Stephen Spielberg, the greatest of all Hollywood directors, master of the Holocaust film Schindler’s List, and a devout Jewish man — has given $1 million to the Obama campaign.

Hundreds of other celebrities donated generously to Obama, but Spielberg’s stands out to me as an example of the political conundrum we face, and why we are sliding down the slippery slope, not only economically, but in national ( and international) security as well. He’s an example of intelligent people who refuse to see the other side — the hidden side — of Barack Obama, although it has become less hidden over the last four years.

The plethora of evidence that exposes this man’s Marxist orientation, his Islamic loyalty and his unending rhetoric of deceit, have been documented in detail in many books written by intellectuals, educators, and investigative reporters, besides thousands of articles by able journalists and authorities, including many blacks. They are not the product of right-wing nuts. Many former loyalists of Obama, Democrats and liberals, have seen the light, trying to warn America about this man. Yet, the smartest of people still turn a blind eye.

It boggles the mind that people like Spielberg, a genius in his field, have not bothered to consider the facts about Barack Obama, his sordid history, his influences, and the obvious direction he is taking this nation.

Barack Obama’s foreign decisions in the past eighteen months have all been to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is not about “religion.” Anyone who has studied this organization knows the “Brotherhood” is basically the Nazi Party of Islam, wriggling politically and militarily to seize power throughout the world, including the west. They are sworn to destroy Israel. They have spawned Hamas. They murdered Sadat for signing a peace treaty with Israel. Since seizing power in Egypt this year, the Christian Coptics are running for their lives, churches are being burned, and Egypt — as a middle east powerhouse — is poised to represent the international radical side of Islam which will eventually tighten the yoke of freedom.

Meanwhile, admired, intelligent and supposedly savvy people like Stephen Spielberg blindly lend their support and loyalty to an enemy of America, and of Israel.

After all, it was last year, when the American president stood at a podium and demanded Israel return to its 1967 borders. That played exactly into the propaganda hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. That would make Israel indefensible, a national suicide in the making. The Muslim Brotherhood knows that and so does Barack Obama.

Spielberg and Obama both know what happened when Israel ceded land in Gaza. Palestinian promises were broken in a matter of days as rockets started hurling into Israeli towns, aimed at killing innocent people. So much for Israel giving in to pressure for the sake of peace. Still, there are people in America and the rest of the world of Jew-haters, that blame Israel for all the middle east problems when, in fact, that’s exactly the intelligence game plan of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unbelievably, Obama’s American government has by-passed congress and sent $1.5 billion to Egypt to help with their military and their economy, because now they are our friends? Our friends? Do these people in Washington know how to read? Has Stephen Spielberg lost his mind? Obama was groomed and raised by Jew haters all his life, until he embarked on his path to the presidency. Then, he changed colors in order to pander for the Jewish money and the Jewish vote, and he got it! Never mind, his embracing of Jew-haters and anti-Israelites most of his life.

Are we nuts? And people — good Americans — still want to vote for this guy, knowing these things?

I think about the heart-wrenching film Schindler’s List and Spielberg’s obvious deep study of how totalitarianism can rise by fooling decent people into believing life will be better under a fascist leadership. I think about the Ilamic Mufti of 1941, a product of the Muslim Brotherhood, who joined with Hitler in the “final solution,” meant to annihilate Jews in the world. I think about the Jew-hating rhetoric of almost every radical Muslim in the world, including Louis Farrahkan, a frequent and admired guest at the church of Barack Obama for twenty years. I think about the 11 Olympic athletes from Israel who were slaughtered in 1972 at the hands of Yassar Arafat’s PLO…and then, in 1994, Oslo gave Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize?

In 2008, 78 percent of Jews voted for Barack Obama, disregarding his obvious orientation and background. All that mattered is the word “Democrat” by his name. According to most polls today, Obama is still garnering 61 percent of the Jewish vote, despite the peril he has created for Israel and despite the support and chumminess with the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most powerful Jew hating organization in the world since the Nazis.

Let’s see.  Stephen Spielberg gives Obama $1 million.  Obama gives the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion. The Muslim Brotherhood engineers the destruction of Israel.  Can anyone find the logic in that?  It boggles the mind, indeed.

I feel absoutely confident in saying, Israel will no longer exist beyond another term of Barack Obama as the American president.

There are numerous articles about the $1.5 billion of our tax dollars going to Egypt, but I thought it best to highlight one from the middle east itself.

KUNA : White House releases USD 1.5 bln aid to Egypt, meets Brotherhood figures – Politics – 05/04/2012

Check out the rant from a Republican congressman after learning of the $1.5 billion going to Egypt. My question is: Why hasn’t one Democratic congressman stood up for America?

Obama Administration Gives 1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood – YouTube

The Mufti and the Fuhrer