Until recent times, the great menace of the world was Communism. We fought Communism, both on the battle field and in the so-called cold war. Communism posed a threat to the entire world, led in particular by the Soviet Union and their autocratic leaders who threatened to bury us, from outside, and from within. That threat continued through the 1980’s, and the collapse of the USSR.

Communism still rules many nations of the world with an iron fist…where freedoms of speech and press and religion are suppressed beyond the wildest imaginations of naive young Americans who did not grow up under the nascent threat. Yes, China, Viet Nam, North Korea, Cuba and Russia provide education, health care and even housing free to their citizens, but at what cost?

The cost of freedom.

We feared Communism much the same as we feared Nazism, because the ideology is rooted in totalitarianism: Defined better as total government control over the lives of its subjects. Under Communism, the government allows you to live, to be educated, to have housing and to be well. There is no competition, no free market, no ownership.

In recent years, Communism has morphed into a state of respectability. It is no longer a dirty word. Attitudes and perspectives have changed immensely. Today, people (like myself) who warn of the threat of Communism rising from within are considered right-wing nuts.

Socialism has become an acceptable term, even an acceptable form of government for many Americans. One might ask, what is the difference between socialism and Communism? Answer: Not much. Communism is simply the extreme end of socialism. The line between the two ideologies is blurry, at best. It doesn’t begin at any one point.

Nowadays, folks who support far left socialism are quick at name-calling and demonizing anyone who brings up the subject. No doubt, some of my readers will label me a McCarthyite, likened to the Wisconsin senator of the 1950’s who went overboard in his exposing Communists in the U.S., some of whom were wrongly vilified. Fact is, McCarthy’s mission was noble. He simply became blinded by zealousness. We should have more Americans in government today who would bring awareness of stealth enemies to the forefront.

The threat is just as valid today as it was of yesteryear. But time has passed and new generations who have lived blindly fat and happy in the age of technology, never to struggle and sacrifice very much. They are unaware of the oppression that people have suffered under Communism/socialism control around the world. It’s a threat we should not ignore.

I always make note of the Communist acronym U.S.S.R. The last two words of that national title was “Socialist Republic.” Today, many of my most liberal friends de-emphasize “socialism” as a threat, but as a humane system of government by which all citizens are entitled to government benefits.

Many American politicians and congressional members will readily admit they lean toward socialism and would strive toward that direction in future years. Then what? Where does it stop?

Rep. Maxine Waters slipped of the tongue in her congressional debate with Shell Oil representatives, basically threatening to “socialize” the oil industry with government takeover. Check it out:

Not long ago, the Democratic Socialists of America, which changed its name in 1972 from the Socialist Party of America, released a list of seventy members who are elected officials in congress. For the list, visit:

The news media excoriated Rep. Allen West, of Florida, for daring to suggest that more than seventy members of the present congress are Communists. Considering his distinguished background as a military officer and unbridled intellectual, I serious doubt he made this up from thin air.

Congressman says 80 fellow lawmakers are communists – First Read

Political pandering targets seekers of entitlements who prefer sustenance from the taxpayers instead of earning their way from blood, sweat and tears like we and our forefathers did. Just as with the proletariat of Russia in 1917, segments of the U.S. political arena are organizing unions and other organizations, like A.C.O.R.N. offshoots, to get behind far leftist candidates who make hundreds of promises for “easy freebees if you vote for me.” In reality, these politicians are only seeking more and more power, until one day, our lives will be ruled by the government as it has been in many other oppressive regimes that promise  everything to the poor.

The largest public employees union in the nation, including the SEIU, have come out of the closet, making no bones about their political leanings. Just look at the demonstrations in L.A. last year:

Communists and SEIU Members march together at May Day Demonstration, L.A., Ca. – YouTube

In 1958, Cleon Skousen wrote a book entitled, “The Naked Communist” in which he revealed the 45 declared goals of the Communist Party and their quest to overtake the United States Government. Skousen was a faith-based author and political theorist whose list is eerily accurate in hindsight. As I perused the list, I, too, thought that some of those objectives weren’t so bad. But, others are very troublesome. Check it out:

Now we have a president whose mentors and idols throughout childhood and into his academic surroundings have been firmly entrenched in Communist/Socialist ideology. One doubts that has changed very much, other than cloaking his stated positions in the red white and blue in order to gain power.

What bothers me most, is not his aims and objectives. It’s the people who will actually fall for the ruse and give him four more years in power in which he will no longer be concerned about being answerable to an electorate.

Communism has not disappeared in America. Not by a long shot. And the Communist Party would not be endorsing a candidate for president if he  was not not their man for furthering their objectives.

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