The sound of hypocrisy is deafening.

While the Obama camp is unable to campaign on a record of nearly four failed years, the next best ploy is to invent as much as possible to destroy the opponent through attacks on integrity, transparency and skewing the record. What’s amazing is how the attention finger is pointed in one direction while the Obama people are guilty of what they are accusing.

This blog could turn into a fifty page rant, but let’s keep it short and limit to two issues.

First, is the allegation that Romney will send businesses to China. Meanwhile, the Obama people claim as one of their shining moments in office, that they saved the auto industry by appropriating $80 billion in bailouts to General Motors and such. But there is more to the story. Now that GM is back on an even footing, 70% of the manufacturing of their vehicles — yes, Seventy Percent — is now taking place inside the borders of China. Such a deal. GM gets $80 billion of our tax money so they can restart their engines in a country where labor (and non-union) costs are a fraction of what they are here. Unions, are you happy with your man?

Here is Dan Akerson, the CEO of GM speaking in 2011 to a large audience in China. Listen carefully as he talks about building a bigger relationship with China and his statistics on how, three years after the stimulus bailout, GM is shifting the majority of their car production business where the profits will soar. Here’s the video:

General Motors is becoming China Motors – YouTube

Then there is the case of General Electric. The CEO of that organization was asked in 2009 to serve President Obama as America’s Chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. The position was created by, what else? Executive order. Two years later, the very person responsible for job creation and development in the U.S., shifted the X-ray division for G.E. from Wisconsin to China.

Diane Sawyer? Where are you? Wolf Blitzer? Ed Schultz? Anderson Cooper? Where are all of you? Union leaders? Where are you?

A word to the media: You are not paid to be on Obama’s political re-election team. Stop the fawning and start reporting all the facts.

White House Jobs Czar, GE CEO Immelt Moves Jobs to China | West Orlando News

One can only wonder how much of America will be under the Chinese economic vice after Obama’s re-election, when all that newfound “flexibility” is tapped.

Let’s talk more about Romney and his overseas ventures. Let’s hear more about it. And, while you’re at it Mr. Axelrod, Ms. Jarrett and the rest of the Obama team, I hope you continue accusing Romney of an absence of “transparency,” for you certainly know that term is lurking in the wings waiting to sting your man out of the White House.

Yes, the sound of hypocrisy is deafening.

Banker and journalist, Marilyn Barnwall wrote a stinging article on the above topics which I cannot top.

Marilyn M. Barnewall — General Motors, General Electric: Guilty of Economic Treason?