control of the middle east. Israel has never been in more jeopardy than today, while the president shuns the prime minister of that small nation.

All we hear about is the hatred and violence pouring out of the Muslim world, while the president tells us our only enemy is al Qaeda.

His politics are about condemning successful Americans as though they are the bad guys. Meanwhile he cannot run on his own record. Freebees and welfare recipients create hordes of voters, thus the massive increases in entitlements, like food stamps.

Open your eyes America. Forget about the “D” and the “R” after a candidates name. Our country is in big trouble. It’s more important that a candidate is denoted “A” for American.

Opinion: Obama is not a Democrat. He carries the card to use for a power base.

Opinion: Obama is not a Christian. That, too, was necessary to get elected.

Opinion: Obama is not an American. There is too much smoke for there to be no fire.

Opinion: Obama’s heart lies with Islam, not Christianity. Just look at the evidence over his entire life and the last four years.

It is unbelievable – whether democrat or republican – that any American citizen who does any homework would cast a vote for this antithesis of Americanism, knowing he would then have four years of with no accountability — and more “flexibility” — to carry out his destructive agenda as a dictator.

I fear the misty-eyed followers will still drink the Kool-Aid in November.