First, I wish to thank all the readers and responders of my blogs for their part in taking the time to digest the information I convey and participate with thoughts and feelings. No matter which side of the political spectrum you align with, I do appreciate your input. And as you have noticed, I have made a point of never editing or deleting any comments that share a viewpoint no matter if I, or others, agree or disagree.

With over 420 blog articles published in four years, which have generated over 10,000 comments, I’ve deleted and/or edited only a handful of those comments, five or six, because they contained foul language, very inappropriate name-calling, or personal attacks on me which are off-topic and not acceptable. I don’t mind if people attack my position on an issue, but no one is at liberty to attack me on a personal level, not on my blog site. Same goes for outright personal attacks on other commenters.

This is a learning experience for me as well. It appears I need to take a more aggressive role in monitoring and controlling the comments posted. Some of my more passionate readers – who I have appreciated as well for their insights — have, on occasion, sadly veered from topic and/or resorted to personal attacks on each other which are not enjoyable for anyone to read, no matter the viewpoints.

Starting this date, as long as I am able to monitor, I will delete and refuse to post comments:

1) Which call other readers insulting, derogatory and demeaning names.

2) That are totally off topic and no way related to the subject matter of the article

3) Attack me on a personal level or other commenters on a personal level.

Viewpoints are fair game. Arguing is always solicited. Intelligent imparting of knowledge, information and opinions are the object of this blog site.

Thank you all for your input.

No comments necessary for this post…but please remember for the future.