While the campaigns keep us all focused on the economy as the major issue of the election, we lose sight of the other half of the importance coin, and that’s foreign policy as it relates to national security.

     Mr. Romney has been a governor, Olympics chief and successful business entrepreneur, but he has no track record in the foreign policy arena for us to judge.

     Not so with Mr. Obama.  In three years and six months, Obama has a very visible track record in foreign policy, so there is plenty to judge.  Here are some of his accomplishments.

     1)  He claims he ended the war in Iraq. In truth, the time table for ending the war was not Obama’s idea, it followed almost exactly as G.W. Bush had prescribed, but with one difference. Mr. Obama chose to completely withdraw and leave no American forces in place to act as advisors, trainers and peace keepers. Bush’s plan was to have 5,000 to 10,000 non-combat troops in Iraq to help with security and support. That would have also given us a strategic presence in the volatile middle east.

     In six months since the end of 2011, when the last troops left Iraq, there have been more than a dozen suicide bombings killing at least 472 people and injuring thousands, and no end in sight.

     TIMELINE-Deadliest attacks in Iraq in 2012 – AlertNet 

     2)  Since Obama has taken office in 2009, virtually nothing has been done to intervene in the on-going slaughter and persecution of Christians around Iraq, to the point that there are only eight Christian churches remaining, and their fate is dismal. Where is our president in the protection of religious freedom in Iraq?

     3)  Obama supported the so-called Arab Spring in Egypt and other middle-east countries. He also supported the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, a U.S. ally, who single-handedly maintained the peace treaty with Israel. The overthrow ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious Islamist organization whose purpose to exist is to conquer the world as a caliphate. (that fact is documented in their own manifesto) Whether by mistake or by design, Obama helped our enemies take over the largest Arab state in the middle east which now threatens the peace with Israel, and the U.S.

     4)  The overthrow of Mubarak, like Saddam Hussein, has resulted in a sharp uprising in violence against the Egyptian Coptics (Christians) for whom no one in America, including the president, is standing up for. In 2011, more than one hundred Coptics have been murdered in Egypt, more than the prior ten years combined.

     5)  Obama authorized warring maneuvers that ousted, and had killed, Moammar Ghadaffi. Folks were happy to see another dictator ousted, even though that same dictator has removed all his weapons of mass destruction when Bush was in office. I don’t remember Obama getting lawful authorization from congress to participate in a military conflict. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to assume power in Libya,Tunisia,Yemen and other middle-east nations. 

     6)  While Obama was  helping “freedom fighters” oust Ghadaffi and Mubarak, where was he when  “freedom fighters” were calling for a change in Iran? Two times, in 2009 and in 2011, the oppressed people of Iran demonstrated in the streets pleading for support in search of relief from Islamist-driven persecution and tyranny, but all Obama could say was … nothing. Where were the drones? The war planes? The overthrow?

     Then again, there was no Muslim Brotherhood poised to take over in Iran.

     7)   Missile defense has been reduced and/or scuttled to the chagrin of our allies in Eastern Europe. Then again, who cares about our allies? The Russians must be thrilled. Putin may even be more thrilled when Obama has more “flexibility” after the election is over.

     8)  Obama openly called for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders…which every authority on the subject tells us would be tantamount to national suicide. Does not Obama remember the uprooting of Israel from Gaza, ceding land back to the Palestinians for peace…and all that followed was the on-going rockets and murders by Hamas? Does not Obama realize this in part of the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood?

     9)  Speaking of which, where are Obama’s speeches denouncing the on-going bombings and murders of innocent Israeli citizens across the Gaza border? He denounces Israel for building more residential quarters for their citizens, he denounces Israel for “occupying” Palestinian land, but never denounces Palestinians for systematically murdering Israelis with rockets from Hamas and Hezbollah.

     10)  Why doesn’t the media question assassinations via drones?  Would Bush have been given such a pass? What’s to stop Mr. Obama from drone killings in Australia, the UK, or Mexico? Is this an act of war? Are collateral killings acceptable so long as we know we’ve killed a suspected terrorist?  Can we arbitrarily kill people in other countries we are not fighting in, even if they are American citizens? If we can kill these people, why can’t we capture them instead for intelligence information? Or…hmmm…is that the problem?

  11)   Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, why isn’t Mr. Obama held to answer for employing MB-connected Islamists in his White House, Department of Homeland Security and the State Department?

  12)  Why did our president telegraph our strategy to the Taliban in Afghanistan? Contrary to every tactical playbook on fighting wars, he openly announced our time table for withdrawal. This permits the enemy to wait until our troops are gone in 2013, and then resume the extremist treachery of women while the Taliban resumes their aid to terrorists. When does a sports team ever tell opponents their playbook, and expect to win?

  13)  Why did we give a mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden, a respectful burial at sea from an American war ship?

  14)  After getting elected, why did our president feel he had to tell the Egyptian people that Islam had played an important role in the history ofAmerica? Excuse me?

  15)  Radical Islamists have raised their murderous heads in Nigeria killing one thousand Christians in the past two years and destroying a number of churches. Where is the great humanitarian? Where are the war planes and drones?

  16)  In 2008, Barack Obama traveled to Kenya to lend support to the election of Raila Odinga, not only an admitted Marxist but a hard core Islamist who vowed to install Sharia as the law in that country. Since, Kenya has been under a reign of terror led by Odinga’s supporters, and now it appears the Islamists are prevailing and Kenya will become a full Islamist nation.

   17)  In 2009, Obama sided with Hugo Chavez, (who hates the U.S.) in supporting the return of ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, who was tried to defy that nation’s constitution by extending his term beyond the law. Zelaya, who was also praised by Castro, had been elected as a conservative, then shifted to the far left once in power. 

  18)  Can anyone imagine how embarrassed the folks in Oslo must be for awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to an American president who had yet to do anything for peace in the world?

  19)  Why did Barack Obama select an Attorney General who came from a private law office that defended – pro bono – seventeen of the “combatants” i.e., Islamic terrorists, housed at Guantanamo? How is that not a conflict? And why did he allow the Attorney General to hire some of the attorneys from that same office into our Justice Department?

20)  And finally, will the president ever explain why he bowed to the King of an Islamic country that beheads homosexuals and then he reaches out to gays for the voting bloc.

     Does anyone get the picture here?

     One can only imagine what lengths will be taken if and when this president is reelected without any more accountability to the people of America,…so he can be as flexible as he wants without a worry in the world.  We better pay attention to the foreign policy side to this campaign.

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