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In November of 2008, black unemployment stood at 11.1 percent, today it is at 14.4 percent, nearly double the national figure of 8.3.

Black males ages 18-29, unemployment is at 22.3 percent.

Are blacks better off under Barack Obama’s presidency? We might have thought so. After all, Obama is the first black president.

Let’s analyze that for a moment. Obama’s administration has been pandering to every conceivable voting bloc for four years; Hispanics, immigrants, gays, women, unions, etc., but the administration has paid little attention to black Americans. How odd.

I suppose he doesn’t need to. That voting bloc is a gimme. Obama doesn’t need to work for it. It’s all about color.

Nothing is more glaring than the 2008 primary race with Obama running against Hillary Clinton. If ever there were democratic politicians who advocated and championed the cause of black people in America, it was the Clintons. Some folks (blacks included) called Clinton the first black president. Black organizations and citizens loved the Clintons. The Clintons were their biggest supporters. Bill Clinton even set up a post-presidency foundation in Harlem. The Clintons did everything for the blacks, until…wait…a black man ran against Hillary. That’s when all that support the Clintons had shown the blacks over the past two decades went down the proverbial drain. They turned their backs.

It wasn’t that Barack Obama had amassed any notable accomplishments in private or public life. It wasn’t that Barack Obama ever did much for black people other than organizing voters. It wasn’t that Barack Obama had a distinguished history of public service. None of that was the attraction to Barack Obama.

Not only did the black people of America abandon the Clintons, Obama beat Hillary by 85 to 15 percent among black voters. Even Colin Powell, the black Army general, moderate republican, jumped ship for a guy who didn’t even know how to pronounce “corpsman” yet recognize one.

Was it because he orated like Martin Luther King, Jr.? Was it his sterling record in public office? Was it because he shot hoops pretty good?

None of these things. Sadly it’s about color.

So now, while Obama is courting gays, and unions, and Latinos, and welfare recipients, he taped one outreach video to black America asking for their vote, while doing nothing for them in any significant way in 3 ½ years as president other than give the New Black Panthers immunity from prosecution for committing crimes against election laws.

What a guy.

Perhaps his dismal record with the black community is the reason why the president has not appeared at an annual NAACP convention since 2009 including this past June in Houston where Mitt Romney had the courage to face an adversary audience to lay out his platform. Not Obama. After all, how could he possibly explain what he has not done for black America?

Nevertheless, the gimme is still there, Obama can count on an easy 90 percent of the black vote, despite the fact he has done nothing, zero, nada, for blacks in America who are still looking for jobs and unable to pay their rent or their mortgages. The rate of food stamp spending has more than doubled under Obama. Perhaps he figures free handouts and entitlements are his ticket to black votes.

This is not exactly what Jefferson, Madison, or even Bill Clinton had in mind.

I have plenty of black friends and many of them have struggled to establish their worth in society more than they should have to. They are ready to work, they want to contribute, they want spiritual equality as well as legal equality and they want respect. But they are also made to feel a certain pang of disloyalty to race if they abandon a black man running for president. Why? Because he’s black.

It must be an obligation, common sense be damned.

 Sessions: Food stamp spending up 100 percent since Obama took office | The Daily Caller

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The truth comes out.

Osama Bin Laden committed suicide. So says one of the lead SEAL team members that first entered bin Laden’s quarters during the now-infamous raid. There was no shoot-out. There was no resistance, no 40-minute fire fight. When they entered Bin Laden’s room, he was on the floor bleeding from the head from a self-imposed bullet wound, still twitching, while two of his women wailed. Then the SEALs shot him in the chest to end it. Bin Laden never “looked into their eyes,” as was reported from the White House.

According to the new book, No Easy Day, written and published under a pseudonym, Mark Owen, one of those team members, the SEALs expected that Obama would spin the event into a political plus, portraying himself as a national hero. They had even joked the night before, “I can see him now, talking about how he killed Bin Laden,” writes Owen.

Yes, Barack Obama had to give the final go-ahead for entering the compound. But the SEALs were under orders to take him alive if he posed no threat.

Was it a gutsy call? Think about that a moment. If he had wimped out and had not given the go-ahead, he would have been destroyed politically. Obama’s back was against the wall. He had no choice.

It’s all about political spin. I remember the early accounts of the attack, as related by the White House, how there was a 40-minute gun fight, and how Bin Laden resisted, went for his gun and then was shot in self defense. It was all a lie.

All this may explain the mysterious burial-at-sea from an American warship, unheard of in the annals of American war history. Bin Laden was given an Islamic burial, with all the associated rituals before his body was dumped in the North Arabian Sea, never to be seen by a medical examiner or investigative reporter anywhere. Had his body been examined by anyone of neutral status, the suicide shots would have been obvious. Thus, the lie exposed.

Mark Owen is a national hero, because he has stuck his neck out for possible repercussions from the Pentagon and Holder’s Justice Department. If he is a true Navy SEAL, I’m sure he released this book for no other than patriotic reasons.

I’ve often read how the rank-in-file military feel about our commander in chief, who cannot even pronounce the word “Corpsman” correctly.

Our president.

‘No Easy Day,’ Bin Laden Raid Book: Osama Was Unarmed

Obama praises Navy “Corpseman” at National Prayer Breakfast – YouTube

 Bin Laden Buried at Sea Within 24 Hours of Death: Why? | NewsFeed |



The insanity continues.                               

     In America, we have come to measure success of criminal justice by how many years we pile on to human beings for prison time, when they are not necessarily deserved. The more, the better. Little do we care about the ripple effect it has on society, taxpayers and families.

     I believe in tough punishment for criminal behavior. I was a thirty-year cop. I put plenty of people in prison. But sometimes it is carried was too far when we end up doing more harm than good for the sake of vengeance.

     We are appalled by those who use children as sex toys, me included. People who engage in exploiting kids and producing child pornography should be prosecuted and sent away for a long time. However, our justice system is designed to impose stiff punishments to consumers, i.e., viewers as though they are the best target for putting a dent into the problem. That will never happen. It hasn’t happened with drugs, it’s not happening with child porn. We’ve been arresting marijuana users for fifty years, and there’s more pot in the streets today than ever.

     It’s the consumers that are the easy targets, like picking the lowest fruit from the tree. By tracking computer downloads, police and prosecutors have found a plum for racking up arrest and prosecution statistics.

     Such was the case of Joe, a 48 year-old Florida man with a lifelong clean record, a contributor to society and an actor/photographer by trade. Federal authorities raided his residence with a lawful warrant because they had electronically traced a child pornography site having been downloaded to his computer.

     Joe ruefully admitted the downloading. In the raid, all of his belongings, including thousands of photographs, were impounded. As it turns out, Joe was not an active purveyor of porn. No sign of any porn or child abuse was found anywhere in his photo records. He had no predatory history of stalking kids and has a healthy relationship with a new wife.

     Joe was convinced by a Public Defender to plead guilty because, well, he was. If he fought the charges, he would face more time. The judge was bound by minimum mandatory sentencing rules.

     Though he was guilty of looking at dirty pictures in his house, he had no contact with kids and never in his life, hurt anyone.

     Joe is now serving six years of his life in a federal prison. That’s six years the taxpayer will take care of his room and board and whatever medical problems are incurred. That’s six years of turning a productive taxpayer into a tax burden. That’s six years of creating a drain on society instead of a contributor to society. That’s six years of cell space that could be reserved for a truly dangerous criminal that remains in the streets.

     He has no children of his own, but does have a wife who will punished as well, because she will not have his love and support for the next six years.

     The punishment doesn’t end there. When released, good jobs will be elusive. He will be marked an ex-con forever. That’s a “life” sentence in and out of prison. Though he had harmed no one, he will be required to register as a sex offender for life, available on public records for all future employers and neighbors to access. Any place he lives and works will be scrutinized with restrictions. People will shun him based on his label, “sex offender.”

     His sustenance will likely be relegated to welfare entitlements and further dependency on the taxpayer. All this, for never committing a sex crime against any human being other than looking at pictures.

     The justice system is mainly designed to accomplish three objectives.

1)      Provide safety to the citizens by isolating criminals. (jails)

2)      Punish criminals for behavior that injures other people

3)      Rehabilitate criminals who have problems assimilating in society.

     None of this was accomplished in the case of Joe. There was no evidence introduced that he was a danger to any part of society. He was not a criminal that injured anyone. And any deviant behavioral tendencies might easily have been treated with modern therapy methods, if deemed appropriate.

     As a first time offender, Joe could have been given a probationary sentence with counseling to accomplish the desired results, i.e., punishment, rehabilitation and prevention. He surely wouldn’t be doing it again knowing Big Brother is watching.

     Instead, the system has made a criminal out of a non-criminal. When apartment managers and prospective job bosses check out his resume’ and learn he is a registered sex offender, they won’t bother to ask for details. His future is doomed. Thousands of sex offenders have been relegated to living under bridges because their court orders impose numerous prohibitions from living and working near schools, libraries and other locales which may involve children.

     There are nearly 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Many deserve to be there. But some do not. Maybe it’s time to stand up for those lives that are unduly being wrecked by overkill.

     I’ve often said no one cares about the criminal justice system unless it directly affects them. Otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Our hearts bleed for the poor, the disadvantaged and the disabled. But there are 2.3 million people in our prison system, and a good percentage of them don’t belong there.

     Do we care?



Stephen Spielberg, the greatest of all Hollywood directors, master of the Holocaust film Schindler’s List, and a devout Jewish man — has given $1 million to the Obama campaign.

Hundreds of other celebrities donated generously to Obama, but Spielberg’s stands out to me as an example of the political conundrum we face, and why we are sliding down the slippery slope, not only economically, but in national ( and international) security as well. He’s an example of intelligent people who refuse to see the other side — the hidden side — of Barack Obama, although it has become less hidden over the last four years.

The plethora of evidence that exposes this man’s Marxist orientation, his Islamic loyalty and his unending rhetoric of deceit, have been documented in detail in many books written by intellectuals, educators, and investigative reporters, besides thousands of articles by able journalists and authorities, including many blacks. They are not the product of right-wing nuts. Many former loyalists of Obama, Democrats and liberals, have seen the light, trying to warn America about this man. Yet, the smartest of people still turn a blind eye.

It boggles the mind that people like Spielberg, a genius in his field, have not bothered to consider the facts about Barack Obama, his sordid history, his influences, and the obvious direction he is taking this nation.

Barack Obama’s foreign decisions in the past eighteen months have all been to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is not about “religion.” Anyone who has studied this organization knows the “Brotherhood” is basically the Nazi Party of Islam, wriggling politically and militarily to seize power throughout the world, including the west. They are sworn to destroy Israel. They have spawned Hamas. They murdered Sadat for signing a peace treaty with Israel. Since seizing power in Egypt this year, the Christian Coptics are running for their lives, churches are being burned, and Egypt — as a middle east powerhouse — is poised to represent the international radical side of Islam which will eventually tighten the yoke of freedom.

Meanwhile, admired, intelligent and supposedly savvy people like Stephen Spielberg blindly lend their support and loyalty to an enemy of America, and of Israel.

After all, it was last year, when the American president stood at a podium and demanded Israel return to its 1967 borders. That played exactly into the propaganda hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. That would make Israel indefensible, a national suicide in the making. The Muslim Brotherhood knows that and so does Barack Obama.

Spielberg and Obama both know what happened when Israel ceded land in Gaza. Palestinian promises were broken in a matter of days as rockets started hurling into Israeli towns, aimed at killing innocent people. So much for Israel giving in to pressure for the sake of peace. Still, there are people in America and the rest of the world of Jew-haters, that blame Israel for all the middle east problems when, in fact, that’s exactly the intelligence game plan of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unbelievably, Obama’s American government has by-passed congress and sent $1.5 billion to Egypt to help with their military and their economy, because now they are our friends? Our friends? Do these people in Washington know how to read? Has Stephen Spielberg lost his mind? Obama was groomed and raised by Jew haters all his life, until he embarked on his path to the presidency. Then, he changed colors in order to pander for the Jewish money and the Jewish vote, and he got it! Never mind, his embracing of Jew-haters and anti-Israelites most of his life.

Are we nuts? And people — good Americans — still want to vote for this guy, knowing these things?

I think about the heart-wrenching film Schindler’s List and Spielberg’s obvious deep study of how totalitarianism can rise by fooling decent people into believing life will be better under a fascist leadership. I think about the Ilamic Mufti of 1941, a product of the Muslim Brotherhood, who joined with Hitler in the “final solution,” meant to annihilate Jews in the world. I think about the Jew-hating rhetoric of almost every radical Muslim in the world, including Louis Farrahkan, a frequent and admired guest at the church of Barack Obama for twenty years. I think about the 11 Olympic athletes from Israel who were slaughtered in 1972 at the hands of Yassar Arafat’s PLO…and then, in 1994, Oslo gave Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize?

In 2008, 78 percent of Jews voted for Barack Obama, disregarding his obvious orientation and background. All that mattered is the word “Democrat” by his name. According to most polls today, Obama is still garnering 61 percent of the Jewish vote, despite the peril he has created for Israel and despite the support and chumminess with the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most powerful Jew hating organization in the world since the Nazis.

Let’s see.  Stephen Spielberg gives Obama $1 million.  Obama gives the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion. The Muslim Brotherhood engineers the destruction of Israel.  Can anyone find the logic in that?  It boggles the mind, indeed.

I feel absoutely confident in saying, Israel will no longer exist beyond another term of Barack Obama as the American president.

There are numerous articles about the $1.5 billion of our tax dollars going to Egypt, but I thought it best to highlight one from the middle east itself.

KUNA : White House releases USD 1.5 bln aid to Egypt, meets Brotherhood figures – Politics – 05/04/2012

Check out the rant from a Republican congressman after learning of the $1.5 billion going to Egypt. My question is: Why hasn’t one Democratic congressman stood up for America?

Obama Administration Gives 1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood – YouTube

The Mufti and the Fuhrer



 Most blind supporters of Barack Obama will not have the courage to view the documentary movie, “2016 Obama’s America” because they don’t dare to learn something they didn’t know before. Neither will supporters of Obama want to be told they had made a crucial mistake.
But they would do themselves a service, and this country a service, not only to attend the movie, but to digest all the information that is put forth within.
This is not a right-wing fanatics production rife with ‘hate Obama” rhetoric. It is a carefully presented background of the man who — barely known then — was placed in charge of our country four years ago. Today, with all the information we know, it presents a scary view of what may come if the same man is given another four years of Carte Blanche presidency.
I have read voraciously about Barack Obama, not only his own suspect biographies, but of all scores of books about the steps he has taken and the people who molded his thinking to the present day, taking in consideration that the giant spotlight in 2008 forced him to alter some of those relationships.
Case in point: Obama’s books and his background is replete with twenty years of adoration of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama’s life and how his views were molded by Wright, by his own admission. Until…Wright was discovered by the media, still flapping his lips before church audiences with “God Damn America” speeches and anti-American rhetoric of every color, plus his embrace of the Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam. We all remember how Wright suddenly found himself swept under the rug in the early 2008 campaign.
In his book, The Amateur, Edward Klein interviewed Jeremiah Wright about that fallout. On pages 50 and 51, Wright explains how Obama’s minions offered him $150,000 to keep his mouth shut until the election and was visited personally by Obama — not at his home for fear of nosey press — to convince him to cancel all his speaking engagements until November.
Read the book…it’s a total eye opener.
So is “2016 Obama’s America.” This picture was produced by Gerald R. Molden, the producer of Schindler’s List, Rain Main, Jurassic Park, and others. A credible background, one would say.
Moreover, the 90-minute film is written, directed and narrated by Indian-born, Dinesh D’Souza, noted intellectual, conservative commentator, author of numerous best selling books and president of Kings College, in New York City. No slouch. In the movie, D’Souza explains his owns roots growing up in squalor and his growth into an American citizen with pride in this country.
D’Souza carefully avoids the common references to Obama’s ties to Islam or the nagging question of his birthplace. Rather D’Souza focuses on who and what framed Obama’s thinking process throughout his life and how he sees this country from an historical standpoint of international oppression and of colonialism, a term which Obama despises particularly as it relates to his father’s history in Kenya.
Outside of Islam and communism, and other commonly heard tags, this movie brings into focus what his true motives may be for the future of America and how he perceives our deserved standing in the world union.
D’Souza traveled the world to make this picture, visiting various places in Africa where there are ties to Obama, and interviewing his relatives. Doing so, we see a clearer picture of who the man really is, not as he portrays himself for an election year. The question, as inferred by the title, is what risks lie ahead if we elect this same person for another four years in which he will have no electorate to worry about ever again.
It is well worth the 90 minutes and should be viewed by Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Americans of all colors, creeds, religions and political leanings who truly care where this country could be heading. It’s not what you expect.
Official Trailer | 2016: Obama’s America