Attorney General Eric Holder must hold the all-time record for suing citizens of sovereign states. What a guy.      

     Aren’t we proud to continue employing the only Attorney General in the history of a bi-partisan America to be censured and held in contempt by congress for failing to comply with lawful subpoenas and for lying to congress. And…he’s still on the job. Must be okay with the president.

     Obama supporters will say it’s all about politics, but that’s a cop-out. Never in the history of America, have we seen an Attorney General so blatantly corrupt and deceitful, no matter the party affiliation. And, the buck stops…you know where.

     Four years ago, it was A.C.O.R.N, who the president had once represented when he was “organizing” the community, who saw many of their membership charged with election fraud crimes on behalf of Mr. Obama, and going to jail.

     Now, as this election draws near, the disreputable AG is doing everything he can to make sure his boss is re-elected, by hook or by crook…and probably more by the latter.

     Mr. Holder and the Obama front blockers are suing the state of Ohio which had passed a law giving better access to military personnel who want/need to vote earlier than election day. According to a recent Gallup Poll, Obama’s approval among active and veteran military personnel is a lowly 37 percent. Can’t have that. Of course, one wonders what would happen if a similar law provided early access to voting for aliens, legal and illegal.  Wanna bet, that would be okay with the president?

     Obama campaign sues Ohio over early voting law for military | Fox News

     Then there is the issue of states requiring voter I.D. Mr. Holder and the president are doing everything possible to block such requirements, including the filing of lawsuits against states, in order to keep unknowns, dead people and illegals in the voting rolls on behalf of the president. Yes, the Justice Department is blocking voter I.D. mandates in states like Texas, South Carolina and Arizona, doing everything possible to make sure all person needs to vote is a verbal statement they are valid, with no proof required. The reason given? The usual — it promotes racial profiling.

      Holder Blocks Voter ID at Every Turn

     South Carolina Sues Justice Department For Blocking Its Voter ID Law : It’s All Politics : NPR

     Remember, this is the same Attorney General who  — right after taking office — inexplicably dropped charges against the New Black Panthers in 2009. That racist group had intimidated white voters at a polling place in Pennsylvania, wearing fatigues, shouting anti-white comments and brandishing a nightstick. Those were valid charges filed by an assistant Attorney General in 2008 who later resigned from his position in outrage over Holder’s action. Those anti-white racists clearly broke voting intimidation laws, but that was okay with Holder, and the president.

     What was that oath the president took…about upholding laws of the constitution?

     But that’s okay, he’s Obama. He’s allowed to break laws. He will say, folks like me only criticize him because he is black and he’s democrat…right. – Eric Holder Drops Charges Against Black Panthers    

Anyone connecting the dots here?      

     Everyone surely remembers the A.C.O.R.N. organization of 2007-08, in which several members were convicted in various states of one form of voter fraud or another. In 2008, more than 33,000 voter registrations in Milwaukee were called to question after it was found that A.C.O.R.N. was using felons as registration workers, a felony. In 2007, seven A.C.O.R.N. workers were charged in the worst voter fraud case in the history of Washington State. In 2008, that organization in Harris County, Texas, submitted 10,000 registrations that we found to be invalid, some with invalid addresses and more. During the 2008 election cycle, Las Vegas A.C.O.R.N. officials empited local jails to fill voter registration canvasser slots, putting convicted thieves in charge of the registration drive. The beat goes on. I don’t have enough word-count space to make this complete. Here’s a list for anyone interested in the depth of that Mafia-like organization:

     Fraud Map :: Rotten Acorn ::

     Meanwhile, A.C.O.R.N. is now defunct, but you can bet there are spin-off organizations out there to perform the same service to their master. The Obama-fawning media is slow to report these kinds of un-American activities, which are tacitly endorsed by the president’s re-election team. I have never seen the mainstream media so blatant at turning a blind eye in order to manipulate an election.

     There is no doubt, that all of the above, is but a tip of the proverbial iceberg. Much more is going on behind the scenes than we will ever know.

     Do you care?

     Unfortunately, too many well-meaning Americans will ignore the obvious.

     Video – Barack Obama Sues Swing-state Ohio for its Early Voting Law for Military Personnel –

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