In November of 2008, black unemployment stood at 11.1 percent, today it is at 14.4 percent, nearly double the national figure of 8.3.

Black males ages 18-29, unemployment is at 22.3 percent.

Are blacks better off under Barack Obama’s presidency? We might have thought so. After all, Obama is the first black president.

Let’s analyze that for a moment. Obama’s administration has been pandering to every conceivable voting bloc for four years; Hispanics, immigrants, gays, women, unions, etc., but the administration has paid little attention to black Americans. How odd.

I suppose he doesn’t need to. That voting bloc is a gimme. Obama doesn’t need to work for it. It’s all about color.

Nothing is more glaring than the 2008 primary race with Obama running against Hillary Clinton. If ever there were democratic politicians who advocated and championed the cause of black people in America, it was the Clintons. Some folks (blacks included) called Clinton the first black president. Black organizations and citizens loved the Clintons. The Clintons were their biggest supporters. Bill Clinton even set up a post-presidency foundation in Harlem. The Clintons did everything for the blacks, until…wait…a black man ran against Hillary. That’s when all that support the Clintons had shown the blacks over the past two decades went down the proverbial drain. They turned their backs.

It wasn’t that Barack Obama had amassed any notable accomplishments in private or public life. It wasn’t that Barack Obama ever did much for black people other than organizing voters. It wasn’t that Barack Obama had a distinguished history of public service. None of that was the attraction to Barack Obama.

Not only did the black people of America abandon the Clintons, Obama beat Hillary by 85 to 15 percent among black voters. Even Colin Powell, the black Army general, moderate republican, jumped ship for a guy who didn’t even know how to pronounce “corpsman” yet recognize one.

Was it because he orated like Martin Luther King, Jr.? Was it his sterling record in public office? Was it because he shot hoops pretty good?

None of these things. Sadly it’s about color.

So now, while Obama is courting gays, and unions, and Latinos, and welfare recipients, he taped one outreach video to black America asking for their vote, while doing nothing for them in any significant way in 3 ½ years as president other than give the New Black Panthers immunity from prosecution for committing crimes against election laws.

What a guy.

Perhaps his dismal record with the black community is the reason why the president has not appeared at an annual NAACP convention since 2009 including this past June in Houston where Mitt Romney had the courage to face an adversary audience to lay out his platform. Not Obama. After all, how could he possibly explain what he has not done for black America?

Nevertheless, the gimme is still there, Obama can count on an easy 90 percent of the black vote, despite the fact he has done nothing, zero, nada, for blacks in America who are still looking for jobs and unable to pay their rent or their mortgages. The rate of food stamp spending has more than doubled under Obama. Perhaps he figures free handouts and entitlements are his ticket to black votes.

This is not exactly what Jefferson, Madison, or even Bill Clinton had in mind.

I have plenty of black friends and many of them have struggled to establish their worth in society more than they should have to. They are ready to work, they want to contribute, they want spiritual equality as well as legal equality and they want respect. But they are also made to feel a certain pang of disloyalty to race if they abandon a black man running for president. Why? Because he’s black.

It must be an obligation, common sense be damned.

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