The truth comes out.

Osama Bin Laden committed suicide. So says one of the lead SEAL team members that first entered bin Laden’s quarters during the now-infamous raid. There was no shoot-out. There was no resistance, no 40-minute fire fight. When they entered Bin Laden’s room, he was on the floor bleeding from the head from a self-imposed bullet wound, still twitching, while two of his women wailed. Then the SEALs shot him in the chest to end it. Bin Laden never “looked into their eyes,” as was reported from the White House.

According to the new book, No Easy Day, written and published under a pseudonym, Mark Owen, one of those team members, the SEALs expected that Obama would spin the event into a political plus, portraying himself as a national hero. They had even joked the night before, “I can see him now, talking about how he killed Bin Laden,” writes Owen.

Yes, Barack Obama had to give the final go-ahead for entering the compound. But the SEALs were under orders to take him alive if he posed no threat.

Was it a gutsy call? Think about that a moment. If he had wimped out and had not given the go-ahead, he would have been destroyed politically. Obama’s back was against the wall. He had no choice.

It’s all about political spin. I remember the early accounts of the attack, as related by the White House, how there was a 40-minute gun fight, and how Bin Laden resisted, went for his gun and then was shot in self defense. It was all a lie.

All this may explain the mysterious burial-at-sea from an American warship, unheard of in the annals of American war history. Bin Laden was given an Islamic burial, with all the associated rituals before his body was dumped in the North Arabian Sea, never to be seen by a medical examiner or investigative reporter anywhere. Had his body been examined by anyone of neutral status, the suicide shots would have been obvious. Thus, the lie exposed.

Mark Owen is a national hero, because he has stuck his neck out for possible repercussions from the Pentagon and Holder’s Justice Department. If he is a true Navy SEAL, I’m sure he released this book for no other than patriotic reasons.

I’ve often read how the rank-in-file military feel about our commander in chief, who cannot even pronounce the word “Corpsman” correctly.

Our president.

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