Most blind supporters of Barack Obama will not have the courage to view the documentary movie, “2016 Obama’s America” because they don’t dare to learn something they didn’t know before. Neither will supporters of Obama want to be told they had made a crucial mistake.

But they would do themselves a service, and this country a service, not only to attend the movie, but to digest all the information that is put forth within.

This is not a right-wing fanatics production rife with ‘hate Obama” rhetoric. It is a carefully presented background of the man who — barely known then — was placed in charge of our country four years ago. Today, with all the information we know, it presents a scary view of what may come if the same man is given another four years of Carte Blanche presidency.

I have read voraciously about Barack Obama, not only his own suspect biographies, but of all scores of books about the steps he has taken and the people who molded his thinking to the present day, taking in consideration that the giant spotlight in 2008 forced him to alter some of those relationships.

Case in point: Obama’s books and his background is replete with twenty years of adoration of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama’s life and how his views were molded by Wright, by his own admission. Until…Wright was discovered by the media, still flapping his lips before church audiences with “God Damn America” speeches and anti-American rhetoric of every color, plus his embrace of the Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam. We all remember how Wright suddenly found himself swept under the rug in the early 2008 campaign.

In his book, The Amateur, Edward Klein interviewed Jeremiah Wright about that fallout. On pages 50 and 51, Wright explains how Obama’s minions offered him $150,000 to keep his mouth shut until the election and was visited personally by Obama — not at his home for fear of nosey press — to convince him to cancel all his speaking engagements until November.

Read the book…it’s a total eye opener.

So is “2016 Obama’s America.” This picture was produced by Gerald R. Molden, the producer of Schindler’s List, Rain Main, Jurassic Park, and others. A credible background, one would say.

Moreover, the 90-minute film is written, directed and narrated by Indian-born, Dinesh D’Souza, noted intellectual, conservative commentator, author of numerous best selling books and president of Kings College, in New York City. No slouch. In the movie, D’Souza explains his owns roots growing up in squalor and his growth into an American citizen with pride in this country.

D’Souza carefully avoids the common references to Obama’s ties to Islam or the nagging question of his birthplace. Rather D’Souza focuses on who and what framed Obama’s thinking process throughout his life and how he sees this country from an historical standpoint of international oppression and of colonialism, a term which Obama despises particularly as it relates to his father’s history in Kenya.

Outside of Islam and communism, and other commonly heard tags, this movie brings into focus what his true motives may be for the future of America and how he perceives our deserved standing in the world union.

D’Souza traveled the world to make this picture, visiting various places in Africa where there are ties to Obama, and interviewing his relatives. Doing so, we see a clearer picture of who the man really is, not as he portrays himself for an election year. The question, as inferred by the title, is what risks lie ahead if we elect this same person for another four years in which he will have no electorate to worry about ever again.

It is well worth the 90 minutes and should be viewed by Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Americans of all colors, creeds, religions and political leanings who truly care where this country could be heading. It’s not what you expect.

Official Trailer | 2016: Obama’s America