We have all heard about Sharia Law.  Ten or twenty years ago, it was an unknown factor by 95 percent of Americans. Now it’s almost a household term.

     Imagine where we may be in another twenty years.

    There are forces within America that are slowly but surely pressuring courts and lawmakers to accept the fringes of Sharia in their decisions and legislation. Some cowardly judges have already ruled in favor of the Sharia system, as opposed to the American civil system, only to be overruled by appellate courts. The organization behind the forces of creeping Sharia is CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) which is an arm of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood. It’s their job to relax the U.S.system from its so-called fear (Islamophobia) of  Sharia, purporting it is nothing harmful and only pertains to religious freedom.


     In case anyone has not read the mottos, doctrines and goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are the international organization that calls for the ultimate destruction of America– From Within.  That is their phraseology, not mine. It’s in their manifesto and all the secret planning documents which call for deception and propaganda in slowly implementing Islamic values and laws in the western world.

     The Muslim Brotherhood has unlimited funding from their Mideast petro-glut supporters, thus CAIR can file lawsuit after lawsuit to keep the pressure on, without concern over funding the lawyers. 

     (If anyone thinks CAIR is nothing to worry over, suggest reading the book “Muslim Mafia” by P. David Gaubatz, which is about how one man infiltrated the inner sanctum of CAIR. Very revealing and frightening).

     Thus, part of their goal is to slowly, but surely, incrementally inject Islamic law into the network of our own legal system, inch by inch.

     Some folks will tell you that Sharia Law is not much different than Jewish laws and customs and those of Christianity. The people who spread that kind of propaganda are as dangerous to Americans as al Qaeda itself, because they are falling into the very trap being set for them.

     The laws of Judaism and other religions generally pertain to dress, diet, worship regimen, gender roles, some issues of domestic rights and rules of the household. Sharia is Islamic law, which embodies all those kinds of law, plus criminal, civil and domestic laws which go far beyond Jewish laws. Orthodox Jews in America practice their religious requirements within the laws of the land, much the same as the Amish, the Hindu, Buddhists and of course, Christians. Most religious doctrines in the U.S. are not incompatible with the legal system. Islamic aw goes much further.

     Where Islam rules predominantly, Sharia is the law of the land. It goes much farther than banning interest rates and dividing property unequally from failed marriages. It includes unimaginable punishments (like all criminal laws) for violations of Islamic law, to an including death, torture and banishment for what are deemed vile acts, such as homosexuality.

     Sharia Law is totally incompatible with the constitution of the United States, and the constitutions of most other free nations, unless the government of those nations choose to ignore their own legal systems and look the other way when violations occur, as they are doing in France and England. In those, and other countries, the Islamic population has crept in with so much power and influence they have intimidated their own police and court system into accepting Sharia, i.e. No-Go zones. France has over 750 No-Go zones alone where Islamists are free to practice Sharia outside the laws of the land, to and including some of the most detestable punishments for actions such as apostacy and dishonoring the family. Many more No-Go zones exist officially and unofficially in Belgium, England, Netherlands, Denmark, and other countries. The snowball is rolling down the proverbial hill.

     In strict Islamic societies, there is no separation of church and state. The Quran is not only a holy book, it is the law of the land, along with the Hadith, which is held as sacredly perfect.  The Hadith, in a nutshell, is the word and deeds of the Prophet, Muhammed, which cannot be questioned or altered. The Quran and the Hadith make up the constitution of Islamic laws all over the world.

     Our administration would have us believe the only threat of radical Islam is from al Qaeda. That’s much like the shell game. We’ll make you pay attention to your front side, but not the back side, because that’s where Islamic extremism is actually making their gains. And, part of that equation, is incremental Sharia.

     There are people connected or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who are actively working in our State Department, our Department of Homeland Security, our Justice Department and The White House today.

     Countries where Sharia law is dominant include, but are not limited to,Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, Gaza, Pakistan, Chad, Somalia, Afghanistan and many more.

     Under Sharia, here is a list of the most extreme laws and punishments

     1)   Islam commands alcohol drinkers and gamblers to be whipped.            

           Hadith: Bukhari 6774-6775

     2)  Husbands may beat their wives. 

           Quran:  Surah 4:34

     3)  Exacting legal revenge –  and eye for an eye.

            Quran:   Surah  5:45

     4)    Thievery – Cut off hands

              Quran:  Surah  5:38

     5)    Highway robbers – Crucifixion or mutilation

             Quran:   Surah   5:33

     6)    Homosexuals to be executed … in some cases, flogged and imprisoned.

              Hadith:  Abu Dawud  4447

      7)    Unmarried fornication, adultery, punishment is flogging.  Adultery, punishment is death by stoning in some Islamic societies

              Quran:  Surah   24.2

              The Hadith also addresses adultery in conflicting punishments

       8)   Apostates (those who leave Islam) are to be killed

              Quran:  Surah  9:11 and 9:12

     This is but a glimpse at the extreme end of Sharia if and when a society becomes predominantly Islamist. But it all begins with a foot in the door, which is what CAIR and other minions of the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to impose on all nations of the western world.  Sadly, they are finding success in Europe and in Canada. We are the last holdout.

     That is why it is so important to support the organization called “ACT For America” and its legal teams in fighting the imposition of Sharia Law into our court systems. Thus far, several states have begun legislation to that effect, with bi-partisan support in supporting American Law for American Courts, which then precludes all judges from considering Sharia, or any other foreign legal system from being imposed on our own citizens. Those states are:

 LouisianaSenate Vote: 33-3

LouisianaHouse Vote: 94-0

TennesseeHouse Vote: 96-0

TennesseeSenate Vote: 32-0

OklahomaHouse Vote: 76-3

IndianaSenate Vote: 50-0

MissouriHouse of Representatives Vote: 110-46

FloridaHouse Vote: 92-24

FloridaHouse Civil Justice Subcommittee: 13-0

FloridaHouse Judiciary Committee: 14-1

FloridaSenate Judiciary Committee: 6-0

AlabamaSenate Judiciary Committee: 9-0

Georgia House Judiciary Committee: 7-2

     Sharia is far reaching with hundreds of laws and requirements far too numerous to list here, but they include such impositions as Dhimmitude; Special tax against non-Muslims for refusing to convert. I urge all readers to use Google and conduct their own research.

     Bottom line:  Fight CAIR and anything that smells like Sharia in the United States with all the fight we have in us. Do it for our grandchildren.

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