This is not a gloat, because it is a tragedy. I predicted the Egyptian takeover from the start, that the entire middle east fiasco was, and still is, a power play by the Muslim Brotherhood to take control and to spread the beginnings of the new Islamic caliphate…which, in its long range plans, includes the western world. And it is happening. They are successful. I also predicted Libya…who we assisted with military might.  We helped to bring this notorious, vicious organization seize control of Egypt, now it will be Libya and others will follow.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most extreme Islamic/political power in the world. Their tentacles are in process of swallowing Europe in another generation, and they have more than 40 spin-off organizations that they have spawned in the United States, including CAIR, ISNA and the MSA. They are the people who, according to their own words, will lead the Islamist conquest of the United States, from within..using deceit more than violence. Listen to their words. Everything they said they would do, they are doing. And we’re yawning.

Those who don’t know these facts, have simply not done their homework. The Muslim Brotherhood is simply carrying out the edicts of Muhammed, himself.

I have often written about the secret manifestos that have been uncovered by law enforcement which spell out their goals and their strategies in achieving power, but most Americans choose to bury their heads in the sand…which means it will be too late when they realize their mistake. I have linked two of them below.

Our president, sadly, is among the minions who — by ignorance or design — is helping the MB to achieve their goals in the United States. Get the economy out of our heads for a moment and see the trends of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it connects to the president. If there is no other reason to vote him out of office, this is the most critical. With four more years of unaccountable “flexibility,” the tone for our grandchildren will be set forever, and they will become the oppressed minority, much like it is happening today in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, England, France and other places in Europe.

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